My Desire Saturday Update 13th August 2022


My Desire Saturday Update 13th August 2022

Rudraksh tries to tell something to Preesha when Saransh enters. He asks them to come downstairs. I want my friends to meet you two. Rudraksh says we come in two minutes but Sararnsh says you both will start arguing in no time. Rudraksh tries to send him away again but Saransh says I wont go without you two. Preesha suggests going downstairs. He wont agree. It is your party. It wont be good if you aren’t there. Rudraksh gives in.

Everyone is watching Saransh dancing on the floor. Vasu says Saransh looks the happiest. The house seems so quiet since he has left. Her husband suggests her to make his video while he is dancing. Rudraksh asks her if she will not miss him. I am going on the dance floor too. Make my video as well. Preesha smiles. Preesha’s father says a good father is also a good friend to his kid. Rudraksh has become a kid with Saransh. Now that I have begun to understand him, I am beginning to respect him. preesha nods. No one can stop themselves from loving Rudraksh after knowing him. I am very happy that he is a part of Saransh’s life.

Ahana tells Mish she will throw Preesha out of the house today itself. Mish asks her if she is sure. Ahana wonders where Yuvraj is. Mish thinks her sister is drunk and shouts at her. Ahana tells her to talk in normal voice. I am right next to you. Mish says thank god you are normal. Ahana says of course. Where is Yuvraj?

Yuvraj notices Rudraksh dancing with Preesha on stage and fumes. Ahana notices Yuvraj and goes to talk to him. She takes him to a corner. He tells her he wont go to a room with her. I am not kind of guy. Ahana says you wish. You have been insulted enough in front of everyone. Did Preesha stop Rudraksh while he was beating you? I don’t think so. Preesha behaved so badly with you yet you are stealing glances at her. She wont be yours now. Tell me her secret so I can use it against her. She will be thrown out of this house and Rudraksh’s life. She will be all yours then. I can help you if you can help him. Yuvraj says this is your truth. How can a girl who wants to burn everything down is being so nice? What is this secret? Ahana asks him about Preesha’s secret. Who are the real parents of Saransh?

Yuvraj is taken aback. Ahana tells him not to lie. I know that Preesha is not his real mother. Yuvraj wonders how she knows this. Ahana tells him not to waste his time thinking how she knows this. Tell me the truth and then Preesha will be yours. Yuvraj thinks I don’t want Preesha but Saransh. She is a fool. If I tell her the truth then Rudraksh will throw Preesha out of this house but will keep Saransh with him. The trust fund made by Rajeev will be with him only. I cannot let it go down the drain. He tells Ahana he is Saransh’s mother. Who told you that he isn’t Preesha’s son? You assume things. Leave me alone. She tells him this is your loss and pats at his shoulder. He pats her back in the shoulder. She warns him not to do it again. She walks away in a huff.

Yuvraj decides to get Saransh on his side before someone else figures out that Preesha is not Saransh’s real mother. This woman will ruin my efforts otherwise!

Preesha feeds Rudraksh. Yuvraj watches them from far. Preesha points out to Rudraksh that there is food around his lips. He gestures her to go ahead and she cleans it. Yuvraj fumes that he hit me yet his hand is in plaster. Now Preesha has to wipe the food off his face.

Mish asks Ahana what she found out. Ahana tells her to be quiet. I am angry and irritated. Let’s go outside. Ahana finishes the drink when Mish points out that she has to finish it first. Mish gives up.

Rudraksh holds Preesha’s hand. She tells him to eat food quietly. They think of their happy moment together. Title track plays. She asks him to let go of her hand if he is happy now. He shakes his head. I am not done. We are husband and wife. Can someone stop us? Yuvraj mentally coaxes him to let go of Preesha. Amma calls out after them. Preesha excuses herself. Yuvraj decides to teach Rudraksh a lesson. He pays money to a waiter and mixes some pills in a drink. Give it to Rudraksh Khurana. Waiter complies. Rudraksh refuses to accept the drink but Yuvraj signals him to give it to Rudraksh anyhow.

Bunty asks Rudraksh what Bhabhi said when he said I love you to Bhabhi. Rudraksh says I couldn’t tell her that. Waiter tries to give the drink to him again but Rudraksh denies. Bunty tells Rudraksh he should have said them first. You weren’t afraid when you beat Yuvraj but you are afraid to say those 3 words to Bhabhi. Come with me. You can say to her then. Rudraksh refuses the drink again. He is worried what if Preesha says no. Bunty stops the waiter and accepts the drink. He tells Rudraksh to gulp it down in one go. It will give you confidence. Rudraksh gulps it down. Wish me luck. Bunty smiles. Come back with good news.

Rudraksh asks Preesha to come with him. I want to say something to you. Preesha says I was taking Amma Appa to Saransh’s room. Is it urgent? Saransh says I wanted to show them my new game. Appa says we will go later but Rudraksh tells them to go ahead. Saransh hugs him. Thank you bro. Everyone smiles.

Rudraksh feels dizzy and holds his head. Bunty asks him if he spoke to Preesha. Rudraksh denies. Bunty holds him as he feels dizzy. You must be tired. Rudraksh says the headache is increasing. It might be as I had a drink after a long time. Bunty asks him if he needs something. Rudraksh denies. I will rest in my room for some time. Bunty offers to take him to his room but Rudraksh assures him he will manage on his own. He heads to his room. Yuvraj smiles. The countdown has begun!

Yuvraj begins to follow Rudraksh. He notices a waiter carrying knives and takes one. I have to cut watermelon. The waiter goes. Yuvraj looks up. Be ready Rajeev. Your brother is coming to meet you soon. Rudraksh is in the corridor. Yuvraj follows him stealthily. Rudraksh falls down on his bed and passes out. Yuvraj smiles. He looks at the knife. Now you will be out of Preesha’s life once and for all. He raises his hand to stab Rudraksh when he hears Preesha calling out to Rudraksh. Yuvraj gets tensed. Where should I hide? Preesha enters. She looks towards the bed in shock.

Yuvraj is about to stab Rudraksh when he hears Preesha calling out to Rudraksh. He hides behind the curtains. Preesha is surprised to see him already. Party is still going on downstairs. I know you are acting. Get up. She turns him around. Are you fine? He says I am fine. I am feeling a little dizzy. I don’t know how it happened just after having 1 drink. It might be because I drank after a long time. Who is with you? He sees Yuvraj hiding behind the curtains. Yuvraj gets tensed. Preesha turns around but sees no one. You are drunk. You must be seeing double. He agrees. Let me rest for now. She shares that Amma and Appa are leaving. They were asking about you. He tries to get up but she tells him to rest. I will say bye to them on your behalf. She goes downstairs.

Yuvraj comes out of his hiding place and makes sure Preesha has left.

Preesha tells Amma and Appa that Rudraksh is resting. They tell her to give their blessings to him. Appa gives his pen to her to give to Rudraksh. Preesha says I asked you to give it to me many times but you are giving it to him without asking for it. Appa says I was with you. Rudraksh is doing so much for Saransh. He deserves it. Who will I give it to if not to my son? Preesha gets emotional. Son? He nods. Rudraksh is also our son now. Tell him to call us Appa and Amma now. He has made a place for himself in our hearts. Vasu nods. They head home.

Yuvraj turns his attention to Rudraksh. You have such a bad fate. You are inebriated right now so I cannot ask you your last wish. Say my hello to Rajeev above. He is about to stab him when he hears footsteps. He hides just in time. Preesha asks Rudraksh to wake up. I got lemon water for you. Yuvraj is irked. I will kill her with him this time. Rudraksh mumbles that he is thirsty. She makes him sit up and helps him drink lemon water. He looks at her in confusion. Did you come earlier too? She jokes that she had a dream that he would need this. He asks her if she fell asleep. She tells him to focus on lemon water. Rudraksh feels a little better. I can open my eyes and talk. You did come before to tell me about Amma and Appa. Have they left? She nods. He says I had to meet them. It is so bad.

Preesha says they dint feel bad. They have given lots of blessings for you. Appa has considered you his son and wants you to call them Appa and Amma. Rudraksh is thrilled. Yuvraj thinks I will kill them after killing Rudraksh. Preesha gives the pen to Rudraksh. He says this is what a father is. My father, the great Balraj Khurana is a big businessman but he only sees money and business. Since when are you here? Have you heard him calling me son once? Has he ever patted at my head and asked me if I am fine? I love Papa very much. She tells him that his Papa loves him very much. He helped you become a singer. Rudraksh says this isn’t love but his selfishness. You don’t know him.

Preesha denies. He wants to see you happy. He kept this party for you. Rudraksh laughs. You are so innocent. This party is not for me but for his own good. The attendees are the same people who will give us more shows, concerts, business and money! Yuvraj gets thinking. Preesha says Balraj Uncle may be money minded but he must have gone through something in life. Rudraksh says everyone lacks money on some days. Your Appa would have faced it too but he never snatched anyone’s right. My father has done it. I cannot tell you all that he has done. Yuvraj starts recording him.

Rudraksh says he snatched the rights of many people to be what he is today. He finished the careers of many good singers before they could even take their first step. They could have been my competition! Papa does not let any other singer host a concert around the same time as mine. He pays people money or scares them away. He uses auto tune to mess with the voices of good singers. He has flopped the concerts of that Rahul by doing negative publicity. He gives free tickets of my concerts to people to increase the number of attendees. My father even pays bribes to people. He pays top government officials to keep my albums on top. I did a show in USA last year. Rahul Arora was going to get it but Papa snatched it out of his hands by using his money. I am talented. I sing well yet he does all that. Why? I will become a rock star on my own. If I am not worthy then it means someone else deserves it more. I cannot sleep because of all these thoughts. I have begun to hate myself.

I tried to stop him but in vain. This is why I get irked when he tells me that he is responsible for making me a rock star. What about my talent and hard work? Let it be. I don’t want to feel all this. Now I do whatever he tells me to and whenever he tells me to. Preesha asks him why he is thinking all this right now. Let’s enjoy the moment and be happy. Rudraksh says I learnt to be happy from you and Saransh. You both complete me. I have been trying to tell me something since so long but you weren’t listening. She asks him what else she was doing since then. He says that is something different. I was trying to say this to you since morning. He is about to confess his love to her when Rudraksh’s mother enters. Everyone is asking about you two. She asks them what happened. Rudraksh sings thodi si jo pi li hai. Let me rest for some time. I will join you guys soon. Preesha goes downstairs with Rudraksh’s mother.

Yuvraj comes out of his hiding place. He whispers Rudraksh’s name to double-check if he is conscious. Rudraksh does not respond. Yuvraj tells him to sleep peacefully. You committed suicide by saying all that. I have recorded everything. This will be a nuclear bomb for you. Why should I kill you? He thanks God for the turn of events. Rahul was asking me to leave. He will jump with joy when I will show it to him. He notices Preesha’s phone there and gets thinking. It is unlocked. He saves the video in her phone and deletes it from his phone. She will be found guilty eventually. I will see how she will leave me for this Rudraksh now. I decided your last wish, Rudraksh. You are finished now, Rudraksh Khurana! Preesha’s phone starts ringing. Yuvraj is unable to keep it on silent. Rudraksh wakes up but Yuvraj hides again. This oldie always calls at the wrong time. He leaves. He notices Preesha coming from the other side and gets tensed.