Thursday Update on True Love 12 March 2020


Thursday Update on True Love 12 March 2020

Mukta tells her mother whatever she’s doing is not right. Her mother says, enough.. I am your mother.. without listening to me, you will say anything to me? Meethi is my daughter.. I understand her. And from what I understood, she doesn’t love Akash, she wants to get separated from him.

Vishnu asks Meethi if she doesn’t love Akash at all. Meethi says, no. Vishnu then says, and he does? Meethi says, it doesn’t matter to me. Vishnu says, I really don’t know where am I between all these. Meethi requests him to help her and says, he will leave from here in few days. Vishnu says, I think we should talk to Mukta about this. Meethi says, no.. we can’t talk about this with anyone. If anyone finds out that we are just acting, then Akash will win and I will lose. Vishnu says, it’s wrong to play with family’s emotions. What Akash did yesterday, I am doing it today. They all will be betrayed once again.

Meethi says, you’re right, but trust me, once Akash leaves this house, I will tell truth to everyone and explain to them why we acted. Anni understands me more than my mother and when she finds out the truth, she will forgive both of us.. not only her, everyone else will forgive as well. But please you don’t tell this to anyone. Vishnu says, I just wanted to share this with someone.. and I told you. You don’t worry.. I will support you. Meethi thanks him. Vishnu then says, what if Akash doesn’t go despite us doing this? Meethi says, he will have to go and he definitely will go.

Mukta’s mother tells her, I didn’t force her. She is very understanding. Mukta says, I can’t believe this at all.. I know Meethi.. I understand her.. I know she still has feelings for Akash.. and I have seen Akash in pain too. Her mother says, these are not your words.. these are your father’s words. You can see Akash’s pain, but what about your sister’s pain? You don’t see her crying day and night? I am regretting today. Mukta says, I am also regretting today because neither you understood me nor to Meethi. Her mother says, Meethi and Vishnu love each other and this is the truth.

Mukta is shocked. read full updates daily only at Her mother shows her letters written by Vishnu. Tears fall from Mukta’s eyes as she looks at the letters. It says, V loves M. Mukta’s mother says, M = Meethi. Now you tell me, how can I be wrong? For a moment, I agree with you, but these letters can’t be wrong. Vishnu loves Meethi a lot. I have seen them together and Meethi is always happy with him. Mukta remembers Vishnu telling her once that he sent letter to her by mistake and it was for someone else. She now tells her mother, maybe you’re right that Vishnu loves Meethi, but Meethi still loves Akash. her mother doesn’t know what to say. Mukta leaves from there. Mukta’s mother assures Damini that Meethi will be married to Vishnu and he will keep her very happy.

Akash asks Thakur whether he doesn’t believe him and his love either? He says, You know very well Meethi is doing all these so I leave this house. Thakur says, I understand you, but I have told you before as well that whatever Meethi decides, no matter what it is, I will be with her.. and you also agreed that I won’t force Meethi for anything. Forgive me. Akash in disbelief says, you can’t give up.. you can at least try once. Thakur leaves.

Surabhi is sad and crying. She tells Kajri, tomorrow is Rakshabandhan.. tell bhaiya to bring a new mother for my child. Kajri says, he won’t agree. Kajri then thinks of Akash and says, he will have to save his sister’s child for her. Surabhi is somewhat happy now.

Akash is looking at the divorce papers and recalls Meethi wanting to marry Vishnu. He cries. Meethi comes there. He wipes his tears and hides divorce papers. Meethi gives him his salary and extra money so he can go back to Aatishgadh. Meethi says, there is no more work for you here, so it will be better if you sign divorce papers and leave from here. Don’t waste your and my time. Akash says, you’re hurting me, but you’re having pain. Why are you doing this with my Meethi? Meethi says, I am not hurting anyone.

I don’t get why you’re not leaving from here. Sign the divorce papers and leave from here, Akash Chatterji. Akash too raises his voice and says, Mrs. Meethi Chatterji, you said whatever you wanted to. I did what you told me to. He goes closer to her and says, now listen to me. You want to marry Vishnu, right? Then fine.. there are still 18 days to go.. I will sign divorce papers after 18 days. Meethi asks, what kind of craziness is this? Akash continues, start preparations for your 2nd marriage… in presence of your husband.

He puts money back in her hand and says, I didn’t come here for this. My salary is you.. whom I will take with me. Remember it. Meethi turns and cries. She says in her mind, why are you doing this? Why are you hurting yourself? Please leave from here. Don’t hurt yourself. Akash says in his mind, because I am not afraid of hurting myself. I will complete my mission for which I came here. Meethi wipes her tears and turns back to him. She says, so you won’t listen to me, right? Akash says, you’re also not listening to me. Now I will not only distribute laddus (sweets) in your marriage, but also make them. I also know what you want as gift. He takes out divorce papers and says, my signature on these papers so you are free from me.

He’s about to sign the papers. Meethi smiles, but he doesn’t sign and closes the file. He says, 18 days are still to go. It’s possible that we may not need these papers. Meethi says, fine.. you want to stay here for 18 days more, right? Then you can stay, but on 19th day.. you will sign the divorce papers and I will marry to Vishnu on the same day. Akash says, after 18 days.. do you agree? Meethi says, I agree. Akash says, fine.. pack your bags then and get ready to leave after 18 days. Meethi gets annoyed and asks him, why don’t you change? She is leaving, but Akash pulls her to him and says, you’re the one who spoiled me so now you will have to suffer for your entire life. Meethi leaves from there. Akash smiles and says, if you’re stubborn, then I am stubborn as well. Now watch what this husband does in his wife’s marriage.

Meethi tells Vishnu about Akash not leaving and asks him what to do now. She apologizes Vishnu for giving him all the troubles. Vishnu asks, so this means we will have to continue acting for 18 more days? No, you’re not getting it.. you have no clue what will be the result of this. Meethi says, I know what you’re trying to say. Everyone will start marriage preparation and I don’t know how we will act for 18 days. Vishnu says, if Akash doesn’t leave, then everyone will get into marriage preparation and it’s possible that we might need to marry as well.

Meethi says, no. Marriage will never happen. You don’t worry, I will talk to Anni today and she will understand why we agreed for the marriage. Mukta is passing from there and sees them. Meethi thanks Vishnu for helping her. Mukta cries and says in her mind, both secretly meet each other and are talking about their marriage. This means that mail really was not for me, it was for Meethi. Vishnu loves Meethi, not Mukta. She wipes her tears and leaves. CONTINUE READING FROM NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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