Sunday Update on Never Say Goodbye 19th June 2022


Sunday Update on Never Say Goodbye 19th June 2022

Atharv saying you know the bigger truth that I have less breath to spend. Uma says Vividha I want to see you and Atharv happy. Atharv says I will go, you will stay here. Sujata asks what will I do here, my life is with you. He says when I leave, they will try to find me, you have to stop them. She says are you mad, I m your mum, why are you taking my test. He says its our test, which life is taking, we have much pain, we will share our pain, we are one team. She says no, you won’t leave me, don’t do this, I m leaving from here, I can’t leave you. He asks her to go and see. Sujata sees Vividha and tells him that they are taking Vividha, they will not let you go.

He says I have to leave. She says promise me you will call me and I will come there, I will not tell anyone. He gets sad. Vividha comes downstairs. Jaana na dil se door….plays…….. Ravish holds her hand and takes her to mandap. She sits. O re piya…..plays………Atharv cries and says I m not crying, you have to stay here, I will not share my life’s last breath with anyone, not even you. Sujata cries.

Vividha says our destination is close Atharv, a new life, a new start. Sujata says why are you making me away, don’t do this, I m your mum. He says you are my mum, so you can’t stay with me, I can’t see you breaking, I can’t give you pain. She asks what are you saying. He says I can’t make you see me death. She asks will I have life after you go. He says you have to live for Ravish, Vividha, give them love. Ravish comes upstairs. Sujata says no Atharv. He says you gave me life, now I m giving you some duties, I will call you before dying, come there and you have to do my last rites. She says don’t do this. He says promise me you won’t tell anyone about my illness, my life or death, none will know of it.

Sujata cries. Ravish comes there. Atharv asks Sujata to wipe tears. Sujata opens door. Ravish asks where is Atharv. Atharv leaves by window. She thinks my Atharv left me forever. Ravish asks why did he not get ready. She says he went to get something. He asks at this time. She says he said he will come soon. Ravish worries and asks Sujata to come downstairs. She says you go, I will come. He goes.

Sujata shuts door and cries. She goes to window and says if this is the case, I wish I never get your news Atharv, so that I get hope you are fine and alive. Atharv is outside the house and recalls Vividha. He gets dizzy and holds the tree. He thinks of their old moments. Jaana na dil se door…..plays………

Vividha asks where is Atharv. Ravish says he is coming. Ravish plays dhol and smiles. Suman looks on. Vividha sees Ravish’s worry on face. Atharv sits somewhere. Kalindi says Ravish is declaring Atharv’s marriage, is this comedy or tragedy. Vipul says its tragedy for us. Atharv says forgive me Vividha, I broke my promise. He recalls their vows. He sits crying. Someone asks him are you fine. Atharv says yes. The man says your face is showing something else, what happened.

Atharv says I m fine, leave me alone for some time. The man says I don’t like to leave anyone worried, I m a doctor, what’s your story, did your girlfriend leave you. Atharv says I left my girlfriend. The man asks what’s the reason, why did your love expire, did you not love her. Atharv says I loved her a lot, my expiry date has come. Ravish says I m tired playing dhol, where is Sujata.

Kalindi and Bhoomi think what’s happening, its one hour. Ravish says maybe he planned surprise for Vividha, he will come. Dadi says marriage mahurat is passing, what was the need for him to go. Uma says Vividha call her and ask. Ravish says don’t worry, I will call him. Atharv says death wins over life, you are wasting your time, go and check those patients who have hope to live. The man says I won’t go till you say why did you leave Vividha. Atharv gets shocked and asks how do you know Vividha. The man says since half an hour, you cried and took her name many times, I can see you can’t live without her, why did you leave her, sit and tell me your story. Ravish calls Atharv.

Atharv does not answer. Atharv tells everything to the doctor. Ravish says I m sure he is on the way, he would be reaching. Doctor says your head has nail? Atharv says its taking my life. Doctor asks are you sure. Atharv says yes. The man says you should tell everything to Vividha, what’s your name. Atharv says Atharv Sujata. The man says true life is time spent with true love. Atharv says I don’t want her to live life with my memories, I want her to live with love, she would get someone who loves her, why am I saying my boring story to you. The man says I m not Neurosurgeon, but I would like to see your report once. Vividha asks where is Sujata.

Atharv asks what will happen. The man says nothing to lose, show me the report. Atharv shows the report. Sujata comes there. Atharv shows the xray. The man/doctor checks it. Vividha asks Sujata where is Atharv, why is he taking so much time. Everyone look on. Doctor checks prescription and other reports.

Vividha asking about Atharv. Sujata says he will come. Bhoomi says how can he go leaving bride. Daid says how can he make us wait for so long. Kalindi says if wait is over two hours, it means cancellation, not delay. Vividha says he would have told you before going. Bhoomi, Kalindi and everyone talk. Ravish says Atharv will surely come. Vividha says he won’t come. He asks what are you saying. She says Atharv will not come back. She recalls him and says he has gone leaving me. Everyone get shocked.

Ravish says its nothing like that, he will be reaching. She says doubt has won over love, this doubt has failed our love. Sujata cries. Doctor says your report is wrong, there is nothing in your xray. Atharv asks which doctor are you. Doctor says I m dentist, I have take expert opinion from my neurosurgeon friend. He clicks xray pics and sends to his friend. Atharv recalls Vividha’s words.

Vividha says yes he loved me, but not as much that his love fails this doubt, he feels I love you, so he left. She cries. Ravish says its not like that. She says its like that Ravish, he told me that he will love me till his last breath. She recalls Atharv’s words. She says today he left me and went away. Saaware…..plays……. She says such big cheat did not happen with me till now, just one whom I trust more than myself can cheat like this. She recalls Atharv.

She says today I lost belief in belief and love. Suman says what else could be expected from him. Uma says this time is not to blame anyone, we should find Atharv. Dadi agrees. Suman argues and says I was not happy with this marriage, see he did not come in marriage mandap, what could we expect from him, he is Sujata’s son. Vividha says its not mistake of Sujata’s upbringing, its mistake of his madness, he loved me, but did not trust me, he felt my love is weak, but his love was weak, he took my life’s biggest decision and went, he did not think about me once, he left me in this mandap. Sujata cries.

Sujata recalls Atharv’s words. Vividha says I felt he is a strong person, but no, I was wrong, love made me blind, I could not see anything, Atharv is a selfish, egoistic and a liar. Doctor gets message. Atharv asks what happened. Doctor says your reports are wrong, you are fine. Vividha says he will not come back, he left me and went forever. Ravish looks on. Doctor confirms with his friend and asks are you sure, no doubt. He tells Atharv that your xray and reports don’t match, you are not dying, report is a bad joke with you. Atharv asks what are you saying, are you sure. Doctor says my neurosurgeon friend said same, you are fine, you should go back to Vividha soon, she is waiting.

Vividha says waiting limit is not more than tolerance limit. Doctor asks Atharv to run and gives his back. Vividha says today, I can’t tolerate it. Atharv thanks doctor for the favor. She asks Ravish to answer. Ravish asks her not to lose hope, Atharv will come back. She asks do you love me. Atharv is on the way. Jaana na dil se door…..plays……..

Atharv sees a bike and drives away. The man calls him out. Vividha asks Ravish again. She asks him will you like to spend your life with your friend. Everyone get shocked. Atharv is on the way and recalls Vividha. She asks Ravish can you try to change that friendship in love.

Atharv hits a car and falls down on the bricks. He gets injured. She asks Ravish will you marry me, I was never too sorrowful, you will never see me such sorrowful again. Ravish thinks of their moments. She asks Ravish to say, is he ready for this marriage.

Atharv calls Vividha and others. Ravish says I will marry you. Atharv says I will come Vividha. He tries calling and gets number unreachable. He calls Sujata. Sujata answers call. Vividha asks pandit to start rituals. Sujata asks them to stop.

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