Thursday Update on Promised Love 1st April 2021


Thursday Update on Promised Love 1st April 2021

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Shayra and Qazala coming to the hotel and seeing Noor and Azaan on bed. They get up from the bed and try to clarify. Qazala taunts Noor and tells that your mother was a Servant, but she didn’t do what you did. She says damn with you and your mother. Azaan goes behind Shayra and tells her everything. Shayra tells that she doesn’t want to listen and leave from there. She recalls Noor telling that she has more control on Azaan than her. She thinks her bad dream came true. Shayra stops the car midway and breaks down.

Azaan reaches home and calls Shayra. Qazala brings Noor and puts on Azaan’s foot. Azaan says Dadi. Razia comes there and asks what happened? Azaan syas you went to Mumbai. Razia says she came with late night flight. She asks what is happening? Qazala says a sin happened and tells that Noor fought with Shayra and left home. Then Azaan went behind her and tells all the fake story which was planned by her. She says I am feeling ashamed to tell you what I have seen. Surayya taunts them. Noor and Azaan ask Razia to listen to them. Qazala scolds Azaan and shows the taweez, says Noor left it at home. She tells Razia that if Shayra and I haven’t reached there then don’t know what had happened?

Azaan tells Razia that Shayra got angry and left from there. Qazala says Shayra has a big heart, but nobody can bear husband’s betrayal. Noor says Azaan is not disloyal. Qazala tells that whatever Noor did was a conspiracy and asks Noor to leave, calling her home breaker. She pushes Noor and the latter falls on Shayra. Shayra looks at her. Noor asks Shayra to believe her and asks her to believe her. Qazala taunts Noor. Shayra holds Noor’s hand and takes her out.

Noor asks Shayra to believe her. The crackers bursts in air…Shayra tells that she will not doubt her husband and Noor. Qazala says you have seen with your eyes. Shayra says she can ignore it and tells that the matter is between Azaan and her. She says Noor is the daughter of the house and will be sent with respect. Qazala says you will repent one day.

Razia asks Noor to talk to Shayra and tells that it is not like that I have no trust on you. Noor says I will go and talk to her. Qazala comes to Razia. Razia asks her to stop it. Azaan asks Shayra why is she upset? Shayra asks him to give her sometime. Qazala tells Razia something. Razia says my son can’t do this. Qazala says he is a man. Razia says I have done his upbringing. Qazala says but he is Ayub’s blood. She says I don’t want him to repeat the same mistake which Ayub had done. She asks Razia to send Noor from there, and says don’t know if she will take divorce or not.

Surayya asks Qazala what did she get by this conspiracy and paid money to the hotel guy. Qazala asks her to think about her and tells that’s he was awake all night and did all that, thinking she will separate them and will become bahu begum again. Aladdin comes there and tells that Noor went to meet Shayra. Noor asks Shayra what to do to convince her. Shayra asks her to leave her alone and says I will be fine. Noor goes. Azaan calls Shayra. Shayra thinks of Azaan and Noor. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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