Strings of Love Update: Saturday 2nd March 2024


Strings of Love Update: Saturday 2nd March 2024

Simran asks her Angad brother if he is angry on her. Angad warns her not to call him brother. Simran says when their father is same, they are siblings. Angad shouts he is not her brother. Sahiba asks him not to be rude to a kid. Simran apologizes Angad if she has made any mistake and pleads him not to get angry on her. Angad breaks and throws her rakhi away and says she is no one to him and there is no need to talk to him. Inder asks Angad what is a kid’s mistake. Angad says she has Inder’s blood in her. Simran asks why did Angad throw away her rakhi. Sahiba picks rakhi. Angad walks to his room. Sahiba tells Angad that he can get angry on her, but shouldn’t break Simran’s heart as kid’s heart is very sensitive. Angad asks why did she break his heart by hiding Simran’s truth. Sahiba says she learnt about it later.

Angad shouts she let Simran near him even after knowing truth and broke his and his mamma’s heart. Sahiba continues to persuade him not to hate his sister. Angad continues to shout and breaks down. Sahiba hugs him to comfort him. Angad pushes her away warning her to stop her drama and walks away from there. After some time, he vents out his frustration by exercising vigorously. Seerat walks to him and provokes him against Sahiba. She spills venom against Sahiba as usual. Angad says when trust breaks, it’s difficult to regain one. Seerat continues and says she can’t see him like this and is worried for him; she knows he would be feel suffocated seeing Sahiba and Simran in his room, so he can sleep in her room. Angad looks at her in shock. Seerat says she means he can sleep in her room and she will sleep in Jasleen’s room. Angad thanks her for her concern and walks away.

Inder comforts Simran and makes her sleep. Sahiba fears Simran’s reaction after learning about family’s reaction. Inder says he doesn’t know what to do. Angad walks to Manveer’s room and seeing her crying profusely and asks what he can do to comfort her. Manveer asks him to send Simran out of the house as soon as possible. Angad promises her. He then returns to the room and notices Simran sleeping on bed with Sahiba. He lies on couch and finds Simran’s stuff on it. He throws them on floor. Sahiba says a few people become part of their life and it’s difficult get them out of their heart.

Simran wakes up and asks if Angad is angry on even her that he is sleeping on couch, will she also get angry on him as she separated with Angad. Sahiba says they didn’t separate completely and comforts Simran. She tells Simran that god tests them often. Awoge Tum Jab O Sajna.. song plays in the background. Angad sleeps on the other side of the bed. Sahiba later realizes it was just her imagination.