Thursday Update on love or Poison 6th May 2021


Thursday Update on love or Poison 6th May 2021

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Viraj asks Sitara to leave. She politely refuses. He tells her to stay put and holds Nethra. He kisses Nethra. Sitara leaves immediately. Nethra smiles. Viraj apologizes to her. Don’t worry about Sitara. I will handle her. Nethra hugs her. Finally Viraj has shown Sitara her place and has showed me my value. I have nothing to worry anymore.

Vrinda prays to Mahamata to show her a way to unite with her daughter. She sees a Nagpushpa. Mahamata has shown us a path. This grows once in 99 years. It will bring Sitara closer to us. Her sisters agree. Mahamata did it so this flower either reaches Sitara or Viraj. Vrinda agrees and thanks Mahamata.

Sitara is mulling over the issue. How to make Viraj understand that neither of us is at fault? She overhears two ladies talking about Nagpushpa and gets curious.

Rajguru also sees Nagpushpa. It is the biggest danger lurking on the royal family. Kuldeep agrees. It has the power to kill anyone. It is super poisonous. Only Vishkanya’s have an antidote for it. They decide to destroy the flower asap.

Sitara decides to give that special flower to Viraj to pacify him. She heads towards the south gate.

Chabeeli tells Vrinda that Sitara is nearby only. Seems like Nagpushpa has bloomed near south gate only. Vrinda hands her the arrow / pin right. Plan it near the south gate. It will finally bind us together.

Sitara follows the light. The bow / arrow is very near her.

Chabeeli says once Sitara steps on it, we will be able to build a connection with her.

Rajguru and Kuldeep are on their way to find the Nagpushpa. No one should get hold of it or there will be destruction!

Sitara steps on the arrow / pin absentmindedly and shouts out in pain. Her blood falls in a bowl that Chabeeli is holding. Sitara thinks Baba is right. It is very dangerous to come here. She hears a puppy’s voice and goes to take care of him. The bow / pin disappears. Sitara frees the puppy. She is surprised to realize that her foot is not even bloodied after being hurt so bad.

Vrinda remarks that this blood droplet is going to unite a mother and a daughter after decades! She asks Surili to light up the entire Vishloka. Surili happily lights up diyas all around them.

Kuldeep and Rajguru are shocked to see the Nagpushpa missing. They figure out that someone has plucked it. Rajguru does some magic and finds out that it is Sitara who has plucked Nagpushpa. He tells Kuldeep about it. They rush to stop her.

Nethra tells Viraj that they got to spend quality time without Sitara after so long. Shall we go out tonight on a dinner date? He suggests going some other day. She replies that he gave the same reply last time. He gives in. She goes to get ready. Sitara is on her way to Viraj’s room. She hides the flower behind her back seeing Nethra. Nethra does not react this time. She is happy thinking about her dinner date with Viraj.

Sitara blocks Viraj’s way. He asks her if she is never at peace. You are back again. She says I know you don’t like it that I am around you 24×7. I am not doing it willingly. I am just fulfilling my responsibility. I know you are upset with me. I got you a very different gift. She shows Nagpushpa to him. This grows once in 99 years. I got it especially for you. Kuldeep and Rajguru are on their way. Viraj holds the flower. The poison is transmitted to his hand as soon as he holds it. He starts feeling dizzy immediately. Sitara asks him if he is fine. He nods. Rajguru and Kuldeep enter just then. Rajguru asks Sitara why she gave this flower to Viraj. He asks Viraj if he is fine. Viraj nods. It is just a flower. Why are you tensed? Rajguru nods. This isn’t an ordinary flower. Viraj passes out. Sitara holds him just in time.

Vrinda sees everything. Mahamata has made our work easier. Surili nods. She has killed two birds with one stone. Albeli says this is the beauty of the bond share by a mother and a daughter. She does not know about our existence yet she has helped us by giving that Nagpushpa to Viraj. Vrinda seconds her.

Rani Sa is worried for Viraj. Doc gives him injection. Nethra is irked with Sitara. She is a killer and not bodyguard. She always got our plans cancelled but she has put Viraj in such a critical condition today! Doc shares that Viraj isn’t reacting to any medicine. The poison is spreading very fast. Kuldeep asks him if there is any way to save him. Rajguru takes Ratan and Kuldeep outside to discuss something. Rajguru tells Ratan that only Sitara can save Viraj now. He tells them something in mute. Kuldeep asks him how he can think of it. Sitara is my daughter. She wont do anything like that. Ratan nods and pats at him reassuringly. There is one more solution.

Vrinda says the decade long wait will be over today. A mother and daughter will be united today! The mystery door opens. She is about to cut her hand to mix her blood with Sitara’s blood when Ratan enters with Rajguru and Kuldeep. They stand in front of the bowl hiding it from their visitors. Vrinda taunts Ratan for coming here today. We have been honoured today. Surili says he must be having a very big reason to come here. Chabeeli agrees. It was impossible to see him otherwise. Albeli asks him what made him come all the way here. What do you wish to beg for now? Ratan requests Vrinda to help him save Viraj’s life. He has touched Nagpushpa. Please save him. Only you all can even out the poison. Please save him.

Ratan requests Vrinda to help him save Viraj’s life. He has touched Nagpushpa. Please save him. Only you all can even out the poison. Please save him. He folds his hands before her. Vrinda says folded hands and teardrops cannot solve the problems of the world. Ratan agrees to abide by her every condition. Please save Viraj. Vrinda says I am a Kshatriya. I can die but I wont step back from my promise ever. Think well before giving your word. Ratan promises Vrinda that he will fulfil her wish. Vrinda’s sisters ask him to kneel before Vrinda and beg for Viraj’s life. You have to rub your nose on the floor, cry and beg her.

Rajguru calls it illogical but Ratan advises him not to speak in between. He even stops Kuldeep from doing anything. I can do anything to save my son. I order you and Rajguru to not intervene in this matter. Ratan kneels down before Vrinda with folded hands. Albeli reminds him that he has to rub his nose on the floor. Ratan complies. Vrinda and her sisters smile. Vrinda asks him if he remembered how the situation was pretty similar years ago. Your royal palace snatched our Kalindi Didi from us 20 years ago! I can still hear her screams! Flashback shows guards dragging Kalindi with some chains.

Vrinda is about to hurt Ratan when Kuldeep tells her against it. He wasn’t at fault. Vrinda asks him if Ratan was only seeing the drama created by his ancestors. They used to get little girls bit by snakes and inject poison in them to turn them into Vishkanya’s. Flashback of the same is shown where a snake bites a girl on her tongue. She turns blue.

Vrinda says it wasn’t God who created us but cheap, low Kings like you. Ratan accepts that his ancestors were at fault. Why are you punishing us for their mistakes? I dint want to punish your sister. Rajguru adds that Kalindi had turned evil. Her poison had overtaken her virtues. Vrinda’s sisters are about to react but Vrinda does not want them to give them an easy death. Rajguru explains that Kalindi invited trouble upon himself by trying to hurt Ratan.

Another flashback is shown where Ratan is sleeping peacefully. Kalindi leans closer and blows poison on his face. He wakes up just then and aims his sword at her.

Rattan says I had to get hold of her as she was trying to kill our loved ones. Flashback shows Vrinda and her sisters crying seeing Kalindi in chains. She tells them not to worry. These people wont do me any harm. Ratan agrees. Everything can be fine if you promise to live as a normal human being. Kalindi refuses. I was born to rule! I don’t care if I have to kill you all for achieving that! Ratan announces death penalty for her. Kalindi laughs. Ratan says I know that a Vishkanya cannot be killed but she can sacrifice her life herself. You will do just that today!

Vrinda says you all compelled Didi to kill herself. You also wanted all 4 of us to kill that very day! Rajguru denies. He wanted to get poison out of your bodies and make you live a normal life. Vrinda calls it a lie. You wouldn’t have kept the sword on our necks otherwise!

Ratan warns Kalindi to decide now or he will kill her sisters. They haven’t become a Vishkanya yet. Ratan mentally hopes that he is not forced to do this. I cannot punish these little girls for no reason. Please don’t make me commit this sin. He asks Kalindi her decision. She agrees to kill herself. Don’t do anything to my sisters though. She keeps a condition – I want to hug my sisters once before I kill myself. Ratan allows her. He leaves them together. Ratan tells Rajguru that he will raise these girls well once Kalindi is dead. Kalindi gives her elements to her sisters. Vrinda gets the air element. Surili gets fire element from her sister. Albeli receives water element while Chabeeli receives earth element from Kalindi. Promise me that you will take revenge of my death from this royal family! They nod. Rajguru announces that the time is up. Kalindi wipes her tears and stands back in her place.

Vrinda says she sacrificed her life to save us. We managed to luckily escape from there. We were waiting for the right time. We wanted to come in front of you when no one will recognize us. After some years I found out that a Minister of Ratan Singh is from a Daskh lineage. He was blessed that he will never be affected by a Vishkanya’s poison. I decided to get closer to him. It was the easiest way to get inside the palace. I wanted to be right in front of your eyes and destroy your family! I found out that I am pregnant. Rajguru finally told Kuldeep my truth. You all trapped me and my sisters here in the Vishloka immediately. It dint end here. You all stooped so low that you fell in Rajguru’s words. Kuldeep had agreed to even kill his daughter.

Kuldeep walks away holding Sitara in his arms as Vrinda shouts after him.

Vrinda says I have yearned for my daughter since last 20 years. I will finally end the story and no one will stop me! Rajguru tells her to stop all this bloodshed and enmity. You have gotten a chance to end it all. Start afresh. Ratan seconds him. I apologize for whatever I did in the past. Please help me. You can punish me but please spare my son’s life. Vrinda agrees to help him but keeps a condition. We cannot help you from here. You will have to take us outside to help your son.