Saturday Update on A Magical Love Story 4th September 2021


Saturday Update on A Magical Love Story 4th September 2021

Aman saying I misunderstood Roshni many times and even then she saved me. Roshni says you saved me with nine moons. He says I had nine chances to save you, you had just one chance, how did you do this. Roshni recalls the jinn deal. Aman asks her to say something. She sees Rehan. Aman asks are you fine. Roshni says yes. He asks what happened, please tell me. Roshni says when heart to heart connection gets stubborn, any magic has to bow down, all the jinns have to lose to us, Rehan was with me. Aman holds Rehan. He says I missed you bhai, we are meeting after a long time. He says he always hides his emotions, he is emotional. Rehan asks him not to mess up his hair. He says sorry to stay away all these years. Aman says he didn’t come on my call, but came on Roshni’s call. He says you helped Roshni in defeating black jinn. Tabeezi asks Roshni did jinn ask you anything. Aman asks what do you mean.

Tabeezi says jinn makes the deal, not any favor, if he returned your soul, then he would have asked something to her. Aman asks Rehan what did he ask. Rehan says he didn’t make any deal with me. Aman asks Roshni did she make the deal. Roshni says my powers, I m not Ayana now, I m just an ordinary girl. She cries. Aman says you made a big sacrifice, you are a special girl, your prayers will always save me. Phupi jokes that we have two jinns in our house now, there won’t be any danger. Everyone smiles. Salma says we didn’t tell Roshni about her miscarriage, she was Ayana, she didn’t feel the pain, now she will feel the pain. Rehan hears them.

Dadi says if we don’t tell this to her. Sara says we can’t change this, we can hide it. Saima says there is no point in telling them now. Rehan says I feel I did a big mistake to stay away, if any danger comes to them, then I will protect them, I promise. Dadi smiles and thanks him. Roshni sees the jinn mark on her hand. Roshni says why do I feel like I already lost something. Aman comes there. She tries to hide the mark.

Aman recalls her miscarriage. He comes to her and makes her wear the dupatta. He asks are you fine. She says yes, I will fine if you are with me, I worry for you, how are you, do you have any pain. He says the pain was to stay away from you, I understood its tough to live without you, I want to make a new start with you, fate gave me such a pretty girl, I want to deserve you. She smiles. He says there won’t be any distance or lie between us, truth will be what you tell me. He does the magic and brings birds and clouds in the room. She smiles.

The clouds burst and everything turns dark. Aman worries. He sees Rehan. Rehan says sorry, I thought its my room. Roshni says this is the third room. Rehan says sorry, continue, I m much tired, I think I don’t have to fight with any jinn for a cup of black tea. Aman says I will make it. Rehan asks him not to spoil his hair. Aman goes. Roshni smiles. Rehan asks did you tell Aman. Aman sees the baby’s room. He sits sad. Dadi comes. Aman says I was thinking of making this room kids nursery.

Dadi says then make it, accidents happen in life, we have to move on, you have to fill Roshni’s life with happiness, Roshni will be the best mum, I will get young when I run behind your children. He smiles. Rehan says you should tell Aman. Roshni says I don’t want to give him tension. Rehan says Aman has a right to know this. Roshni says I will tell you at the right time, promise me, you won’t tell him anything. Rehan nods. Aman says you took his promise to stay silent, if I don’t make good black tea, then he won’t tell me anything. He gives the tea and asks did you think for your room, some colours, or just grey and black, leave room designing on Roshni. Rehan says I can blindly trust you both. Roshni says we just met.

Aman says one can blindly trust you. Aman tells about Mahira and Farhan. Roshni says I didn’t meet them. Rehan says Mahira is studying in Delhi. Aman asks where is Farhan. Rehan says don’t know, no one knows about him, he is missing. Roshni says we all are dining here, we should find him. Rehan says he did this before, dad left us in childhood, mum holds me responsible for this. Aman says Rehan is a jinn. Rehan says Farhan too, dad couldn’t bear this truth and left the house. Aman says childhood also goes when a dad leaves. Rehan says mum used to stay angry, Mahira and I adjusted, Farhan couldn’t adjust, he left the home one year back, he didn’t spoke since 4 months, we promised each other that we will not lose another relation, he didn’t call Mahira on her birthday, I was afraid to lose another relation. Aman asks why didn’t you tell me. Rehan says you know relation of our families. Aman says our mothers have differences, but family is together, this sorrow is mine also, I promise, I will find Farhan. Aman and everyone hold Rehan’s hand, chanting their slogan.

Dadi and everyone decorating Aman’s room. Sara says Aman doesn’t like surprises, he may scold us. Dadi says its fine, Aman and Roshni lost a lot, they should get happiness. Aman and Roshni come to their room. Dadi, Sara and Saima rush. Roshni says I will get water and come. Aman enters the room and finds it decorated. He sees them hiding behind the curtain. He goes to them. Dadi says you aren’t romantic. Sara says so thought to help you. He says yes, you can help me, give me some privacy. Sara says don’t irritate Roshni. Saima says yes, give her flowers. Dadi says we forgot to light the candles. Aman says I will do it, you all go out. They go. He says I don’t need anyone’s help to get romantic. He does magic and lights the candles. He says its simple, Roshni will enter and I will say, what….. I will compliment her eyes that its deep like illusion well, no like a pond, I can’t do it, I m Jinnat King, I can’t flirt with my own wife, shame on me. Roshni comes and stumbles. He does the magic and saves the tray from falling down. She sees the room and smiles.

Rehan thinks of Farhan. He wakes up and gets restless. Aman says Dadi, Sara and Saima thought you will like this, I was planning something else. He gives her a rose. He says your eyes…. Roshni says I m feeling sleepy, we shall sleep. He says please sit, I want to say something, your eyes are very nice, actually I want to say a lot but… Roshni thinks you are giving suhaagraat vibes, but if anything happens between us, I will get pregnant. She imagines their baby coming and jinn coming to snatch the baby. She shouts no….. She says I should sleep. She sleeps. He takes her in his lap. He thinks I will keep trying to say the romantic thing. He also sleeps. She opens eyes and sees him. She makes him sleep and thinks we have to stay away, if we come close, then we have to pay a big price. Mahira calls Rehan. He asks is everything fine, why did you call at night. She says I know, just you will be awake at this time. He says I was sleeping. She says I m also missing Farhan a lot, don’t blame yourself. He says I m elder and its my responsibility to take care of you both, sleep now, your exams are going on. He ends the call.

Its morning, Roshni helps Aman. He smiles. She says Rehan isn’t in his room, he will get late. Aman says let him get late. They hear some sound. Aman asks is he in some trouble. A girl comes to drop Rehan. Aman looks on. Roshni says your poor brother is in problem, the girl is wearing a short dress. The girl gives a flying kiss and goes. Rehan sees Aman and Roshni. Aman says you weren’t at home all night. Rehan says I don’t get sleep. Aman says I used to sleep at 8 pm. Rehan says I went to club and met that girl. Roshni asks her name. Rehan says its a lovely name. The girl comes back and says Neena. Aman waves to her. Roshni says bye Neena. The girl goes. Roshni asks Aman to take his tips. She goes. Aman says I don’t want any tips. Rehan says girls come after me, I also have charm like you, I don’t take interest in them, if I ignore them, then they come after me, become a challenge for them, you maybe knowing this. Aman says yes, I know everything, go. Rehan goes.

Roshni comes to ask about curtains. Aman says I don’t have interest. Roshni says you do the magic and fix the curtains. She says fine, I will do the work. She goes. Aman says Rehan’s tips aren’t working. Roshni climbs the ladder. Aman smiles. Roshni falls down. Aman holds her in the air by his magic. Rehan says I want a new assistant, neat and organized. A girl is seen. Udi udi…plays… Rehan says she should have manners, she shouldn’t talk much. The girl talks to her friend on call. A man is on the way. The girl shares the cab with that man. Rehan says her work should be everything for her, she should be classy and sophisticated, Khanna, I want perfection in everything.

Aman comes to Roshni. Curtains fall on them. They have a moment. She says you will always be with me, I felt you left me forever, when I had no hope, you came and said you will always be with me forever. She cries. He nods. She says you have no interest in my talks. He says no, I have much interest in you, it was Rehan’s tips, I was pretending, I don’t know romance, I m bit unromantic, I have much in my heart, I can’t express it right, you are not the most imp one in the world, you are my world. Roshni hugs him and cries. Tu safar mera….plays…. They dance. He holds her close. She sees the mark on her hand. She gets away. She says I will meet you later. She goes. Nasreen scolds Rehan on call. She says you and your brother… Rehan says I will find Farhan. He sees a car going. He sees Farhan and runs after the car. He comes in front of the car and stops Farhan. He sees someone else and says sorry.