Strings of Love Update: Wednesday 7th February 2024


Strings of Love Update: Wednesday 7th February 2024

Sahiba gets a parcel from an unknown person. She finds gifts with a note from Angad addressing her by her pet mane billi and praising her for her determination and encouraging her to never give up easily. Angad walks in and looks at the parcel. He gets a call from his lawyer Jethania who informs that Akaal’s bail hearing is tomorrow. He praises Jethania for arranging Akaal’s hearing so soon. Jethania says it’s not him but the judge himself preponed the hearing.

Sahiba hears that and prays god to get Akaal out of jail soon. Angad says she doesn’t have any right to pray for his Daarji. Sahiba says he has been staying with her since long and does he think she can do that. Angad asks what if he had sent his father in a fake case and denied any allegation, would she have believed him. Sahiba fails to convince him.

Garry reveals Jasleen that he is the mastermind behind this drama as he wanted to take revenge from Sahiba. Jasleen says Akaal would be in jail because of his vile plan, he warned him to concentrate on the business. Garry says he is doing all this for the business itself, Sahiba will go to jail for filing a fake case, he used an opportunity when Akaal and Angad are not in talking terms, etc. Jasleen says Sahiba wouldn’t keep quiet and will surely catch a person behind all this, so he should be careful.

Next day, court hearing starts. Judge tells that 2 people had tried to influence him and sought sympathy for Akaal. Angad thinks who the other person is. Judge says Sahiba had visited his house in an illegal way and pleaded him to free Akaal and prosecute her instead, so he is granting bail to Akaal on Sahiba’s request. He orders police to do proper investigation and report to him. Inspector agrees. Akaal returns home. Japjyoth emotionally Akaal and expresses his importance in her life.

Sahiba apologizes Akaal for the problem he faced and pleads to trust her that she didn’t file this complaint. Akaal shouts if he should fall on her face and pleads to bail him out. He says she is unfit to be a Brar DIL, but he approved her; he wants her to be out of his house, but can’t do that or else people will think he really tortured her. He blames Angad for giving lenience to Sahiba even after his warning and continues to shout that Sahiba is a fraud.

Inder walks in and says they can kick Sahiba out of the house in 5 minutes and asks Angad to sign divorce papers and free himself from Sahiba’s clutch.