Monday Update on True Love 3rd February 2020

Monday Update on True Love 3rd February 2020

Meethi turns back to face him but with angry expressions. He says I was about to tell you.
Meethi cuts him off. Just tell me if you are Vishnu or Akash? Akash is disheartened and closes his eyes in pain (awww sad!). Akash! Meethi too closes her eyes in pain.
She walks up to him. I only want to know whether you married me for love or for hatred. He looks down without replying.

Meehti gives one tight slap to Akash. Your silence answered everything Vishnu. Now there is no need to speak or hear anything else. Tappu supports Meethi. She tells Tappu to take her from there. Akash asks for one chance to explain things. She holds out her hand to stop him from saying anything and goes away with Tappu. He tries to stop her but Rathore holds him from behind. Akash turns to face with Rathore.

Rathore tightens his grip on him. He says everyone says that the calculation of sins and good deeds are done above by God. But in my court the judgement would be given today, here only. He punches Akash who asks him to let him speak to Meethi once. Rathore punches him again.

Meethi turns to look at him tearfully. She turns her face away and starts walking with Tappu.
Rathore tells him I told you that if you even think of hurting Meethi then I wont spare you. Did you not think that Meethi is my daughter? He puts his leg on his chest to not let him get up.

With every punch he asks him to let him talk to Meethi once. Rathore nods no. now there wont be any more lies. It is time to punish you. He makes a fist. This one is for becoming a fake student of Iccha ji and hurting her pure heart. You deceived her. akash falls on ground. Rathore picks him up. Second punch is for making a joke out of the sacred relation of marriage. You lied and cheated everyone. Blood comes out from Akash’s mouth and he is badly hurt.

Akash folds his hands. I beg of you to let me talk to Meethi for once. Rathore denies. This is your biggest mistake that you hurt a pure soul like Meethi. You cheated her when she truly loved you.
Akash falls on the ground and looks towards Meethi. She stops but then walks off. Rathore takes out a log from the ground. He says your another biggest mistake after all this is that I wont be able to find you. He falls just a little far from Meethi this time and looks earnestly in her direction.
He watches her go. Sad piya o re piya breaks in in the background. He tries to call her but starts losing conscious. He has flashback of his wedding and rest of the happy moments that they spent in the Aatishgarh haveli. He passes out.

Nirbhay is searching in the forest with his men. He calls out for Akash. One of the guys suggests checking the banajra’s basti which is nearby only. They head towards there.
Kaki comes rushing to Akash’s aid. She gets to know that someone took away his wife. She tries to wake him up but in vain. The banjara’s pick him up and put him on the wooden bed.

Rathore, Meethi and Tappu reach out to their car. Tappu finds Meethi all quiet. She asks her not to be so. I can understand what you are going through but you must not keep quiet. Say something. Meethi doesn’t respond and Rathore too gestures Tappu not to persist.
Rathore gets a call from Jogi Thakur. Jogi says he was really worried as you weren’t picking my phone. Did you find Meethi?

Rathore replies in affirmative. She is perfectly fine and we are heading back home only. Jogi becomes elated and thanks God. He disconnects and calls out to everyone to share the good news. Finally Mukku too comes. He shares the news with everyone. Kanha cannot believe his ears and cries. Damini goes to hug him. She says to Iccha’s photo, you were worried about her na. Now you don’t have to. Baby ji is bringing her back. Mukku and Divya stand by her side with tears of happiness in their eyes.
Kanha thinks about Surabhi. I should inform her about it. She would be so relieved. He tries her and her friend’s number but doesn’t get through. He wonders if she is in any trouble. Jogi pats him if he isn’t happy about Meethi returning home. He replies he is but then again looks at the phone worriedly.

Kadambri caresses Kajri’s head and finds her unwell. Pavitra enters with food. She keeps on blabbering about how she has to do all the work and they just eat like queens. Kadambari goes to her to tell her about Kajri. But Pavitra steps back fearing if she would attack her. she blabbers on while Gomti calls out to her reminding her of the milk she had kept on gas.
Pavitra leaves in haste and forgets to lock the door. Meanwhile, Kadambari bangs the door and it opens with a slight pull. She goes out to get medicine for Kajri. Right as she leaves, Gomti comes there and sees the door open. She locks the door before Ekadish jiji or Agarth bhaiya sees it. They are already shouting on everyone for every other reason now-a-days. Saying so, she leaves from there with the key.

Nirbhay and his men reach the basti. Nirbhay is aghast to see Akash in such state. Nirbhay asks the banjaran’s as to who did this to his brother. Kaki tells him that the guy looked from city. Nirbhay asks Akash to wake up. He tries to ask him it was Rathore who did this to him. He takes out his knife and says, Rathore I will kill you and feed your pieces to dogs.
Akash holds his leg (eyes still closed). Nirbhay tells him to open his eyes. Tell me whether you fulfilled Maiyya’s promise or not? Did you kill her? Where is her body? He looks around. Akash mumbles to take him home. Nirbhay again asks him if he has cheated Maiyya?
Akash repeats. Take me home bhaiya. He releases his grip and thinks Meethi would have crossed the forest by now. nirbhay bhaiya wont be able to reach out to her now. She will be home safely.
Episode ends on the split screen of a wounded Akash and hurt Meethi!

Kadambari enters Agarth’s room to get the medicines. She notices her family picture and tears roll down her cheek. She keeps the photo back and takes the medicine box.
Agarth calls out to her from behind. What are you doing here? How dare you come in this room? What did you want to steal? The medicine box falls from her hand.
He asks her what you need it for. You get your medicines on time. She folds her hands scared seeking forgiveness. She bends down to pick the medicines when touches his feet too and takes blessings. Gomti notices her and wonders how come she is outside.

Kadambari begs him not to beat her. His secret is safe with her and she wont share it with anyone ever. I swear on you and my son. He warns her now you wont get any chance to do anything. I myself will keep an eye on your room. And if you even dare to speak to anyone about it then you wont be able to see the next day’s sunrise.
He takes her back to lock her. gomti hides and wonders what secret is he talking about which even she isn’t aware of.

Everyone is waiting outside the Thakur House with bated breath for Meethi to return. Divya tells Damini not to share anything with meethi right now as she might not be able to take it. Damini nods.
The car arrives. Meethi steps out of the car and everyone becomes emotional. Damini hugs her and both are tearful. Mukku hugs Rathore.
Divya asks Tappu about her health. She nods back in positive. Rathore tells her not to worry about her as she isn’t the one to give up. He goes to Jogi Thakur and tells him that he hasn’t told Meethi anything. Jogi nods back. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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