Strings of Love: Tuesday Update April 2nd 2024


Strings of Love: Tuesday Update April 2nd 2024

Ajith tells Brar that Seerat didn’t get her husband’s love and now she has to bear her MIL’s hatred; hearing Jasleen’s words, he thinks it’s better to take Seerat from here. Santosh says he is right and tells Jasleen that she didn’t get her daughters married here to be humiliated. She asks Seerat to accompany them home as her parents are still strong enough to take care of her. They hold Seerat’s hand and tries to leave when Angad stops them and says Garry had left long ago, but he and Sahiba are there to take care of Sahiba; he had take Seerat’s responsibility and will continue to take care of her. He requests her to let Seerat be part of their house. Manveer says her daughters are their daughters now and pleads her not to take Seerat from there. Santosh and Ajith agree. Angad thanks them.

After some time, Sahiba looks at the gown gifted by Angad. Angad walks in and recalls trying to propose her after gifting the gown. He says life is weird. Sahiba says they think something and something else happens. Angad says he wanted to say a lot, but couldn’t. Sahiba says he can now. Angad says even she wanted to say something. Sahiba asks him to say first. Sahiba bends to pick the gown and feels severe pain. Angad asks her to sit and goes to get her medicine.

Manveer walks to Seerat’s room and asks her not to feel alone in this house, Jasleen lost her son and broke down, she shouldn’t bother about Jasleen’s anger as she considers her as her dear one. She then blames Sahiba for all the problems and says after creating troubles in Seerat’s life, she should have been with her to support her, but she is missing; she promises to support Seerat always and says she always considered all 3 boys as her own and loved them, Angad didn’t get along well with Inder as he thought Inder doesn’t love him much, even she is deeply saddened by Garry’s death. She promises her again and walks away. Seerat looks at her white dress and thinks everyone think she is in deep sorrow, but why shall she mourn for a relationship which broke down long ago; she just needs Angad’s support now.

Angad searches for Sahiba’s ointment. Sahiba says she got it and struggles to apply it on her back wound. Angad makes her sit and applies it. Chupke se.. song plays in the background. Sahiba says she can’t believe that he is taking care of her as he used to hate seeing her around him. Angad says he used to hate her before but not now. He offers her pain killer. Seerat feels headache and takes medicine, thinks why her headache is not subsiding. After 15 days, Sahiba requests Seerat to have something. Seerat says she doesn’t want to. Gurleen and Prabjyoth say she didn’t have food properly since Garry left. Angad walks in and offers her food and she eats it from his hand.

Next morning, Sahiba looks at Angad’s gifted dress and recalls Angad’s loving words. She searches for her gown. Seerat holds gown and recalls Angad treating Sahiba like a princess. She tries gown on herself and septs on Garry’s trimmer. She recalls Garry beating her when she touches his trimmer and thinks what will Garry do now; Angad never came near her saying she is his younger brother’s wife, now she will get the happiness which she couldn’t when Garry was alive.