Thursday Update on True Love 1st October 2020


Thursday Update on True Love 1st October 2020

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Granny says that once the reputation is ruined, nothing can bring it back. rathore asks her to shut up, saying that if she hadsnt been her granny or someone elder, he would have given her a lesson. tapasya calms him down. he leaves, asking to be updated, while throwing off the remote. tapasya asks damini not to be upset, as the media is laways doing this. damini says that if her own family can doubt her, wont her in laws’ do the same. Tapasya says that if she feels so, they would go and meet meethi. Granny says that she hadnt told the media to insult the reporters. Damini and tapasya are tensed.

meethi’s residence
Akash comes and wipes meethi’s tears, while his aunts try to cover up saying that they arent insulting her, or her charecter, but their family’s reputation would be at stake with her image tarnish. manjari also affirms this, saying that meethi is a known name and her image would be ruined along with the family’s. meethi leaves silently, and goes over to them temple.

She prays before the Lord, and then picks up the Gita, with much reverence, while all watch confused and tensed. she comes back to confront akash. Meethi tells akash that she knows that he has full faith on her and her character, but she holds the Bhagwad gita in her hand and says that she is saying this for the sake of his family, that for two nights, that she stayed at the brothel, nothing ever happened that could taint her soul and body, and nobody could even touch her, and nothing happened that would be a taint on her, their relation and the prestige of the family.

she says that she is still as pure as she was, and that she would always be her meethi, and noone would even get anywhere close to her. Akash is apalled, while all others are tensed. akash tells her that evcen if she hasnt done this, he has faith on her more than himself. He takes the gita, adn says that as far as this is concerned, he too places his hand on it and says that he promises that even if noone believes her, his faith would never vary, and that his wife cant ever be insulted by anyone. She places her hand too on his, and they enter a romantic, overwhelmed with emotions, eyegaze.

The next morning, kajri is cleaning the house, when damini calls and akash’s mother picks up. damini says that she wanted to talk to her only. meanwhile, kajri finds ythe same news on the newspapers too. While damini hesitaingly brings up the topic of media byte on all of this, akash’s mother is distracted by the newspaper clip, and says that they may say anything, but she believes on meethi anmd that she knows meethi hasnt done anything wrong. damini is relieved. After she cancels the phone, she eyes the newspaper intensely, and throws it away at kajri, saying that she did so intentionally. kajri tries to protest, and says that its all due to kajri.

kajri says that she wont do it intentionally. she is about to throw kajri out of the house, when her sisters come in to stop her. She asks her if she would do the same thing to meethi too. manjari and the other aunt inform and continue to argue that meethi is in the same dirty situatuion that kajri is, and hence the same treatment should be meted out to both of them. Manjiri leave no stone unturned to instigate her against meethi. She tells that kajri cant stay here after having done god knows what in that house. Akash’s mother leaves in disgust. kajri says that if her staying here causes any problem, she would leave. but manjari asks here to go inside and make food. As she leaves, manjari concocts up a plan along with the other about instigating akash’s mother against meethi.

Yuvaan gets coffee for mukta, and she resignedly accepts. She says that she wont ever be able to thank him for what he is doing for them. He says that she is very special to him. She gets meethi’s message saying that they are coming to meet her. as she tells him, yuvaan gets alert and surprised. He instantly makes up an excuse and finishes his hot coffee in one go, so that he can leave, before they come. mukta is perplexced as he hastens. as yuvaan rushes out, he is tensed.

Yuvaan is shocked to find akash and meethi in the hospital. He rushes inside a ward, to save himself from being seen by them. But a child running in the way, collides into meethi and she asks him not to run, and asks where are his parents. when the boy signals, she asks akash to go ahead while she comes. He shows her the same ward that yuvaan is hiding in. he instantly rushes to the patient’s side, so as not to be seen by meethi. Meethi comes in with the child, and asks him to turn around.

Yuvaan is perplexed what to do now, while meethi waits. She tells him to take care of his baby, and leaves after that. Yuvaan is relieved as he turns around to find meethi gone. He thinks that he had a nice chance with mukta, but meethi and akash turned up, as akash knows that he is yuvraaj, and if they get to know that he is here, it would create problems, and then he would have to be forced to do something about his own sister.

Akash goes to find mukta sitting tensed. mukta sees him and stares him down, while his eyes are lowered. He asks her how is she, and she looks away without bothering to reply. Akash tries to talk, but she is defiant not to. Meethi comes in the meanwhile, and she looks upto her. She asks meethi and vice versa about their health. Meethi apologises for not being able to come when she was in such bad condition. mukta says that she herself too was in problem. akash asks about vishnu.

Mukta stoically responds that he is in the ICu and he shouldnt be disturbed right now. Mukta apologises to meethi and says that she cant forgive akash, as he is solely responsible for vishnu’s condition. Meethi says that she doesnt hold it against her. Meethi says that akash was in a misunderstanding that vishnu was forcing kajri into doing what she didnt want and hence acted the way he did. Akash says that he isnt hurt by mukta’s stance. he tells meethi that he is watiting for her in the lobby, and leaves asking mukta to take care of herself. He leaves, while mukta apologises, but meethi says that she understands, and that their relation isnt that weak which would so easily crumble in pressure.

She says that she knows there have been misunderstandings, but soon the truth shall be out, and they shall be like earlier. Meethi gives vishnu’s reports given by kanha. Mukta takes them. Meethi says that doctor told that vishnu has memory loss due to the gunshgot in his head. Mukta tells meethi that the blow that akash gave on vishnu’s head was very severe, and he is solely responsible for vishnu’s coma. She tells him that it was good that yuvaan found vishnu and got him admitted in this hospital. Meethi is alert to hear this and tensed too. Meethi wonders that there was someone who was there when they fought, and thinks whether yuvaan is behind this. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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