Thursday Update on Sacred Relationship 3rd June 2021


Thursday Update on Sacred Relationship 3rd June 2021

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Rajshri and Varsha explaining Jasmeet about Abir. Rajshri asks do you still think Abir is wrong. Abir gives prasad to Parul. Kunal and Mishti come to Abir. Mishti asks them to talk. Kunal asks Abir about his decision. Abir says I have seen everyone trying to be normal, I didn’t understand. Kunal asks how can I help. Abir says I want to make Mishti feel special. Kunal says mom shouldn’t be here. Nanu says we don’t waste time, sangeet will happen today, are you ready boys. Abir says yes, Kuhu is with us. Kuhu says I m with my mumma. Kunal says you are my wife. Kuhu says daughter first, then wife. Abir says we will make them lose. Kunal asks why, Kuhu is in their team. Abir says our win is in our losing. Kunal says don’t say this.

Abir says if they get happy with our failure, then its right to lose, this is called love. Kunal sees Kuhu and thinks I m already a loser, I will become a big loser if Kuhu goes, maybe I do something that you forgot to leave on 15th feb. Meenakshi thinks mum always protects sons, I can’t break down. Parul comes to give her prasad. She says I know your pain. Meenakshi says I know, my son rejected me. Parul says calm down, this pain won’t stay for long, if you didn’t hate Mishti so much, if you didn’t force Abir, then this would have never happened. She goes.

Rajshri says Meenakshi is Abir’s mum, she should be there in rasam, talk to Abir. Vishwamber says no, you don’t know, when I knew about off site then Meenakshi threatened me, I hurried for Mishti and Nannu’s alliance, the entire family is bearing the punishment, Abir knows his good and bad, I left the decision on him. Abir looks on and thinks mum had threatened Vishwamber and Mishti. Mishti comes and asks what’s happening, are you sure. Abir says yes, like I m sure, you will lose. Kuhu says I have thought of a theme. Kunal says it will be something stupid, you don’t value real feelings, like you didn’t value the saree. Abir says husband and wife…. Kunal and Kuhu argue.

Vishwamber says Abir is so happy. Kunal says congrats. Mishti says thanks a lot for everything. Kunal says you can do one thing for me, tell me the theme please. She says even I don’t know. Rajshri looks on and says I feel that Mishti can stay happy in this house. Rajshri and Varsha ask Kuhu the theme. Kuhu says there is no theme. Rajshri says Kunal was right. Mishti asks Abir did he hear, what’s happening, why was Kuhu calling Kunal an enemy. Abir says Kunal is making everyone dance like drill, I can win. Mishti says fine, but you will lose. She gets the notice.

Rajshri says Mishti, get Jasmeet downstairs someway. Mishti says okay. Kunal says you all can’t dance. Ketki says its tough step. Nidhi says I miss Kuhu. Kunal says no one will take enemy team name. Parul says she is your wife, not enemy. Kunal says sorry. Abir says we will win. Kunal says you said we will lose. Abir says whose side are you. Kunal says yours.

Mishti says Kuhu didn’t decide theme, Kunal is making them dance. Rajshri asks who will make us dance. Mishti says they will make us dance, Nidhi will win. Jasmeet hears them. Kuhu says Kunal has to lose, I don’t know the theme. Mishti says we will make steps and get theme.

Abir says theme will come from our minds, don’t tell anyone, I trust you all, we know why we are doing this. Ketki asks why. Kaushal says to win, we are Rajvansh, we will always win. Mishti says we will dance, come on. Rajshri says no one is teaching. Mishti says fine, we will have some easy dance, Bhangra, wow Varsha is Bhangra champ. Jasmeet says this isn’t called Bhangra, this isn’t dance. She asks Kuhu what is she messaging Kunal. Kuhu says private message. Mishti says we will dance. Kunal says I won’t lose to Kuhu, think of some team. Abir says yes. Nidhi says Mishbir’s marriage should be best. Abir says yes. Meenakshi gets a call. Laxman asks did I get late. She says you came on right time, I need your help, I will tell you what to do. She disconnects.

Abir hears her and says so you are planning to separate Mishti and me, I came to apologize for hurting you, but now, you may do anything, its my fight. She asks will you not trust me. He says you should have thought of it before breaking my trust. She says I wasn’t doing anything. Abir says I want to be happy. He goes. Kunal thinks Abir wants to be happy, mum is crying, why does this always happen, we think what will she do now.

Parul gives clothes for shagun. Kunal comes. She asks won’t Kuhu come back. He asks did she tell you. She says no, I m just asking, its her sister’s marriage. He says I wanted to talk, mum did wrong for everyone, I supported her, it was more wrong, did Abir do right. Parul says right and wrong is just perception, Abir got too rude, but Abir didn’t do wrong as a would be husband, a girl becomes bahu later, but wife first, her husband has the most right on her and also responsibility, Abir did his responsibility, if this happened with Kuhu, then you would have done this, right.

Kunal thinks I should have done this for Kuhu, if Abir and Mishti can have a fresh start, can’t Kuhu and I have a fresh start, would she like to have a life with me. Meenakshi sees everyone coming in the Sangeet and looking happy. She stays far alone. Khushiyaan bhi baaten…. plays…. They all dance. She cries and goes. Nanu looks on. She calls Laxman and asks did you reach. Laxman says yes. Maheshwaris come. Shaurya gives the gifts boxes. Laxman says I m coming in.

Kuhu coming home and dancing on the band music. Kunal jokes. Kuhu says its going to be tough for Abir to win this challenge. She calls all the girls. Nidhi says the girls have ghunghat on their faces. Kuhu asks Abir to find Mishti. Abir asks Kunal to help him. Kunal says you have to do this. Rajshri says Abir, you know Mishti is my shadow, how will you find her. Abir asks someone to say. He stops near Mishti and says listen…. She moves her hand. He holds her hand. Parul lifts her ghunghat. Abir removes the blindfold. He says I identified Mishti. Vishwamber and Rajshri bless him. Mishti says our theme is the best. Kuhu and Kunal boast of their themes. Kuhu says one who celebrates breakup are winners. Rajshri asks what’s this theme. Mishti asks did you accept defeat. Nidhi says this isn’t fair. Abir says everything is fair in love and war. Mishti says this was my idea. They dance on chor bazaari….

Everyone dances. Everyone claps. Vishwamber says Mishti and Kuhu have lost. Kunal says you lost. Kuhu says so what, music face off, we will make them lose. Abir says I have already failed. Nanu says we have to win, lose later. Laxman gives the drinks and goes. Kuhu dances in the face off, on tu cheez badi hai mast…. Kunal, Nanu and Kaushal dance with Nidhi and Kuhu….. Everyone claps. Ketki says its your turn now. Mishti nods. She sings Naata mera teri ruh se…… Abir comes and holds her hand. Rajshri smiles and thanks Lord. Abir sings Dono milke chalte hai na….. They dance.

Kuhu sees Kunal. They imagine their romantic moment. Abir and Mishti dance and have an eyelock. Everyone claps. Kunal asks Abir what are you thinking. Abir says nothing, what can I think when Mishti is around. Mishti says I did that for you, I wanted to do something special. Everyone dances on Tamma tamma…. Abir dances with Vishwamber and Rajshri. Vishwamber stops him and goes on the stage to dance. Everyone smiles. The chandelier swings. Kunal takes Kuhu aside. Vishwamber sees the chandelier and shouts Mishti. Abir moves Mishti away. The chandelier falls. Mishti asks are you fine. Abir asks are you fine. They worry. Laxman runs. They ask who are you. Nanu removes his beard and says Laxman…. Abir asks do you know him. Nanu says yes, he works for Meenakshi. Kunal asks who has sent you. Abir says he is paid to keep his mouth shut. Laxman says I didn’t do this.

Kuhu asks how did chandelier fall. Nidhi asks did Mishti’s dad come back, this happened last time also. Kuhu says the chandelier rope was burnt, call the police. Abir says call Maa and tell her that we are calling the police. Rajshri says I had kept the candle there, sangeet was going on, I thought it may burn someone’s clothes, I didn’t know that rope goes from that side. Kaushal says it means it was an accident. Abir says but Laxman is here. Meenakshi comes and says I called Laxman here, I asked him to make video call and make me part of your sangeet, trust me, I didn’t do this. She worries seeing Abir’s wound. Abir goes. Nanu apologizes to Vishwamber. Rajshri and everyone leave. Kunal goes to see Abir. Kuhu thinks Kunal doesn’t even remember me.