Strings of Love Update: Thursday 29th February 2024


Strings of Love Update: Thursday 29th February 2024

Seerat accuses Sahiba that she knows who Simran’s father is. Angad asks Seerat if she has lost her mind, how will Sahiba know when she herself is trying to find out who Simran’s father is. Seerat says she is not beating the bushes in dark, she herself saw Sahiba speaking to Simran’s father today. Hansraj with Prabjyoth walks in and asks what is there for breakfast. Jasleen says Sahiba’s drama. Seerat insists Sahiba to reveal who Simran’s father is. Angad asks if it’s true. Akaal says if Sahiba knows who Simran’s father’ is, she would have informed them. Manveer says Sahiba’s silence also says a lot. Angad continues to insist. Sahiba agrees that she knows who Simran’s father is, but he doesn’t want to reveal his identity.

Seerat says she didn’t see Simran’s father’s face or else she would have exposed him. Sahiba recalls Inder informing her that Manveer had threatened to commit suicide 10 years ago when she learnt about his extramarital affair with Gayathri. Jasleen says Sahiba is hiding about Simran’s parents as her mother must be characterless and her father must be a coward. Manveer says Jasleen is right, they should send Simran out of their house ASAP. Jaspal says if Simran’s father is alive, they can’t keep Simran at home. Akaal says Jagadish is right. Sahiba says Simran is fine a good family. Family continues to accuse Sahiba.

Inder accepts that he is Simran’s father and Simran is his and Gayatri’s daughter. Family is shocked to hear that. Manveer reminds Akaal’s promise 10 years ago that Inder will not have any contact with Gayatri, but Inder continued his extramarital affair with Gayatri and had a baby. Inder apologizes Manveer for hiding truth and says he never met Gayatri after that event. Seerat says Inder was afraid of his family, but Sahiba purposefully hid the truth and kept Manveer in dark. Manveer asks Sahiba if she knows that husband’s extramarital affair is a biggest sin for the wife, why did she hide the truth then. Sahiba says she knows, but she kept quiet on Inder’s request. She describes how she met Simran and learnt who her father is only after bringing her home. Seerat says she is lying and continues to accuse him. Angad easily believes her and continues to shout at Sahiba. Jasleen and Manveer also accuse Sahiba.

Inder says Sahiba is not lying and learnt the truth only recently, he had requested her to hide the truth until he reveals it at the right time. Manveer says there is no timeframe for betrayal and continues to cry. Inder tries to convince her, but she walks away crying. Angad stops Inder from going behind Manveer and calling him by his name says there is no place for a betrayer in his mother’s life. He warns him to dare not go near his mother and continues to shout. Drama continues..