Monday Update on True Love 10th August 2020


Monday Update on True Love 10th August 2020

Mukku introduces Meethi to Yuvi and vice versa. Yuvi cannot look at her face as he is feeling a whole lot of emotions. She offers her hand for handshake while he is lost in thoughts. Meethi and Mukku watch it in surprise / confused. He closes his eyes in pain / anger. Meethi backs off. Yuvi excuses himself and walks out. Mukku invites her to sit. Meethi finds him strange. Don’t know I feel like something is wrong. The way he walked out. What was his name? Mukku tells her – Yuvaan. Meethi repeats the name and then looks at the door.

Yuvi storms inside his cabin followed by his manager who offers him some file. Yuvi throws it away angrily. He signals him to go and he obliges. Next he composes himself. He takes out a photo from his drawer. It is of Iccha and Meethi. You dint do the right thing by coming here Meethi. You have rubbed salt over my wounds. I hate each and every person who reminds me of my mom. He crosses the picture several times uttering multiple I hate you’s. He looks at the camera which shows the clipping of Mukta’s cabin.

Mukku and Meethi are talking to each other. Mukku asks Meethi as to what’s the reason for which she has come to office today. You are definitely hiding something. Share it with me. Meethi smiles. It was you who wasn’t meeting the eye and I am hiding something? Mukku turns serious. Yuvi is watching it intently. Meethi requests her to share her pain with her if she considers her to as her younger sister. Mukku denies. meethi doesn’t want to force her. she suggests asking Vishnu as he wont hide anything from me. mukku says I am very happy with Vishnu. there is no problem between us.

Meethi points out she dint talk about any problems. I only said that I will ask Vishnu. mukku goes quiet. Meethi says we both are the daughters of those 2 women who have been brought together by fate and till date one person’s heart beats in another’s. I will still hope that we wont hide our pains, problems from one another just like our mothers never did. Hope you will share it with me if you have any problems or issues. Mukku promises. Meethi notices the CCTV camera in the cabin. She asks Mukku to change her cabin if she can. I am feeling a lot many negative vibes here. I feel like someone is watching over you all the time. Yuvi is watching them on his camera screen.

Maiyya is angrily throwing supari’s in the bowl as she remembers Meethi’s words – you will reap what you sow! What did I do that my both son’s had a fight? No, this has been done by that woman. She recalls Ambika’s reaction on that day. This has been done by her. she is creating poison in my both the son’s hearts. She throws away the box of suparis in anger. Gomti who was coming there stops in shock and Meethi who has walking in the corridor stops too startled by the noise. Gomti gets worried and asks Maiyya if someone did anything wrong. Maiyya replies that it is she who made a mistake by bringing that Chaubey’s daughter in our home. Gomti is confused. What has that poor girl done? Maiyya is sure she has done something for sure. Sankrant touched alcohol again, was intoxicated because of which Akash slapped him. this is all done by her. she must be behind everything that has happened in Shimla. She is a snake. Gomti points out that Chaubey’s enmity is with you, she doesn’t have any enmity with Sankrant.

Meethi walks towards Maiyya’s room now to check on the noise. Maiyya reasons that Ambika cannot look over the fact that she dint get to marry Akash. Haven’t you noticed the way she looks at Akash all the time? Meethi comes out to listen while Maiyya continues talking. She doesn’t leave one chance and always says something or the other. She only is my enemy. If it would have been Aatishgarh then I would have gotten her picked up at night and cut her into pieces leaving her in the jungle to be eaten by the wild animals. It can happen here as well. If nothing else will happen then will do that only. I will kill my DIL. I will end her. Meethi is shocked. She recollects her own words and Ambika’s as well because of which they had ended their suspicion on Ekadish. She gets sad thinking that Maiyya still hates me this much that she wants to kill me.

Yuvi is holding Mukku’s picture in his hand. Right then, Mukku knocks and enters his cabin after seeking his permission. She makes a request for half day leave. Today is my 3rd month anniversary. I want to give a surprise to Vishnu. he asks her if she loves Vishnu a lot and she nods shyly. He pretends to be impressed. But you cannot leave. She nods and turns to go back to her cabin but he allows her to go. She thanks him. he notices a file. There a few urgent meetings tomorrow. if I ask you to take some files with you then will it be ok? She agrees. You have to prepare a list of the vendors of import exports. He holds out a few files for her which contains all the necessary details. She takes them and promises to complete this work by tomorrow. yuvi smiles as he looks at her photo again. How will you celebrate your anniversary without me Mukku Nukku?

Meethi’s sits down on the floor in tears as Maiyya’s words echo in her ears. Ambika comes there and is surprised yet happy to see her state. She asks her why she looks worried. Meethi shares with her what she heard. But I cannot understand why Maiyya said that I keep saying things to her when I haven’t answered her back earlier….never ever! Why did she say it? Ambika gets thinking. She has understood who Maiyya is after.

Meethi wonders if Maiyya hates me this much that she wants to kill me. is this the only reason? you tell me what you feel. Ambika replies if she dint hate you then why she sent you out in the fog (in Shimla)? Our doubt has turned for real now. MIL has done what she wanted. She is the only one who is your enemy. Meethi at times feels like confronting her or telling it to Akash straight away. ambika tells her not to make any such mistake. For any son, it is very tough for him to choose between his wife or his mom. Why to bother him? we should try and catch MIL red handed. Don’t worry I am with you. Meethi thanks her and they share a hug.

Maiyya tells Pavitra to call the electrician as Akash’s bathroom’s geyser isn’t working. Ambika is watching them from upstairs. Maiyya is worried as her son had to take a cold shower early morning as Meethi doesn’t care now that she has started walking. Don’t forget to call him. ambika is happy that she has called an electrician home. MIL is busy in talks. This is the right time for me to throw my next card.

Ambika comes in Maiyya’s room when she isn’t there. She makes a wire loose from the lamp. Half of my work is done now I should leave from here asap. Maiyya ia back by now and notices her thus. What are you doing here in my room? What are you planning now? ambika declines doing anything. Am I scared of you? I had only come to check the lights in your room as you have called an electrician. Your lamp isn’t working. She shows it to her. did I do something?

Maiyya doesn’t trust her at all and tells her the same. Problems happen where you are present. Ambika agrees with her. I and you must not trust each other…that only is good as if I trust you and you plan out something just like you planned to kill me a while back. Got caught, right? We policemen have our special informers everywhere. If you make the mistake of even touching me then you will be behind the bars. I had told you that I will get so many proofs that you wont be free from multiple cases that I will put forth one after another on you. Should I call dad? Maiyya looks at her angrily / thinking way. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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