Monday Update on True Love June 18

Monday Update on True Love

June 18

Continuation of Friday’s update

Ichha slowly coming back to her senses and straightaway going into Ghajini mode and she starts blabbering “Where am I. Where is Vansh..We both were in the jungle.So then Tappu tells Ichha that she is in the hotel right now on which Ichha slowly opens her eyes and finds Veer and Vansh both standing there and giving all tension filled looks as if some Tsunami had struck; Ichha then tries to recollect whatever had happened in the jungle but she is unable to guess how come she fainted;But Tappu tries to divert her mind by telling her that she and Veer are here because Vansh was quite nervous about your condition on which Ichha looks confused and keeps on looking for Vansh to get her answers;Finally Vansh comes near Ichha when Ichha asks her what happened on which Vansh tells her that nothing has happened and that she needs rest right now (Vansh why don’t u tell Ichha what madness u did last night);Ichha sees a very tensed looking Veer and Tappu standing there and so she keeps on asking Vansh to tell her the truth as she feels that something definitely happened last night but Vansh asks Ichha to rest as nothing happened;Finally Ichha again goes to sleep and Tappu tells Veer that now we both should move out of this room as Vansh is with Ichha and Ichha too looks fine;But before leaving Veer tells Vansh that “I hope now you will tell the truth to Ichha about last night drama;Veer then leaves and Vansh as usual gives his angry young man look.

Meanwhile at Jogi thakur’s house when everyone is having breakfast and Pushkar’s wife is as usual blabbering about some dream of hers where she keeps getting blank phone calls, suddenly the phone of the house actually starts ringing and Pushkar’s wife feels that maybe her dream of a blank phonecall is coming true lol; So then Divya goes to pick up the phone and it was actually a blank call; The phone again rings two times.first Nani goes to pick up the phone and finally Jogi goes to pick up the phone but both the time they r blank calls.

In the hotel room Tappu tells Veer that he was right about us not coming to honeymoon as this only created lots of trouble;Tappu also tells Veer how Vansh locked her up inside the car whole night to do this loyalty test on them. Tappu then goes on to tell Veer that its better we leave right now for home and let Vansh-Ichha stay alone for sometime on which Veer says that they cannot do this as he doesn’t trust his brother anymore and so can’t let him and Ichha alone here at any cost.

Vansh confesses the truth in front of Ichha..Ichha is completely shattered now..

Ichha is shown crying in her room and asking Vansh in disbelief that “you gave me those sleeping pills..but why ??”;Vansh is shown standing near the window and giving hatred filled looks to Ichha;He then shouts and tells Ichha that “Yes I gave u the sleeping pills because I wanted to conduct loyalty test on you and Veer to find out the real truth of your relationship with Veer”;Hearing this Ichha is completely shattered and in tears;She gets up from her bed. Goes near Vansh..Shakes him up thrice and asks him “U wanted to test my love and trust .so tell me Vansh…you got the truth now ??..tell me ??”;Ichha is crying her heart out in front of Vansh and keeps on saying “you doubted me..you kept on always doubting me..is this the truth of your love that u used to talk about ??.;Hearing this Vansh as usual gives her hatred filled looks and tells her that “This is not a doubt.,but the truth..now all my doubts are indeed confirmed by you…”(So Vansh actually believes that she and Veer together spent the night..gosh);Ichha is shocked to hear this accusation on her while Vansh goes out of the room in anger leaving behind a completely shattered and crying .