Thursday Update on True Love 23 January 2020

Thursday Update on True Love 23 January 2020

Mukku asks Tappu to take medicine. She makes Mukku sit next to her. She says who I loved from the core of my heart God took her away. She was my only friend and God snatched her from me. She left the responsibility of both the daughters on me. She has raised you with all the love and care. She would have loved you with all her heart. Now that Meethi is in some problem, I am here sitting in the bed all helpless.

Mukku tells her not to worry. You know Iccha ma used to tell me that my mother is very stubborn. Whatever she decides, she achieves it. Tappu smiles yes. We shared a bond of friendship since our childhood. Only she knew my likes, dislikes, what irks me and what makes me happy. She was my one and only friend who used to share all my things, my sorrows, my happiness everything. You know ma and Nani dint like her since childhood. Once they even tried to separate us. I fell ill.

She recalls the flashback scene. Jogi had rushed to an ill Tappu. Tappu was asking for Iccha. Jogi tells her to call Iccha right away. Nothing else is important for him than his daughter’s happiness.
Tappu continues no one could stand my stubbornness ever. Papa got Iccha back home for me. I have played with my lone friend since childhood but today. Today she left everything on me and left me alone. She cries. Mukku hugs her mother to comfort her.
She says the friend whose so many fond memories are with you she must be watching you from above. She too would to see you smile as you look pretty when you are happy. Tappu smiles at her and kisses her on her forehead. Mukku gives her the medicine and tells her to rest.
Mukku thinks ma, even God will have to take care of Meethi as she is Iccha ma’s daughter. Nothing wrong will befall her. Nothing!

Aatishgarh Haveli:

Meethi and Akash come downstairs with their luggage. Everyone looks at them excitedly. Both of them take Maiyya’s blessings. Maiyya blesses her. Now no more trouble will befall you as you are going to your mother. She smiles. She asks Maiyya about the wound in her hand. She replies this is normal for her. She got hurt while cutting the supari. Akash hugs Maiyya. She says to him, you must not forget your destination. Make sure Meethi reaches her mother safely. Understood?
She goes to Agarth to take blessings from him. You can see the future mama ji. Bless us that we spend our life happily. Agarth tells her I have seen your future. That is why I am sending you back. This is the right time to meet your mother. Leave asap then only you can sleep peacefully in her lap.

Meethi smiles. I will go and meet mami ji. He excuses himself saying he has sent her to the doctor in the morning. She will be back in the evening only. She tells him to give her greetings to her.
She tells each of them that the next time she will come she will bring their favourite things for them (sweets for Nirbhay, expensive saree for Gomti and jewellery for Pavitra).
Meethi tells Pavitra massi to water her sunflower plant kept in her room. She will offer flowers from the very same plant to God when she will be back next time. Pavitra happily agrees. We will pray in your remembrance by offering the same flower too.
Meethi thanks her. She comes to Kajri. Both get emotional. Kajri asks her to stay back for a few more days. Meethi tells she could but she is missing her mother so much. Kajri is tearful as she has gotten attached to her in only these few days. Meethi tells her to take care of herself. I have written my address and phone number for you. You can write a letter to me anytime you want to. She nods.

Maiyya tells her to proceed towards the car. Meethi tells her I know you love your son a lot. I too will take care of him a lot. What should I get for you?
Maiyya replies you just reach safely. That itself would be enough for me. The sisters smile listening to her jiji. Meethi starts to move ahead.
Kajri calls out to Meethi. She goes and ties a black thread on her hand. This will protect you against all the evil. Everyone else watches them uninterestedly. Both Meethi and Kajri have tears in their eyes. Meethi thanks her. Both tell each other to take care. Maiyya tells Meethi to go.

Akash is looking at the knife outside. He recalls Maiyya’s words. Let her go. He keeps the knife in the dashboard above the tiffin box and turns the lock.
Meethi sits in the jeep. Kajri reminds her to eat the parathas and pickle as they are her favourite. She thanks her for caring for her. Pavitra taunts her looks like she is going to your parent’s house. Maiyya adds she is very soft hearted. Meethi reaches out for the cupboard but Akash holds her hand.

Akash tells her the journey would be too long. She should wait for sometime. She smiles I just wanted to enjoy its fragrance. He tells her she can later relish it. She smiles ok, as you say.
He locks the dashboard and keeps the key with himself. Meethi bids bye to everyone and they leave.
Maiyya folds her hands in prayers. God please send her to her mother. I don’t want anything else. She was so excited to meet her mother as if she was going to heaven. They all turn to go back inside the haveli while Kajri stands worried for Meethi.

Meethi is happily looking around the forest. Akash notices her as meri bebasi ka bayaan song starts playing in the background. He keeps looking at her while driving noticing all the while how happy she is to go back to her home. They both share some light sweet moments on the way.

Meethi tells him she is so happy. Earlier when they were coming to Aatishgarh she dint notice the beauty of the place. But now she is realising it. I feel like ma is calling me….like she has been waiting for me since long. She would be so happy to see both of us.
She sees mango trees on the way and happily takes one from a tree. She offers him but he declines. She takes a bite and relishes as it is very sour. She makes him eat it too and she smiles. She shares how she is missing Kajri didi already. This reminds me of the paratha. She again reaches for the cupboard but Akash tells her to wait a little more.
Next she spots some wild flowers. She asks him to stop. She will go. But he tells her to stay back he will get them for her. She lovingly kisses him on the cheek.
He comes back with the flowers and continues driving. She keeps one behind her ear and he helps her in doing so. She smiles. Meethi falls asleep on the way. Akash stops the jeep near a lake and gets out.

He recalls everyone’s words one by one. Maiyya had asked him – who do you want alive – your mother or that Iccha’s daughter? Next he remembers how Kajri had told him that he will accept things sooner or later. She can see how much he cares for Meethi. He recalls Meethi waking up and sharing her dream with him. Ma had come in my dream and was worried looking at my wound. I told her not to worry as Vishnu is with me.

Meethi wakes up to find that Vishnu is not by her side. She looks around and calls for him.

Akash stops his jeep, steps out and comes to stand by the lake. Meethi wakes up to find that Vishnu is not by her side. She looks around and calls for him. She sees him standing by the lake, smiles and gets down. She back hugs him happily and dil sambhal ja zara starts playing in the background.
The song stops. He asks him if she is scared. She replies why she would be when he is with her. You are with me every second, every minute so what can happen to me. He looks at her intently.
She asks him why you are looking at me like this. She feels shy. She realises he must be hungry. She turns to go get the lunch box for him but he holds her by her hand and pulls her to him. Their romantic hug is again accompanied by same romantic number.
He comes out of his trance. He tells her that the car has broken down. He will repair it first and will eat afterwards. She nods in agreement.

Aatishgarh Haveli:

Kajri is pressing Nirbhay’s legs. Everyone is saying she is going to her parent’s home but I don’t understand where she is going. She recalls Maiyya’s words to Akash. She was so excited to meet her mother as if she was going to heaven. She is worried thinking about Meethi’s fate. Everyone is saying something but there definitely is a different meaning behind their words. Is Meethi going home for real or there is some conspiracy behind this. Who to ask? Who will tell me the truth? She looks at Nirbhay – he doesn’t even talk straight. What should I do?
Nirbhay scolds her to do it properly. What is she thinking? She hesitantly asks him where Meethi would have reached by now. I have heard Mumbai is too far from here. Where will they be now?
He asks her why. Are you feeling uneasy without her? Should I send you to her too? Chote (Akash) would have sent her to her rightful place by now – to her mother. She asks what everyone means by it. He angrily gets up and warns her to keep quiet or else he will slap her. Go from here. Let me sleep peacefully for a few hours at least.

On the way from Aatishgarh:

Meethi asks him if she can help him. He tells her to go sit in the driver seat and try turning on the ignition. She goes. Meanwhile he removes the ignition wire. She keeps trying but the jeep doesn’t start. He tells her to switch places and tell him if she sees any spark.
He sits on the driving seat, takes out the knife from the dashboard. On the other side, Meethi keeps telling him that its not starting. He has flashback of Maiyya’s words. This dagger is soaked in my blood. You take swear of my blood. Kill that Meethi.
Akash gets down. He has kept the knife tucked behind him in his jeans. Without making any noise, he quietly goes and stands behind her without her notice. She is busy looking at the engine. She realises someone is standing behind her and turns shocked. She tells him she dint realise when he came behind her.

He asks her if she is scared (the same lines by both of them were repeated by both of them n number of times, uff!!) Who is here to be scared off? She dismisses it with a smile. Now how would we be able to go home? He suggests taking help from someone. She looks around and is worried that there is no one around. Who will they ask? He shows her a rough trail going to through the jungle. She is doubtful and he again asks her if she is scared. She replies you are with me then there is no need. One second I will just get the tiffin box for us. You can eat it when you feel hungry. She goes to get it from the dashboard and relishes the fragrance of the food made by her Kajri didi.

Aatishgarh Haveli:

Kajri is making almond kheer (sweet dish made with milk and rice). She thinks there is definitely some other reason behind sending Meethi off. I must find out the reason behind this. She recalls asking Meethi why they are leaving all of a sudden. Meethi had told her that Maiyya has told Vishnu so they are leaving. She recalls Maiyya’s words loud and clear. You must not forget your destination. Send Meethi to her mother.
She thinks everything points out in one direction. Meethi’s life is in some kind of danger. Asking Gomti massi is like inviting the wrath of a tigress. Pavitra massi is the best person to ask this as her tongue keeps slipping always. She takes a bowl of kheer and goes.

On the way from Aatishgarh:

Meethi and Akash are walking on the stones. She is about to fall but Akash holds her in time from getting hurt. The song starts playing again (as if its a hide and seek game!). He asks her if she is fine. She very sweetly replies nothing can happen to me till you are by my side. He advises her to walk carefully and also holds her hand for support. CONTINUE READING FROM NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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