Sunday Update on Strange Love 4th July 2021

Sunday Update on Strange Love 4th July 2021

Sid taking his belongings from the office. Varad comes to him and sees him vacating his space. Sid says sorry Sir, I m sorry for yesterday. Varad tucks the pics back which Sid removes. Varad keeps his files back on the table and smiles. Varad says why are you saying sorry to me, I should say thanks to you, you helped a strange girl, thanks for helping and saving me sister. Sid says how is she. Varad says she is very happy with her brothers, carry on. Varad thinks I should ask him is his Roshni really Jyoti Taai.

Sid says its one sided love story, that chapter is close and new one started. Varad laughs and leaves. Sid thinks Jyoti came in his life as a spark and changed his life. Niranjan talks to someone and asks for Abhay’s bail. He says free our son in law at any cost, he should be free asap. Anjali comes and hears this. Niranjan says till Jyoti takes the complaint back, till then Abhay can’t get bail, fine I will talk to you later. Niranjan gets angry and looks at Anjali. Shlok hugs Astha and talks to her. Shlok says I m sorry. She asks sorry, why.

Shlok says as I was angry when you wanted to celebrate Anjali’s birthday. She asks what are you feeling now. He holds her face and kisses on her forehead. He says I m feeling love for you. He says if you did not celebrate her birthday, we would have not got Jyoti back, thanks a lot, I love you. He kisses her hand and says I trust you more than me. She hugs him and says I love you too. Astha thinks I m sorry, I can’t tell the truth now, as you are not ready to hear it, everything has a time, when the right time comes, I will tell you.

She says I forgot, Anjali asked me to give milk to everyone. He says its ok, forget about her. Astha says no, we will talk only good things and leaves. Jyoti opens the shoe rack and is unable to bend. Astha sits and gives her slipper. Astha says I will keep your slipper up. Anjali comes and scolds Astha for changing things here. She scolds Jyoti too. Astha asks Jyoti to keep her slipper in her room. Jyoti leaves. Anjali closes the rack. Astha says you don’t want me to argue for small things, now I will make big mistake. She cuts the rack. Anjali tries to stop her. Niranjan says Anjali and they both stop. Astha says Baba is calling, go. Anjali leaves. Astha cuts the rack.

Anjali asks Niranjan will you have breakfast. He says no I will have it in office. He goes to the shoe rack. Anjali gets tensed. Anjali thinks what did Astha do and where she went. Anjali gives his shoes to him. He holds the rack and it breaks. Anjali laughs. Astha comes and asks what happened. Shlok comes and asks Baba are you fine. Shlok asks Astha is she fine. Astha says yes we are fine. The shoes fall and Astha arranges them. Niranjan looks at Anjali.

Shlok seeing the bhajiyas burning and smiling. He tells this to Astha. She says this happened because of you. He laughs. Anjali calls Astha and she brings the burnt pakodas. Anjali says Astha, burnt? Astha smiles and signs its fine. She makes the lady eat it. The lady likes it and says its somewhat bitter. Astha says it tastes like that. The lady says your bahu is smart and beautiful, did she give any good news. Astha says no, its nothing like this. The lady says we used to give good news in 2nd month, but today’s girl will first think and plan, then have a child.

She asks Astha to give good news soon. She leaves with Anjali. Astha says good news? They want good news. Shlok comes and says good news, till we love each other, how can we have kids, and what will you tell others, lets go out and make my mood good. Astha says you started too, let me go, I have work. She runs. He says I m waiting in room, come soon. Its night, Astha is in kitchen and says how to tell Shlok, I m a girl right now, how can I give him a child, was he talking about first night, yes he was, but why am I nervous, its Shlok. She says I have to juice to Jyoti and takes the other glass.

Astha comes to Jyoti with the water glass and says have the juice. Jyoti says but this is water. Astha says but I made orange juice for you. Jyoti asks her whats going on. Astha says Mrs. Naik came home and she asked me to give good news. But how. Jyoti says you will give good news. Astha says is it my age to give good news. Jyoti says did nothing happen between you and Shlok. Astha says no, we were always fighting. Jyoti says it means you were busy.

Astha says he was very romantic today, I m afraid. Jyoti explains her that its good to take love ahead, don’t tease Shlok, he wants to spend time with you. Astha says I m tensed. Jyoti says I had milk, you take this milk for Shlok. Astha takes it. Jyoti stops her and sprays some perfume on her, also applies lipstick to her. She says now fine. Astha asks am I looking fine. Jyoti says yes, go. Astha leaves. Jyoti smiles. Astha says why am I so tensed. I m responsible for all this, I made him say I love you, its not Shlok’s mistake, he is right, I m a duffer, but why am I nervous. She drinks the milk standing outside the door and keeps the glass.

She comes in her room and sees the flowers on the bed. Music plays………………….. She thinks whats all this. Shlok comes to her and hugs her. He gets close and she gets away. They have an eyelock. He holds her and he is about to kiss her. Astha thinks she will get a heart attack or she will faint. She pushes him and falls on the bed. Shlok gets closer and she says water, I m thirsty. Shlok brings water. She drinks it. Shlok smiles seeing her. He keeps the glass and gets closer. Astha says water…. He says again? She says go and bring water.

She starts coughing and says bring it fast. He goes out to bring water. She sleeps on the sofa till he comes. Shlok comes and sees her sleeping on the sofa. He says Astha….. and tries to wake her. She does not get up. He says I know Astha you are a big drama queen, I will see how many days you can do this, like you made me helpless to say I love you, I will make you helpless to come to me, that’s a challenge. Its morning, Astha gets ready and thinks Shlok can think of anything, run away, else it will not be suhaagraat but suhaagdin. Shlok asks Astha to give her bathrobe. Astha understands his plan and says I m more smart than you.

She knocks the bathroom and says Shlok. He gives his hand. She thinks he will hold my hand now. She tries to not give her hand. He pulls the bathrobe and says thanks. Astha closes her eyes. He says do you want to come in. She says huh. He pulls her and she runs. He says make my clothes ready. She says yes. He comes out and sprinkles the hair water on her face. She gets more tensed as he sticks to her. Shlok smiles and breaks the button of his shirt. Astha thinks I have to agree I got a handsome husband. She thinks control.

Shlok says come here, this shirt button is broken. She says it won’t be seen if you wear coat. He says please stitch it. She thinks its his plan, I understand. She guves another shirt to him. He holds her and blows on her hair. He says your hair are looking very nice today. She says nom its my bad hair day today. Shlok says where is the kamarbandh which I gave you, why did you not wear it. He says see in my eyes, I love you. He asks do you love me. She says yes I do, but I have many work, I will come. She leaves. He says I know you are big drama company, but I have learnt a lot from you, see what happens now. Kalindi calls Astha and asks about Jyoti.

Astha says she is fine and misses you. Kalindi says give her gond laddoos and milk. Astha says give me the items list, I will make it. Kalindi tells the items and guides her. Kalindi asks Astha to massage Jyoti’s waist. Astha says fine, Anjali will make this. Astha gives the list to maid Sita. Anjali asks whats this. Astha says for Jyoti. Anjali says we won’t do this at our house. Astha says Jyoti will be healthy, fine I will make her eat.

Astha calls Kalindi and says Aai, make laddoos for Jyoti, as I can’t make them well and Anjali is busy in managing the home. Kalindi says fine, don’t worry, we will bring it soon. Astha tells Anjali that my mum will make the laddoos. Anjali says call them and say no. Astha asks why, will you make it. She will feel bad if I say no, Kalindi regards Jyoti as her daughter, and she can do anything for her, don’t worry, she will make. Astha looks at Anjali and smiles. She thinks Anjali will not leave her Nani’s rights.