Thursday Update on The Frontliners 26th August 2021


Thursday Update on The Frontliners 26th August 2021

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Sid recalling his past, marriage moment. Ishani looks for him. She thinks I won’t let you go away from me, I will solve this. She runs to him and bumps into glass wall. She falls down. Sid stops himself. She cries and sees him. He thinks this glass wall will always be there in front of us. She thinks I won’t let this glass wall become a rock between us. He thinks sorry, I will keep you away from my bad fate. Anjali flirts with Vardaan. He gets happy. She says don’t get too happy, I want to say sorry.

He asks her not to waste the special moment by apologizing. He holds her hand. Kaise kahun…plays… They dance romantically. Juhi thinks of Shashank’s words. Anjali asks why did your wife leave you. Vardaan says how does it matter, my daughter is with me, she loves me. Anjali says dad is special for every daughter. He says I know. She asks again. He says you have much interest, she couldn’t understand my work pressure, I hope you will understand. She says every man comes to me for one thing. He says maybe, but I don’t know what I want from you. She says every person comes close to me to get close to Dr. Shashank. He says Shashank doesn’t like me. He asks her to wear his gifted saree and come. She goes. Rahil looks around. He says why is Sid behaving such, what happened between Sid and Ishani. Lights go off. Juhi sees Shashank coming. He comes to her.

He says I have the answer to your question, Juhi, when you came to Sanjivani years ago, I knew you will become a good doctor, but you were a better person, you still are, that’s why I started respecting you, you became my student, then colleague and friend, I felt you are like a life partner, there is nothing to dislike you, I told you that love means different to every person, I couldn’t say if that feeling was love, when the life is spent now, I still respect you and regard you a friend, a partner who gave me a new life, I told you before my surgery that I want to live, that was my last wish which you fulfilled, I have the same feeling, difference is, I believe its love, yes, I love you Juhi. She gets shocked.

He says you don’t need to say anything, but do you believe its love. Juhi goes. Anjali looks on. Vardaan waits for Anjali. Rishabh becomes the pandit. Neil jokes on him. Aman laughs. Everyone smiles. Sid brings Jessica there. Sid recalls the past. Jessica says I know I m weak, but I have my brother Sid with me. She leaves the wheelchair. She says I m dying. Everyone worries. Jessica says I m dying to see my groom. Ishani gets Jignesh. Jessica and Jignesh exchange garlands. Vardaan sees Shashank and Juhi smiling. He thinks Anjali should see this, where is she. Sid sees the havan and recalls the marriage. Ishani sees him and cries. He thinks sorry, I have to keep you away from my bad fate.

Sid asking Rishabh to start the promises ritual first, Jessica can’t sit for long. Jignesh says we have written our promise, its just one promise. Philo says but there are seven promises. Jignesh says it all depends on one promise. Jessica says yes, we want to make one promise. Shashank asks what’s this. Jignesh and Jessica say we will never leave each other, whatever happens with us, love is hard to find, one shouldn’t lose that love. Ishani cries seeing Sid. Rishabh asks groom and bride to sit.

Vardaan comes to Anjali’s room. He sees her crying. He asks what happened, talk to me, did anyone say something. She asks how can dad do this. She says he finally told Juhi that he loves her, he knows I don’t like Juhi, I wanted his time, he was with Juhi, she is almost my age, what will the world think, Shashank loves a woman who is almost his daughter’s age, he doesn’t care for anything, she always snatches my everything, she is snatching my dad again. She cries.

Jignesh and Jessica take rounds. Kaisi teri khudgarzi…plays….. She looks at Sid. Shashank showers flowers on Juhi and says sorry. He takes flowers from her and thanks. Juhi smiles. Anjali says I m sad, how can dad ignore me always, I m fed up of being number 2 in his life. She hugs Vardaan and cries. He says everything will be fine, calm down, you are always my number 1, stop crying. He thinks if I knew its so easy to take revenge on Shashank, I would have done this before. Sid doesn’t look at Ishani.

Vardaan and Anjali romance. Ishani tries to open the alta/red color bottle. Sid looks on. Rahil sees Sid’s discomfort. Sid leaves. Ishani says I will clean this and come. Jignesh says sindoor daan rasam is there, groom’s sister has to be there in rasam, you are my sister. Sid washes his face. Rahil asks what happened, just tell me. Sid says I m in love with Ishani. Ishani says I m in love with Sid, this can’t be end of our love, I can feel it, he also loves me, then why, there would be some reason.

Rahil says you are refusing to confess. Sid says Ishani loves me. Rahil asks what’s the problem, why do you want to end the story. Sid says its our end. He gets angry and hits around. Sid says we won’t have any relation, this love, # Sidishi will never happen, this is the end. Ishani says I won’t let it end, this promise is a sign, never leave love, Sid may run away, but I won’t let him go away, I know we love each other a lot. Sid says this matter ends here. Ishani says Sid has to tell me his feelings, he has to hear my feelings, our picture is still left.

Jessica and Jignesh get married. They thank Ishani. Jessica says Shashank went to take rest, Juhi had to go for case, where is Sid. Rahil says he went for patient emergency. Philo says duty is duty. Sid comes. He asks how can your bidaai happen without your brother, sorry I got late. He says visa is granted on medical basis, there won’t be any problem, Jignesh if you trouble my sister, I will put you in emergency ward. Jignesh says if you trouble my sister Ishani, I will send you to jail. Neil says its time for a selfie. They take selfies. Sid says I hope she doesn’t come in front of me. He sees Ishani. She updates him about a case. She says I know duty comes first. He thinks to stay away from him.