Qubool hai Teasers June(13th-29th)-Ebella 2018

Qubool hai Teasers -Ebella 2018

Teasers highlight for June


Taveer strangles and suffocate Zoya to death. She will now be Asad’s wife. Humaira comes back home but it seems there is a problem with her memory.
Asad receives a letter from Zoya saying that she is leaving him and he should not bother looking for her.
Asad and Zoya meets at the dargah. They are both emotionally distraught. Asad begs for a second chance to make things right.
Humaira’s condition still continues. The doctor says its a psychological problem. Zoya leaves a voice message for Asad but Tanveer gets it and is shocked that zoya is still alive.
Tanveer disguises herself and tries to kill Zoya again but fails. She makes sure Asad does not meet Zoya. Humaira may be living in another person’s life.
Zoya discovered it was Tanveer trying to kill her again so she confronts Tanveer. Tanveer pushes Zoya off the cliff in an attempt to kill her again.
Tanveer did not succeed in throwing Zoya off the cliff. Asad finally leaves without Zoya but Zoya is determined to find her loved one.
Ayan and Tanveer are coming back together in the car. Tanveer tries to communicate with him but he shows less intrest

Zoya is shocked to find in the cemetery that her father’s supposed grave is empty. Tanveer says that those who are alive, dont get cremated. Tanveer tells her that her father is alive and says that only she can tell her where her father is, but she has a condition. Zoya is tensed and listening intently.

Zoya says that she has agreed that she would always keep Tanveer’s secret hidden from asad, and demands to know about her father. Tanveer smilingly says that she would tell after she and Asad get married. Zoya is tensed.

Asad comes while the family is doing the ritual of roza, and tells them that the next Jumaa, he’s going to marry tanveer, surprising him, and shocking zoya, who can’t believe it.

As Tanveer is taking food for herself, asad gets irritated and asks her if she doesn’t know what she should and what she shouldn’t eat. zoya and the other ladies are surprised to hear this.

Zoya tells asad that she’s going to New York and this time she won’t stay back. asad is hurt and in tears.

Zoya gives some sheets to a person, asking him to distribute the sheets to all people, as whoever has seen her father, in that picture would be able to identify him. Razia sees the picture and is shocked to find zoya there.

While surfing through some paper’s, zoya comes across tanveer’s pregnancy reports, which say that she’s twelve weeks in gestation, and she is shocked as she deduces that this isn’t asad’s child. She hurriedly leaves having decided to tell this to asad, right away.

Tanveer is about to set zoya on fire, her hand is stopped by asad holding it, and shocking her, when she sees that asad is there along with dilshad and nazma. Asad frustratedly says that now, finally he has come to see her true self after such a long time.

Asad confronts tanveer that she tried to kill zoya, and had this not been the pious month of Ramzaan, he would have killed her. Throwing off the table in anger, he asks her to leave the house and his sight right away. Tanveer eyes zoya with venom in her eyes, while zoya is relieved to have finally brought out the truth in front of asad.

In the guest house, vikram tries to be romantically intimate with rajni/ humaira, and she is at discomfort but yet pretends to put on a happy smile. She is surprised and leaves vikram’s embrace, as she sees ayan in their room, who’s equally surprised to see her with vikram.

As zoya is seeing his childhood photos along with dilshad and nazma, asad is at discomfort, while zoya teases him by not giving him the photos, and jumping on the bed, to evade him, also threatening him that she would put these photos on the net, so that his friends can know about his childhood. asad finally grasps her, and they are in a tight romantic embrace,

Zoya and asad, along with the other ladies are cleaning up the mess on the table and everywhere in the kitchen. zoya accuses asad of not appreciating her poetic sense.

She is overwhelmed at asad’s gesture. Ayan comes to vikram’s room and is told that they lost Rajni’s ring somewhere. As they all begin to search it, after some time, vikram asks ayan if he found it and ayan denies. as ayan leaves however, he is shown to be carrying the ring, hidden from everyone else.

Razia and the imposter together take badi bi out of the room, assuming humaira to be asleep. After they wheel her out, humaira gets up and goes after them stealthily.

Zoya, in her room, thinks that asad made the impossible happen to her, by remembering all that he did for her, to fulfil her wish. But as she eyes her next wish, she says that he wouldn’t be able to fulfil this wish of hers, as this wish is supposed to be incomplete in her destiny. She is in tears thinking about it, and eyeing her wish list.

As asad is fidgeting with that doll, thats the last remains of zoya’s father for her, he is startled when zoya sneaks up on him from behind. He accidentally drops it and breaks it. Zoya is shocked and hurt that this was the last clue that she could have used to get to her father.

Nuzrat comes and tells rashid and the family that nikhat is nowhere to be seen in the house. All are scared and tensed. On the cliff top, imran calls up someone and expresses in a suicidal tone that without her there’s nothing in his life, and that he doesn’t care to live or for anything else.

Rajni asks ayan if he can do something for her. Ayan hurriedly says yes. Rajni asks him to hug her. He is shocked but yet complies.

Remaining teasers highlight to follow when available.

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