Strings of Love Update: Tuesday 6th February 2024


Strings of Love Update: Tuesday 6th February 2024

Keerat devices a plan to gain judge’s attention. Veer asks if she is sure her plan will work. Keerat says yes and asks him to hit her. Veer asks how can he hit her. Keerat says he has to create a drama to gain guards’ attention. He flirts with her and she pleads to save her from this goon. Gaurds walk to them. They both divert guard’s attention and signal Sahiba to get into judge’s house. Sahiba walks into the house and searches for the judge. Judge’s wife notices her and asks if she is a journalist. Sahiba says no, she needs to meet the judge at any cost. Wife asks if she has an appointment.

Sahiba says no. Wife calls guards. Judge comes out and asks who is she.. Sahiba introduces herself as Angad’s wife and Akaal’s DIL. Judge says her husband had tried to bribe him, he gave him a warning and let him go; what are they husban and wife trying to do. Sahiba says her Daarji is innnocent and he should make any wrong judgement against her Darji. Guards walk in and asks how did she come in. Judge scolds them and orders them to send the girl out. Sahiba says she heard from her childhood that 100 culprits can be scot free but not a single innocent. Judge says he will see once the case hearing comes. Sahiba leaves.

Seerat returns to her room and sees Garry throwing her clothes on floor. She asks him why is he throwing her clothes out. He says his phone charger is missing. She says he can’t behave like this with her, she kept all the old chargers in store room. He throws her perfume bottle and asks her to go and bring his charger from store room if she doesn’t want any further breakage. She goes to bring charger.

Sahiba returns home. Jasleen taunts her that her life so easy with art classes and wandering around. Sahiba says she is trying to get justice for Akaal. Manveer asks did she. Inder says she does nothing and just brags. Whole family starts verbally abusing her. Angad joins them. Sahiba shows them a ring in the video worn by her imposter and says she never wore such ring. Seerat finds that ring in a store room cupboard while picking Garry’s charger. She asks Sahiba to stop lying and shows the ring. Sahiba asks where did she find this ring.

Seerat says where Sahiba hid it and accuses Sahiba of trying to gain sympathy after creating so much drama. Sahiba says she doesn’t know how the ring came there. Garry says she kept it and is acting. Brars also yell at her. Sahiba asks Angad if he also believes she can do this. Angad as usual supports his family. Sahiba challenges to prove herself innocent. Garry recalls listening to Sahiba and Keerat’s conversation and placing the ring in store room. Jasleen notices his facial expression.