Strings of Love Update: Tuesday 20th February 2024


Strings of Love Update: Tuesday 20th February 2024

Simran waits for Sahiba to come and rescue her from orphanage and waits for her call. Beena calls Pratap’s number and searches for it. Simran thinks Sahiba called, but gets tensed seeing Beena’s call. Pratap accuses warden of stealing his mobile as he had clicked her pic with money. Warden denies. Beena says Simran must have taken it. Phone switches off. Simran thinks how will Sahiba contact her now. At Brar mansion, Manveer asks Inder why he looks tensed, he can share his problem with her. Inder asks since when they started sharing their problem with each other. Manveer says he can share it now and asks whom he is searching for since a few days. He says no one and it’s none of her business. They both walk down to the party venue. Hansraj says Inder never attends their party, but is attending Sahiba’s party.

Prabjyoth says they both are attending their son’s organized party. Veer notices Angad’s car coming and asks them to hide to give surprise to Sahiba. He switches off lights and peeps from the door. He notices Angad walking out and thinks Sahiba must be coming behind. He signals everyone that Sahiba is here. Maids shower flowers on Angad. Everyone shouts surprise, happy birthday Sahiba..

Orphanage warden asks staff to get store room keys. Staff notices Sahiba and asks what is she doing here. Warden asks who is it and seeing Sahiba threatens to call police. Sahiba says she already did. Police arrives. Sahiba complains that warden is selling orphanage children to rich people for money. Warden says Sahiba is lying, she didn’t sell Simran. Sahiba says she didn’t take Simran’s name. Constable warns warden to tell where she hid the girl or else she will slap her. Warden says she will and escapes. She reaches store room and tries to take Simran from there. Sahiba searches for Simran chanting their code word chaat papdi.

Simran hears that and calls her. Warden takes her out and tries to hit her with a rod. Sahiba stops her. Police reaches. Sahiba asks Simran about the couple who wanted to adopt her. Sahiba says they are in warden’s office. Police reach office to arrest couple. Couple accuse warden instead. Simran says they gave money to warden to buy her and shows photos in Pratap’s mobile as evidence. Constable finds money bag. Police arrests all 3 of them and takes away. Simran happily hugs her.

Angad informs family that when he reached Sahiba’s college, she wasn’t there and had left an hour ago. Jasleen, Seerat, Manveer, and others start their favorite past time of criticizing Sahiba. Inder and Manveer try to leave. Sahiba walks in with Simran. Simran happily runs and hugs Angad. Sahiba is surprised to see her surprise birthday celebration. Keerat says Angad is planning her surprise birthday party since 2 days. Sahiba thanks Angad. Angad asks where was she. She say she got stuck in a problem and reveals how she saved Simran. Inder is shocked and questions orphanage name. Sahiba reveals orphanage name. Inder thinks if this Simran is the one whom he is searching for. Drama continues..