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Ramo Full Story, Cast and Teasers on eExtra

Ramo is a young man from Adana who is ambitious. He is the head of both his family and the Pumpers neighbourhood. They carry out unlawful tasks on Cengiz’s behalf, who rules Adana’s underworld. Ramo and his family are slaves to Cengiz and smugglers of petrol oil. They reside in a community with its own set of customs and laws. The family is interconnected and goes above and above to ensure the security of their loved ones. Despite their dissatisfaction with the existing circumstances, they do not want to argue with their employer.

Ramo develops a strategy to take control of Adana. Although his battle with his employer will not be simple, he is committed to getting what he and his family deserve. He carefully considers each stage of the process and begins to carry out his strategy in order to achieve his goal.

Ramo takes possession of the drugs that were meant to be sent to the mafia boss in Istanbul as a first step. He hopes to make things tough for his employer in this way. Boz, a childhood buddy, commits a mistake that complicates everything. Ramo is told to kill his best buddy Boz as retribution for this error and to demonstrate his allegiance. Ramo discovers himself in the centre of violence. He would either choose his close friend or he would continue to execute his plan step by step. Ramo cannot sacrifice his friend and choose to protect all his loved ones. When he goes to the meeting point, he rebels against his boss and kills him right away.

All the equations are drastically changed by the fight for the position of leader in Adana’s subterranean society. Yavuz, the mafia boss’s dependable man in Istanbul, travels to Adana and gets to know Ramo better. Ramo encounters Sibel, his first love, while this is happening. Sibel, the daughter of Cengiz, is a smart, powerful, and attractive lady. Her father and her boyfriend are at war, and she is caught in the thick of it.

Main Characters

  • Ramo (Murat Yıldırım) The main character of the series. He is the leader of his neighbourhood Taskapi and its local gang known as the Pumpers who works for Cengiz by smuggling gasoline and oil, After mistreatment given to his family, he seeks to topple Cengiz.
  • Si̇bel (Esra Bilgiç) The female lead character, she is a well-educated woman who is the daughter of Cengiz and the love interest of Ramo. Her complicated relationship with Ramo when he and her father fight plays out as a main plot of the story
  • Cengiz (Kerem Atabeyoğlu)he is the underground boss of Adana and the father of Sibel and Neco.
  • Hasan (Ilker Aksum) Ramo’s brother.
  • Sharif (Emre Kınay): He’s one of the three big bosses running Istanbul. He was shot dead by Ramo.
  • Neco/ Necati (İlhan Şen): Sibel’s brother, Fatma/ Fatos husband
  • Fatma/ Fatos (Cemre Baysel): Ramo’s sister, Neco´s wife

Supporting characters[edit]

  • Sebahat (Sacide Taşaner): Ramo’s mother.
  • Disaster (Legend Odag): Hasan’s wife.

Season 1 – 11 Episodes

Season 2 – 29 Episodes

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