Thursday Update on True Love 17th December 2020


Thursday Update on True Love 17th December 2020

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Maiyya comes to her room. She thinks of Akash’s words and is restless. Akash comes there. He holds out some papers for her to see. She refuses to see them. I got to know about my importance in your life. I don’t want to see anything else. I had told you not to give my husband’s name to that girl but you stay put. Go from here as I am very angry. I might say something to you. She thinks of going out herself but he requests her to hear him once. Who supported you when you were in trouble?

When you went to jail because of Ambika who helped you then? It was Meethi! Who was super hurt when Meethi’s death sentence was declared? It was you. When Meethi left home and we were unable to find her then you were inconsolable. Anyone can hurt us but the one who takes care of us and supports us in the hour of need is more important, i.e. Meethi. She is in no mood to hear him but he stays put. You know Meethi is my life. If my one step can bring happiness in her life then why should I hold myself back!

It doesn’t mean that I will insult you. I can never do that. I am doing this for Meethi’s happiness. She has seen that already in the past. Today I want to see how much you love me. he keeps the papers in her hands but she throws them aside. This is your right on this house. From today onwards no one has to ask you why you are living here as you and Meethi have equal rights on this house from now.

These papers are in your name. She wonders if he has come here to take Meethi’s side. I love her just as much as you love her. I know Meethi cannot become a mother. I too am sad over it but adopt some good family’s son to fill the gap. Why to choose that prostitute’s daughter? You will give your dad’s name to that blood? This pain that you have given me can never be healed. You have come here to strike a deal using these property papers. She walks out of the room in a huff while he tries to talk to her but in vain.

Vishnu breaks Mukku’s Karvachauth fast. She bends down to touch his feet but he stops her. you don’t have to do it as we are equal. Nani talks about their values. Vishnu instead goes to seek her blessings along with Mukta. Mukta plays with Manav. Nani gives a gold coin each to Mukta and Manav. Vishnu says we only wanted your blessings. Nani remarks that if blessings would have been enough then they both would have been living in a big house like Meethi. I have this much right on Mukta’s baby. Mukta knows Manav will be spoiled if he lives with Nani.

Just then Ratna Bai’s men come there. They even push Vishnu as he tries to stop them. the same guy (whom Chameli had hurt)asks Mukku about Rani. She declines knowing any Rani. The guy keeps knife around Mukta’s neck to warn Vishnu to stay away. his men could not find Rani inside. The guy identifies Mukta as Driver Didi. I have no enmity with you. I only want Rani. Give us Rani and I will go. I want her as I would have lost my life because of her. Her mother had almost killed me. I will leave from here with Rani only. Mukta repeats that she has no idea where Rani is. Nani looks on in shock at the happenings around her. The guy tells his men to break all the stuff in the house. He eyes Manav next as he is not getting his answer. He tells her to bring Rani to him if she loves her son or forget him. You must bring Rani to me tomorrow. I will tell you about the location and timings. He pushes her and she hits herself on her head. the guy warns Vishnu not to even think of going to police. They all leave finally. Vishnu goes to get first aid box for Mukku. Nani assures her that everything will be alright. Mukta thinks of that guy’s warning.

Maiyya is thinking about Akah’s actions. He has named this house after me and thinks that I will melt down. I wont let him give that girl my husband’s name. Sankrant asks Ambika to eat something but she denies. this time Maiyya stops her. eat something and then go. you had come for your fast. No one should go empty stomach from my home. They both sit down to have food while Malvika serves them (on Maiyya’s insistence). Sankrant feeds Ambika with his own hands. Ambika starts coughing. Sankrant and Malvika give her water. She acts to be fainting. Malvika is all concerned but Ambika winks at her. Sankrant takes Ambika to their room. Maiyya tells them to call doc.

Doc tells Sankrant that it is normal to get stomach pains in this condition. Congratulations, your wife is pregnant. Sankrant is thrilled at the news. He picks up Ambika and makes her twirl with happiness. Maiyya confirms about the pregnancy with the doc. Did you get paid to say this? She has done this drama in the past too. Doc tells her to get Ambika checked with other docs or confirm it with the pregnancy kit if she doesn’t believe her. she leaves from there.

Sankrant wonders why his Maiyya cannot trust Ambika. She is going to become my baby’s mother. You will become grandmother. You will get your grandson. Meethi-Akash hear it too and look worried. Maiyya realises the same. ambika wants to go. Everyone still doubts me. I don’t want them to think of me as a liar. Agreed I have made mistakes but I wont become a burden on anyone now. She swears to Maiyya that she wont lie or cheat this time. She touches her belly. I have understood that there is no bigger boon than becoming a mother. I will raise your grandson well. He will be your blood after all. Please excuse me now. She walks towards the main door but is actually waiting for Maiyya to stop her. maiyya too thinks of the doctor’s words; the adoption papers. She shakes her head. ambika is worried about that prostitute’s daughter becoming the heir of this house. Maiyya stops Ambika. You wont go anywhere. You have our hope inside you. This baby will be born in our house. Akash requests her not to take any decision in haste. I don’t have any enmity towards Ambika but I will never forgive her for what she has done with Sankrant and our family. if she is true and this is truth then justice will be meted out to her. Only if this is true! Ambika speaks up now. I was expecting this only from you. You can get my DNA test done. You will be able to find out if I am saying truth or not. but I will do penitence for my misdeeds till then. I will stay alone till the time it is proved. Maiyya announces that she wont go anywhere. You will stay here in front of me. my grandson will be born and raised here in front of me. you have my family’s lineage in you. It isn’t some bad blood.

Maiyya saying my grandson will be born and raised here in front of me. You have my family’s lineage in you. It isn’t some bad blood. I welcome you along with my grandson in this house. She tells Malvika to get Sankrant’s room ready as this younger DIL will stay there only. Malvika nods. Ambika seeks Maiyya’s blessings. Malvika takes Ambika upstairs with her. Akash walks away from there in a huff.

Maiyya turns to Meethi. Hope no one has any problem or wants to ask me anything. This is my house too now. Meethi nods. This house is yours too. Don’t worry about Akash. I will make him understand.

In his room, Akash is upset with Maiyya for taking this decision in haste. She will regret it. he gets a call from Vishnu. Vishnu wants to meet Akash asap. Akash finds something wrong. Vishnu calls him to meet him somewhere asap. Don’t tell anything to Meethi or anyone else. Akash agrees but wonders what it could be.

Malvika is happy for Ambika. They don’t want anyone to doubt on them over their relation. That Meethi will certainly act as a spy. Malvika laughs. Anyone can do anything but no one will throw you out of this house now. ambika wants to seek revenge from this family for sending her to jail. Malvika too is angry with maiyya for insulting her all the time by giving money. She thinks I am some beggar. Ambika says they will pay for their every insult. Malvika turns to go. don’t know who will be keeping an eye on me. ambika thinks of Rani. Will Maiyya allow her to become the daughter of this house? Will Meethi adopt her? malvika assures her that there is nothing to worry. You have come here. Maiyya has got her ace card – her heir. Even if Meethi adopts her then it wont matter. Ambika denies. It would mean that she will have a right over this house I wont let anyone snatch my baby’s rights. This house will only have one heir – my baby!

Akash meets Vishnu who tells him about Ratna Bai’s men coming to their house. They looked really dangerous. They want Rani. If we don’t agree to what they say then it can be dangerous. Akash wonders who they are, what they want. Vishnu tells him about their warning. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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