Sunday Update on Illusion 13th February 2022


Sunday Update on Illusion 13th February 2022

Anuradha packs her bag. Rani asks what is she doing. Anuradha says they will go with Rani and she has realized that Pooja has changed. Rani shouts at Anuradha that if she has gone mad again, Pooja cannot change and is very selfish and if they support Pooja, she will kill even them. Anuradha slaps her and scolds for misbehaving with her mother and she realized that Rani hates Pooja and is selfish. She walks away holding her bags while Rani shouts that she doesn’t care of anyone and just wants to get Kabir. Pooja walks to living room holding her bag when Chanda types requests her not to go. Anuradha walks to Rani and with emotional tears asks if she will take her along. Rani hugs her and asks if she forgave her. Anuradha says she realized Pooja has changed and will be with her always. Pooja asks her to stay in this house for Rani’s sake and let her go. Anuradha agrees. Pooja walks out of house with her bag. Suman notices that and walks to Kabir and sees him sitting sadly.

Rani walks to Kabir and says now that Pooja has left, she will support him emotionally. Kabir holds her throat and says she wanted him to separate from Pooja, but he will not let her near him or succeed in her plan. Once he leaves, Rani shouts that she will get Kabir at any cost. Pooja rents a house. Rani calls her and informs that maa has left home and has gone towards a godown. Pooja rushes towards godwn. Rani throws petrol in godown and shouts that she will kill Pooja and get Kabir forever. Pooja reaches godown and asks where is maa. Rani says maa is at home and she will burn Pooja alive right now and get Kabir. Kabir sensing Rani’s evil nature follows her to godown and sees Rani trying to burn Pooja. He calls Pooja when Rani seeing him drops lighter on floor in fear. Godown starts burning. Kabir rushes towards Pooja when Pooja asks him to save Rani. Kabir saves Rani first and then Pooja.

They all 3 return home where Rani confesses all her crimes from the beginning and says she just wanted to get Kabir and tarnished Pooja’s image, Pooja is so good that she will leave house than fighting back. Suman walks to Pooja and asks Chanda types to get pooja items as she wants to perform her bahu’s graha pravesh. Pooja gets emotional hearing that. Suman performs Pooja’s aarti. Pooja touches Suman’s feet. Suman stops her and says she should have hugged her long ago, let us start a new relationship.

Anuuradha and Suman prepare garlands when Poooja walks to them and helps. Chanda types brings fruits and sweets happily saying happiness has returned their house after a long time. Pooja asks Jay where is Kabir and walks to him. Kabir says he made a mistake by marrying her. Pooja tensely asks what does he mean. Kabir says she has become sweet sarvagun sampann bahu and he has rethink of remarrying her. Pooja crosslegs him and making him fall asks if its enough or he needs more. Kabir gets up and hugging her tries to kiss her. Their romance starts