Monday Update on Young Love August 13

Monday Update on Young Love

August 13 Episode

Everybody is busy with decorations and preparing eateries for the function.Dadisa as usual is overexcited,bhairo and basant try and calm her down saying that they have taken care of all the preparations and that she neednt bother.Khajan walks in with govind and his wife and they are mesmerised with the grand decorattion.Both the families greet each other,dadisa says that welcome on ur daughter’s big day.Gehna comes down and sees khajan and goes up again to tell anandi that he has come,who gets very happy hearing this.Meanwhile dadisa bhairo basant are all busy with prep and khajan’s eyes are wandering around,and talking to govind saying that only a family could do something like this for their daughter,when anand rushes down the stairs and hugs him.She asks him about his health and whether has been eating properly and taking care of himself,he replies saying that since he has promised anandi he has been doing it.He then goes on to recall that he had given her everything possible within his means when he had married her into this family,but now that she’s leaving from here,she’s going to get much more and most of all,their love which is evident in their efforts.Just then dadisa who is worried about something,her anxiety is put to rest when everyone sees lots of bhets( tradition of giving gifts to the other side) coming in.Everyone looks at it amazed.Anandi asks dadisa whats that,she replies that this is for shiv and his family,not that they demanded anything in dowry but they are giving this out of love and as a blessing and that she would not listen to any of anandi’s protests if she denies to take it.An overwhelmed khajan has tears in his eyes and tells them that even bhago would have tears in his eyes today seeing their love.He is very happy that her daughter has earned such good relations in her in laws’ house,which are more than blood relations.Bhairo too butts in saying that the love that ur daughter has given her is far more precious than what we have tried to give her now.basant says that Its her deserving that today she has two father’s to give her away at her wedding.Dadisa instucts anandi to take khajan in her rrom and gehna to take govind and his wife in one of the guest rooms so that they can freshen up and relax.

Jaitsar haveli
Anandi brings tea for khajan in her rrom and offers to keep his bag in the cupboard when she asks him whats inside the abg.On his repeated refusal to tell,anandi says that she can open and see for herself.Then khajan stops her and says that he had just brought some gifts for shiv and then anandi finishes his sentence that you thought it best not to give seeing such a grand spread from my in laws.she goes on to say that anything from her native place,even its soil would have held the same importance to her that the expensive and grand gifts that dadisa has given because that has her parents’ love and blessing in it,on which you can never put a price tag because its in valuable.She then goes on to see what he has brought with an emotional state of mind.One by one,she finally comes across the ring that he had brought for engagement and anandi says it is very beautiful and that she would immediately go and ask dadisa if she can use this.Khajan again stops her,she tries to convince him that they would respect his feelings and khajan says that thats exactly what he doesnt want to happen that to respect his emotions,her engagement is done with a simple ring that is in stark contrast to the other grand arrangements.Bhairo is listening to the whole conversation with a heavy face.

Jaitsar haveli,A road in jaipur and shiv’s place in jaitsar
Jagat reaches jaipur in a bus and from there on boards a cab to take him to jaitsar.Anandi is getting dressed with the help of gehna’s and govind’s wife’s help and is being accessorised by them and on the other hand shiv is shown getting ready and wearing a pagdi with his mother’s help while alok is videotaping him.Also shown is jagat stelthily appraching jaitsar.

Road to jaitsar.
Jagiya in his cab remembers the times he spent with anandi,when they played holi for badi masi’s sake,when they were playing with the frosting on the cake and how he had held her when she had fallen decorating his room for his bday.He thinks to himself,that he is very sorry towards anandi and that he would make up for whatever he has taken away from her and shall become the best husband possible.

Location:Shiv’s house in jaitsar,a road to jaisar,jaitsar haveli.
Anandi is dressed,dadisa gives her blessings.At shiv’s place,everybody is emotional seeing him dressed a s a groom.Jagiya crying in the cab clutching his family’s photo

Shiv’s family arrives at the jaitsar haveli amidst huge popm and show and is grreted by anandi’s family at the entrance.Shiv takes blessings from khajan,gehna sees them coming and rushes inside to tell anandi,who is filled with mixed emotions and looks on with teary eyes.Shiv is treated like a prince.Despite shiv’s hesitation,he is welcomed by washing his feet with rose petal and water,amidst bhairo telling them that is is a ritual in thir family to greet in laws like this.Shiv is stiff but afterwards wears shoes and goes inside where dadisa greets him and gehna does the tilak and aarti of the guests and motions them to come inside.Dadu meanwhile presents dadisa with flowers and says that she’s looking even more beatiful then them.Dadisa,mortified with embarassment takes the flowers and takes the guests inside.They are amazed at the preparations and decorations that dadisa has managed in the past 4 days and iravati and daddu both compliment her on that.Meanwhile,shiv mutters something in daddu’s ears and he tells him to relax.They are seated and presented with welcoming drinks,tto which daddu comments that he’s feeling like a king in dadisa’s treatment.She too replies back saying that since anandi has been brought up like a princess its apt that the people she’s given off to are like kings.Alok likes the answer and daddu agress that there’s no defeating dadisa in replies.Shiv’s family is introduced to khajan.Shiv sensing that they have some time before the function starts says that he ahs something special to give to anandi.Daddu assumes its the ring and asks him to be patient.Shiv disagrees and asks his secy to bring the laptop bag.he then opens a chat window on his laptop and introduces sumitra to everybody present at the function.Sumitra expresses her gratitude saying that this has been possible only due to shiv,that she has been able to be with her daughter on her special day only because of him and thanks him for the favour.Shiv jokes that its no favour,he has done this for his interest of getting blessings from her.She also compliments him saying that he’s looking very handsome and smart.everybody smiles,but shiv reminds her that she had decided that she would stop calling him aap when he formally becomes apart of her family,to which she agrees.Shiv introduces her to everyone.all comment that she should have been here and that they are really missing her on this occassion.But she tries to get the mood light saying that even in USA she’s all dressed up for the function.She wants to say something to her new in laws.She says that though she’s not given birth,but since the day anandi stepped into her house,they have considered her their daughter and given her all the love and happiness that they possibly could.But now she hopes that her in laws give her that so much more,that she evn forgets us.Iravati says that she cant promise,but wuld definitely assure her that she will not give anandi any reason to be sad.She says that she has heard that anandi has taken on sumitra in beauty and brains from such a young age,how else can her meticulousness and sincereity be explained at such a young age.Sumitra is in tears.Somebody says absolutely right,people turn back to see that mahi, meenu’s son has finally arrived.

Everybody in shiv’s family is happy seeing him.He comes up and greets everybody and to everybody’s list of ques answers that he would not have missed his only bro’s engagement for anything in the world.But on saying that he has come all the way on a bike,he is reprimanded by everybody about being careful on the bike and avoid travelling on highways on the bike,despite his pleading about being traffic conscious,speed control and wearing a helmet at all times. After taking Anandi’s family’s blessings,he goes on to hug shiv,congratulates him and asks him about his would be wife.