Monday Update on Strange Love 2nd August 2021


Monday Update on Strange Love 2nd August 2021

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Sid seeing Renuka in happy mood and thinks to tell her about Jyoti. She asks why is he applying cheese to her. He says I like a girl and she becomes very happy. She asks is she fair and beautiful. He says yes. She says I m very happy, I will go to Lord and thank him. He says but that girl……… She says I m happy as it’s a girl. She leaves. He says she will be happy when she meets Jyoti. Niranjan is his study and talks to himself. He says Jyoti has to go with Abhay, Astha will get a slap by this and she won’t dare to see higher then, a wife has to be at her husband’s house. He says a man knows very well a woman’s place is at his feet and how to keep her as a mute animal, Jyoti is saying a lot these days and this is not right, Abhay knows how to control her.

Jyoti cries in her room thinking how Abhay used to torture her. She gets scared and holds the end of the bed cover. She gets Sid’s call and he asks why are you crying, wipe your tears, do you trust me. She says yes. He says I won’t let you go back to Abhay, you are only mine, and Abhay does not have strength to take you from me. She says I m afraid of Shlok and Niranjan, they want me to go back. He says Astha is with us, don’t worry, trust me, leave everything on me. He says Astha will think of any solution, else I will take you very far, where you, me and our daughter. She says I will end the call now. Sid says what to do, to end all her worries.

Renuka comes home and tells Sid that she has bought good jewellery for her bahu, and he should get the bangle size, so that she can buy bangles for her. Sid says no, she just delivered the baby, she does not like bangles or jewellery. She is shocked and asks is this Jyoti, Astha’s Nanand, who has run away from her husband. He says she run away as her husband used to torture her. I really love Jyoti. She scolds him and says she is married and have a daughter, how can you marry her, I won’t accept her as my bahu, no way, I did not expect this from you. She says Kalindi, Astha and Ajju have trapped you, you won’t get permission to marry her, never. Shlok talks to a man and he says he will do his work today. Shlok cancels all his meetings and thinks he will take Astha with him, so that she can see the truth with her eyes.

Astha comes to Jyoti and sees her upset. She tries to cheer her up and asks her to have lunch, as she made her fav Sabudana khichdi. Jyoti says she does not want to. Astha says for Anaya’s sake, please have some. Jyoti cries and hugs her. Jyoti asks when will everyone get fine. I m losing strength. Astha says yes, how will you be strong if you don’t have food. She asks Jyoti to take tough decision, so that everyone knows its your life and no one has a right on you, if you become strong and decide you won’t go with Abhay, no one will dare to force you.

Jyoti says yes, you are right, if we want change, we have to bring it first, I decided what I want to do. Astha says I will always support you. She makes Jyoti have the food. Bua sweeps the house and says I don’t have money to have food and pay electricity bill. The man comes whom Shlok has sent, and says I came from marriage bureau, it’s a NRI girl proposal, you can meet them if you are interested, she is very rich, you have asked for such proposal and its same. Abhay comes and asks whats happening. Bua and the man tells him about the rich girl who likes him a lot. Abhay sees her visiting card and is ready to meet the girl in evening. Bua says we will come and asks Abhay to get groomed well. Abhay says sure Bua.

Astha is in her room talking to herself about Jyoti. Shlok comes and gets a call. He says oh, he got ready, fine, I m coming. He asks Astha to get ready, as they have to go in meeting about new project. She says are you serious, its tension at home, no. He says come, its important. She thinks what is he upto. He says come. She asks where are we going. He says how much do you question, come on. They leave. Niranjan asks his staff man about Shlok. The man says Shlok went out, he cancelled his meeting and was talking to some marriage bureau man. Niranjan is puzzled and thinks marriage bureau?

Bua praises Abhay to the girl and her family. The man says she is very rich and have much property. They ask for Abhay. Bua says he is busy in his work meetings, I told him to cancel it, but he said meeting first. Abhay comes and greets them well. Bua says she likes the girl, now you say Abhay. Shlok and Astha come there. Astha asks is the meeting here. He says just see. She sees Abhay and those people and says this is………. He says Abhay came here to meet the girl and her family, I arranged all this to see he changed or not. The girl’s dad says we like Abhay and will give him a bungalow. Bua says we are also ready, Abhay tell something.

Abhay starts his acting and says Bua enough, I won’t come in your plan, I did not think you will fall so low for money. He apologizes to those people and says I can’t marry her, though she is nice, as I m married, and have a daughter, I love my wife a lot. Shlok and Astha hear this. Abhay says lets go Bua. Bua says but…. He takes her and leaves. Astha says he was acting, don’t tell me you believe him, what are you thinking. Niranjan calls Shlok and Shlok says I m coming to you. Shlok tells Astha to go home and he ahs to go to office, we will talk later.

Bua scolds Abhay for doing this. Abhay says I m not a fool, we have saved ourselves from falling in Shlok’s trap. He says Niranjan called me and informed me this. The FB scene shows Niranjan telling Abhay to take Jyoti back, and he has to change, how can he go to see another girl being married. He says Shlok is keeping an eye on you, he is testing you, I told Shlok to test you and I hope you pass it. Abhay says its good Baba called me, else we would have lost. We have to be careful now.

Niranjan saying I hope Abhay do as I say, else if he does any mistake again, he won’t save him. Shlok comes and talks to him. Astha comes home and tells Anjali that Shlok tested Abhay, don’t know what he will decide. Shlok says you were right as always Baba, Abhay has really changed and now we can send Jyoti with him. Niranjan says great, I m happy, now you have tested him, so I m sure and relieved now, as I was afraid whether I m right or wrong, its about Jyoti’s life. Anjali says Shlok can’t take wrong decision, I know Niranjan will do something to influence his decision.

Niranjan asks Shlok what happened, Jyoti has to go with Abhay, and your decision is right, Don’t tell anything to Astha now, she is a woman and her heart is soft, when you fill Jyoti’s life with happiness, then they will thank you, so don’t worry. Shlok says we have to keep an eye on Abhay so that he does not trouble Jyoti. Niranjan says yes, we will do. Shlok leaves. Niranjan says good going, Abhay Deshukh and smiles.

Jyoti is upset in her room and cries. Anjali sees her and tries to talk. Jyoti scolds her and says no one should get a mum like you. She closes the door and cries. Anjali stands her and understands her pain equally. Jyoti talks to Sid and asks him to come and meet her. Sid is glad and says fine I will surely come as you called me for first time. She asks are you worried. He says no. She says don’t lie me, there is no excitement in your voice, tell me what is it. He says I m coming to meet you, till then take care of yourself and Anaya. Renuka hears this and says you are mad in her love, can’t you see my anger. She scolds him and calls Jyoti shameless to call him in morning.

He says you did not meet her, then how can you say this, she is a good girl, else Astha would have not married in that house. Renuka says Kalindi kept her at her home and you kept meeting her. She says I will call her. Sid tries to stop her. Astha thinks to Shlok what did he decide about Abhay, but Shlok asks him to get ready for office. She says why is Shlok behaving strange. Renuka says why is Kalindi not taking my call. She says they have done this, to get Jyoti stick to you and get praised. Sid says even Ajju accepted Kalindi. Renuka says but Jyoti has a daughter too. She says I will not stay here. Sid asks her to understand him and not leave the house.

Astha tells Anjali that Shlok is taking me office for an important meeting, intentionally as I should not be at home, but you will be here alone, please manage and take care of jyoti. Astha leaves as Shlok calls her to come fast. Renuka comes out on the road and argues with Sid. Sid asks what does she want. She says I want you to leave Jyoti. He says you mean I leave breathing, she is my heart beat, I won’t be able to live without her. She says fine, then leave me. A bike hits Sid and his leg gets hurt.

Shlok and Astha come office. He asks her to take her seat. She asks when is the meeting, can’t we sign papers fast so that we go home. He says we just came and you are thinking to go. He thinks I m sorry Astha to lie to you, I did not wish any scene to happen if you stay at home. Anjali asks whats all this. Niranjan says I got all this, 11 sarees, fruits and sweets, you should have done this, I m sending your daughter today. He says Shlok is agreeing to my decision, now go and do the arrangements. Niranjan tells her that he wants to send Jyoti.

Jyoti hears this and asks what is he saying. The lawyer comes and Jyoti asks him to come. He gives her the divorce papers and signs on it. Niranjan looks at Anjali and asks whats this papers. The laywer says divorce papers. He leaves. Niranjan takes the papers from Jyoti and scolds her asking is she mad, what is this joke. She shouts that she can’t be with Abhay now, she has decided she won’t go with Abhay. Kaka and Sojal come there. Niranjan scolds Jyoti. Anjali waits for Astha. Astha asks Shlok is the meeting cancelled, Anand did not come, lets go home. He says its important, we have to wait for trustees.

He gives her the file and she says I signed it, I m not feeling well, I will go home. He asks whats happening, whats the crisis, you can’t go without attending the meeting. She thinks to call home and she does not know whats in Shlok’s mind. She says she will call home and Shlok stops her. Shlok gets a call and leaves. Astha says why is Shlok behaving strange and says I will call home. Jyoti argues with Niranjan. He says its for your good. Abhay comes there with his Bua. He says I came to take you, come with me with Anaya. Niranjan asks Jyoti to go.

Jyoti says no, I won’t go, why don’t you understand, ask Abhay to go from here. Sojal says he is your husband, won’t you agree to Baba, he is giving you so much things too. Astha calls home and hears Jyoti telling Niranjan to understand and crying. She asks Sojal whats going on. Sojal says Abhay came to take Jyoti and Jyoti is refusing going against Niranjan. Astha tells Shlok now I understand why you brought me here, you became a good son, when will you become a good brother, I did not expect this from you, I did not love this Shlok who can see wrong happening. She leaves. He goes after her.

Jyoti says I hate Abhay’s face. Niranjan asks Anjali to explain Jyoti. He says Abhay take her, she is being kiddish. He says I m doing this for your good. Abhay says I know I gave you every reason to hate me, but trust me, I have changed and I promise I will not hurt you, it will be as you say. He says these gifts does not matter to me now, I will earn myself to keep you happy. Jyoti says she won’t go, and Anaya is only her daughter.