Saturday Update on Evil Eye 5th June 2021


Saturday Update on Evil Eye 5th June 2021

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Abhay says don’t move. Ansh says she isn’t what you think. Barkha says he thinks I am a criminal now? Piya says your face looks like someone.
Avi says to Abhay she is Barkha not Mohana. Ansh says we have tested. Abhay says through ganga jal only? Chetali says we tested every way. He says I will look after this case. Ansh says please don’t come her often. Barkha would be scared. Piya says don’t tell her anything. Barkha screams. Adi and Pari have tied her. Pari says we will teach evil dadi a lesson. Adi says how dare she come here. Adi says stop it. Leave her. Piya says we have to tell Barkha everything.

Savi comes to Nishant. She says are you missing Adhriya? He says yes. When he was a kid he used to ask me if I would leave him. And then I had to lock him for 20 years. Savi says Mohana is out. Nishant says how is it possible? Savi says she took dufli. We have to save her. Nishant says I have to come with you. Savi says you’re upset. Nishant says I have to do my job. Nishant says she must want her braid. She thinks she can use Dufli to get her braid.

Mohana says to Dufli find my braid. I know it’s easy for you.. Mohana says go bring me the braid. So you won’t do it? Your mom was stupid and stubborn like this. She shows her shadow of Savi and Naman. She says go bring it or I will kill your dad.

Ansh and Piya tell Barkha everything. She says so you’re all devik? And you have powers of witches too? I only heard these things. Are they fooling me? Abhay says I didn’t believe either. I saw all this. Barkha says so witches were coming here as well? Piya says yes Ansh was going to marry Ruby a witch. Ansh says I was manipulated. Like you were marrying that devik guy. Piya says I wanted to save me. Vedeshree says stop. Vedeshree says Piya i right. Chetali takes Piya’s side. Shekhar and Avi take Ansh’s side. Barkha says stop. I get it. Please tell me when to join.

Nishant says Mohana came here and took the braid. Nishant says she won’t harm Dufli because she still needs her. That braid isn’t attached to her.
Mohana says to Dufli attach this braid to me. Naman says I am so worried. You can’t find a way to find Dufli. She is missing since hours. I will kill Mohana. Nishant says I know how you feel. But we have to concentrate to find a way to find Dufli.

Ansh says to kids time to sleep now. Pari says mama used to tell us the story. Why you today? Ansh says she has gone out for some work. He tells them the story and the kids sleep. They hug Ansh. Barkha says to Ansh kids get stubborn. I will start the training from tomorrow.
Naman says my Dufli.. He sees her in the cradle. Naman says I am seeing her everywhere. Dufli smiles. He says Dufli you came back? I missed you so much. I won’t let you go. He tries to pick her but he can’t. Mohana says this is her shadow only. Naman says give me my daughter back. Mohana says I can’t be that nice. Naman says I will kill you. He makes a circle around her. Naman says I won’t let you go out. Give my Dufli back. Mohana comes out.

Ansh says to the kids I will speak to the principal about your suspension. Barkha is with you in the car. Don’t do anything that can create a problem. He leaves. Barkha says in the heart a lot would have happened by the time you come. Barkha says I have to go to the ATM. She gets out of the car. Some thugs surround Barkha. They ask her for money. Pari and Adi get out of the car and start hitting the goons.

The principal says I will take my suspension back. Nishant calls Ansh and says Mohana is out. It’s been two days. Ansh recalls Barkha also came to their place two days back. Ansh sees outside. Adi says these are so many and we are two only. Barkha says everything is going as per the plan. She calls someone and says yes everything is as per the plan. Ansh comes there and says how dare you to attack my kids. Ansh hits the goons. Barkha says it was all my plan. Ansh says I should’ve known Mohana sent you. I will kill you. He tries to take her life. Abay says Ansh stop. I sent them. They’re my people.

Naman says give my daughter back to me. Mohana says if you want to see her alive do what I ask. Naman says I am not your servant. Nishant will find you. Mohana says by the time he finds me, you would lose your daughter.

Avi says what? You sent the thugs. You and Barkha wanted to see if the kids and Ansh would use their powers? Abhay says yes. They used their powers. Vedeshree says if kids were in trouble, Ansh would use his powers. Shekhar says you could do anything to test it. Abhay says you used your powers. You took law and order in your hands. Ansh says you attacked my kids? Barkhaa says you said you want your kids to have a normal life. They need to stop exercising their powers. They were suspended from school for the same reason. If you misuse your powers, so would your kids. Chetali says they never misuse their powers. They do it to save people. Barkha says you have to understand that law is something as well.

Barkha says you have to promise me you won’t use your powers, so your kids follow the same pattern. Vedeshree says we have black powers here all the time. What would we do then? Barkha says if you want to use your powers, then I am not needed here. I should leave. Ansh says I can make any compromise for my kids. I promise you we won’t use our powers.

Ansh and Vedeshree try to lock the door. Barkha says what are you doing? Vedeshree says we’re doing this so no black powers enter this house and we don’t have to use the powers. Ansh injures his hand. He says I will heal it. Ansh says I mean I will put bandaid on it. Chetali says he’s doing so much for Adi and Pari. Adi sneaks his head out of the wall and says Barkha auntie I did my homework. Ansh says Adi, walk out like normal kids. Adi says this saves time. Ansh says it’s not right, come out.

Nishant says how will I find Mohana? He sees the witch liquid is not there. He says Mohana must have to taken it. But why can’t I see the footsteps? Who stole it for her?

Ansh calls Piya and says we will not use our powers. Everything is good here. I miss you. Ansh sees someone and says you here?
Nishant comes to Naman’s place and says where are you Naman? He sees a red glowing mark. Nishant says this is when a witch makes her hologram. I can see her footsteps with the help of this power. He sees the footsteps and says so she came to blackmail Naman? Because she has Dufli.

Naman comes to Ansh. Ansh says is everything okay? Naman recalls Mohana said you have to find me a witch so my braid can be attached. Naman said how will I? Mohana said no one will doubt you. Ansh says did you find anything about Dufli? Naman says my mind isn’t working. I can do anything for her. Ansh says I understand. We felt the same when Pari was with Mohana. Papa will find Mohana and we will all bring Dufli back. Naman says to find her I have to take you from here. I have to do this for my daughter.

Nishant says Naman must have gone to Rathores. He must have gone there to take Pari or Ansh. Only they can tie Mohana’s braid back. Nishant calls Ansh. Naman breaks his phone. He says sorry I did it by mistake. Ansh says I know you’re under stress. Barkha comes there and says I took Adi and Pari’s exam. I have to talk about it. Naman says what is Mohana doing here?