Thursday Update on This is Love 25 March 2020


Thursday Update on This is Love 25 March 2020

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Ishita hearing Raman’s voice and going out. She calls him out. She gets shocked seeing the kidnapper. She asks what are you doing here, where is my husband, you can’t scare me, who are you, leave me. She shouts Raman and wakes up from the sleep. Raman opens eyes. Bhuvan says we kidnapped Ishita with difficulty. Ruhi says Ishimaa calm down. Ishita asks them to go and sleep. Karan says we won’t let anyone come near me, we did a mistake by trusting Sunita, we will keep an eye on you. Raman sees Bhuvan and asks why didn’t you kidnap my wife, did you torture her the same way, let me go, what did I do. Bhuvan asks him to shut up. Raman begs him to let him go, free his hands. He says if it was your family then, if your parents, wife and children were worried, I don’t

know about them, please let me go once, then I will go what you say, free my hands. Arijit comes and injects Raman. Raman says don’t do this. He sleeps. Arijit scolds Bhuvan. He says I lost Ishita because of you, don’t know what she learnt. Ishita says no need to guard me, I couldn’t find Raman.
Ruhi says we will know about the person owning that locker, just relax and sleep. Aaliya says let me know if you need anything. Simmi asks how much will Ishita tolerate. She says the caterer called and said the man is coming to pay him money, I threatened him and he said he requested that man on my saying. Karan says I heard about this night pub, there will be a song party tonight. Yug says we should take this chance, Raman is in danger. Simmi says I will go and sleep. Yug asks her to message the caterer. She says fine, take care. Yug asks Aaliya about the masks, carry those, we will wear that. Karan goes.

Aaliya, Ruhi, Yug and Karan come in the pub. Karan says we should wait for more time. Karan orders wine. Ruhi asks why. Karan says none should doubt on us. The DJ plays a song. They remove the masks and dance. Yug gets Simmi’s message. She writes…. come back home. They leave.

Its morning, Ruhi says Amma is with Ishita. Yug says Ishita should be here with everyone. Ruhi says no, let her rest, Dadi and Amma are with her, I m worried that she was given much drugs. Mr. Bhalla asks her not to worry. Yug says Ishita would not get disturbed. Ishita is sleeping. Mrs. Bhalla and Amma pray. Karan asks did Mihika and Simmi call. Yug says no.

Simmi and Mihika come to meet the caterer. Simmi scolds him. He asks why would I joke with you. Simmi says just take us there. Mani comes and asks how is Ishu, did Simmi and Mihika go. The caterer says I didn’t contact that man before. Aaliya says Ishita is sleeping, Simmi has gone to meet that man. Mani says Bala and I will manage. Karan says we will come along. Yug says yes. Ruhi says we will also come, please, don’t worry. Aaliya says yes, we are fine. Simmi says I will call police. The caterer says its okay, I will message you the number. Simmi calls Ruhi and asks her to get the number details. Ruhi says Karan we have to go and get the details. They leave.

Arijit calls Sunita and says you would have Ishita’s call by now. She says no, she is with you. He says she is your good friend, didn’t she call you to know why you did this. She asks him what is he saying. He says Ishita got free from my captivity. She asks what, just give me my daughter, I will go away, I can’t meet Ishita’s eyes. He says just shut up. She cries and says please give my daughter, I gave drugs to Ishita and did as you said. He says okay, I will free her but on one condition, you have to take her and run away, I found out that you have US visas, just go. She says thanks, I will come at the airport. Bhuvan asks are we going to release her daughter. Arijit says yes, drop the girl to the airport, Sunita shouldn’t meet anyone. Bhuvan goes. Arijit says why is Ishita so calm and Bhallas not doing anything. He gets the message and says this caterer wants money today, he got after me. He replies I m busy, fine you will get the money. He calls Mani.

Yug asks Mani to answer the call, don’t know his secret. Mani answers the call. Arijit says I was thinking to meet you all at your house. Yug signs no. Mani says we will meet at thai restaurant and then come to meet Bhallas, sorry I m busy now, looking forward to meet you in the evening. Bala says come, Simmi has sent me the address. Arijit says why do they want to meet me outside, did they figure me out, no, I was wearing a mask, my voice or touch, no that’s not possible, this caterer has gone mad, he wants money right now, fine I will throw money on his face.

Ruhi saying this is Dr. Sunita’s number. Mani asks what, this doesn’t make sense. Aaliya says maybe that man is doing this to confuse us. Bala says right, Ruhi and Karan go to Dr. Sunita’s house and keep an eye. Aaliya says we are going to find about the locker. Ruhi asks who is this man going to this extent. Karan says we will go and see what is Dr. Sunita doing. Ruhi says we will tell her thanks and buy a gift for her, it will look real. Karan praises her smartness. She says I hope that we solve this mystery and find out dad. He says yes, we will find out. Arijit is on the way. He gets a call and asks is she okay, I forgot that the doctor is coming today, I will come there. CONTINUE READING FROM NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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