Strings of Love Update: Monday 11th March 2024


Strings of Love Update: Monday 11th March 2024

Angad picks intoxicated Seerat from a club and heads towards home in a car. Seerat says the club was full of couples who were expressing their love to each other, is she so bad that she is alone. Angad says let’s talk later. Seerat tells him I love you. Angad stops car in shock and gets out of it saying she is intoxicated. Seerat says so what, she loves him and is expressing it. Angad stands silent. Sahiba thinks of discussing with Angad about Akaal’s order to convince Inder not to adopt Simran. She walks to Angad’s room and doesn’t find him there. She notices even Simran mising.

Seerat walks on street. Angad stops her and asks where is she going. Seerat says Garry left her, her sister Sahiba doesn’t understand her and troubles her instead, only Angad understands her and she is in Brar house because of him. Angad rescues her from a speeding bike and pulls her towards him. She continues to express her love for him and collapses.

Sahiba searches for Simran in whole house. Veer and Inder join her and they don’t find Simran in the whole house. Angad reaches home and tries to wake up Seerat. He finds her earing stuck to seatbelt and keeps it in his coat pocket. He then lifts her and drops her to her room. Seerat in sleep murmurs she loves Angad. Angad returns home. Inder asks him if he saw Simran as she is not found in the whole house. Angad searches for Simran. Akaal and Japjyoth walk out hearing a noise. Angad asks where is Sahiba. Veer says she went out to check. He walks out. Sahiba cries hugging him and says Simran is found nowhere. Inder asks Manveer if she saw Simran. Manveer says she hates Simran and doesn’t want to hear about her. Akaal gets a call from an unknown number. Sahiba questions Angad where was he as he wasn’t at home. Angad recalls Seerat’s confession. Inder calls them in. They both rush in.

Veer informs them that Daarji got someone’s call and is sitting silent since then. Angad asks whose call was it. Akaal says kidnapper’s call who said he kidnapped Simran. Sahiba asks how is it possible when she made Simran asleep in her room sometime ago. Veer says watchman told Simran didn’t go out of the house. He checks number and says it’s not a local number. Kidnapper video calls Akaal and shows Simran. Simran pleads to save her. Kidnapper demands 20 crore rs cash within 1 hour. Inder says he will give him money, but he shouldn’t harm his daughter. Angad asks how will they arrange such a big amount in such a short span. Kidnapper says it’s not difficult for Brars and says if not money, they can give jewelry. Inder agrees to give him jewelry and tells family that nothing should happen to his daughter.

Angad says nothing will happen to Simran. Prabjyoth says they don’t have 20 crore worth jewelry. Manveer says she will give her jewelry as she is not that stone hearted not to help Inder in need. Angad asks everyone to bring jewelry and cash they have. Sahiba gives her jewelry and prays god to save Simran.