Thursday Update on The Frontliners 16th September 2021


Thursday Update on The Frontliners 16th September 2021

Sid saying I had come in your car dickey, I was murmuring and you heard my voice. Ishani looks at him. Vardaan asks did you do anything. Ishani says Sid has threatened me. He asks her to use her mind, she is a doctor, do something, don’t come with the problems. She goes and says just Rishabh can keep Sid and Ishani away, else Vardaan…. I m badly trapped. Rishabh asks Sid what is he doing here, can’t he see they have come on a date. Sid laughs and says sorry, Rishabh what a big joke, she is my Ishani. Rishabh says Asha is your wife, didn’t you get her, you left pregnant wife at home and running after other girls, this doesn’t suit you. Ishani feels bad. Asha says Sid will come for the sake of my child. Rishabh says I will throw you out of here. Sid counts down. A girl comes. Rishabh says Mansi…..

Mansi gets angry. Sid says Mansi is your GF, you are cheating her right, you left her and came here. Mansi scolds Rishabh. Sid smiles. He says I told you, I m true lover. He asks coffee. Ishani asks what will you have. He says cold coffee. She says no, what will you take to stop doing this and insulting our love. He says I won’t let you go away. She says I won’t let you come close. He gets on knees and says don’t get upset, baby please, at least agree for the sake of our little children. She asks what.

He asks her to think about their three little children. She asks what are you saying. He says she isn’t identifying husband and children also. He hugs her. She pushes him. The lady asks her to agree to him, he loves her. The man says yes, go for children’s sake. Ishani says he is not my husband, stop it Sid, you think its a joke. She goes. Sid follows her. Asha calls him and says maybe he isn’t answering. Rishabh comes and says don’t let anyone come in my cabin. Asha asks what happened. He says Sid reached there. Asha worries.

Ishani comes home. She says Sid doesn’t understand, its tough for me. She looks for keys. She doesn’t get the keys and hits the door. Sid comes in between. Asha recalls Vardaan’s words. He comes and asks about her plan. He asks did you separate those love birds. Sid shows the keys. She asks him to return the keys. Sid handcuffs her. She asks what are you doing. He pulls her close. Tu hi meri shab….plays… She cries. Asha says I had sent Rishabh and Ishani on a date. Vardaan says I have seen Rishabh just now. He gets angry and asks how dare you lie to me.

He laughs. He says you can’t do this. She says enough, I can’t do this, they are good people, my truth came out and they didn’t do anything. He says I won’t force you, calm down, I will relieve you. She says I will not tell anyone, thanks. He says you are fired, your role in Sanjivani is over, I will sign your termination letter, I want to type it, you won’t get any job, its my promise. She gets shocked.

She says don’t do this please. He signs the form and says get out. She says please, I will do as you say, I will ruin Sid and Ishani’s life, don’t do this, my parents will kill me. He takes the paper and says you should have done the work, how dare you lie to me, I will give you last chance, your termination letter will be in my pocket now, I will get you thrown out, no one will ask me anything, now repeat after me, I will separate Sid and Ishani, say it loud. She says I will separate Sid and Ishani, I won’t let them come close, don’t do this. He says that’s it, now go and do your work. She goes. Ishani tries to get away. Sid pulls her hand. She cries. Sid kisses her. Asha looks on shocked.

Asha seeing Sid and Ishani. Ishani gets away. Sid pulls her close. Ishani slaps him. They see Asha. Sid smiles and greets her. Asha asks what’s happening here, did you forget I m your wife, you are not ashamed even when Ishani slapped you. Sid says enough Asha, this mangalsutra doesn’t guarantee love, this is called love, it doesn’t need any string, when two people’s hearts beat for each other, its called love, none can break our bond. Vardaan thinks my plan is not working, Asha is useless, I can’t depend on her, I have to win this time, I don’t have much time. He calls someone and says come and meet me, today….

Sid says this bond of love will never break, Ishani and I are made for each other, your cheap intentions can’t break it, try again. Vardaan pays the man and tells something. He says Sid, it was just a trailer, your life’s real film will start now, sorry I have no enmity with you but I have to ruin you. Asha says come home with me. Sid says you aren’t able to understand, this won’t break. Asha recalls Vardaan’s words. She gets a hammer and hits on the handcuff chain. It doesn’t break. Ishani says please go home Sid. Sid removes the handcuffs. He says we are getting away by our wish, not yours, none can separate us. Asha gets angry. Sid goes. The man demands the money and argues with Roshni. He asks her to vacate the house if she can’t pay him money. He goes. She gets dizzy.

Sid comes and holds her. He feeds her water. She says I m fine. Sid asks what did Manik say. Roshni says he came to get the house vacated, I took 50 lakhs loan, uncle was in the hospital. Vardaan looks on and thinks what a sight, Sid looks like a helpless hero. Sid says you said hospital bills are covered. Roshni says I didn’t wish you to worry, I was paying money in instalments, now he is asking me to pay it at once. He says don’t worry, I will talk to him. He goes. Asha thinks just Vardaan can do this.

Ishani recalls Sid. She says whatever happened should have not happened, why do I wish for it, why didn’t I feel wrong, we love each other a lot, I have to listen to my heart, how can I do this, totally wrong. Its morning, Sid comes to Rahil. He says I was calling you, Manik was threatening mom to make us homeless. Ishani covers face and tries to go. Sid greets her and jokes. Ishani says I want to be alone, just leave me alone. Ishani and Asha hold the same water bottle. Ishani leaves it. Asha taunts her. Ishani says you know how it started.

Asha says then you end it. They argue. Asha says whatever you do, remember I m Sid’s wife, when a man has an affair with other girl, you know what will happen, I will ruin Sid’s life, he will cry on his life, think now, I will really do this, if you want to save his life, get away from our lives, spare him, find someone else. Ishani asks her to mind her language. Ishani says I m feeling bad for yesterday, I would have said sorry, whatever you did, I won’t be sorry. Asha asks her will she leave Sid or not. She says tell me, then I will think what to do, Sid’s future is in your hands. Ishani asks why are you after his life, I will stay away. Asha says fine. Ishani scolds her. Asha asks her to think the perfect gift. Ishani checks. Ishani gets shocked.