Monday Update on Promised Love 15th March 2021


Monday Update on Promised Love 15th March 2021

Azaan telling the attacker that he is ready to pay him any amount to know about the mastermind of the conspiracy against Shayra. He asks him to say. The attacker points his finger towards Surayya. Asgar asks what do he wants to say? Surayya says Azaan beta…Noor comes and stands infront of Surayya and says I did everything and gave money to him shocking Azaan. She says I was upset with Shayra so sent this man to threaten and scare Shayra. She says I didn’t intend to kill her, just wanted to scare her. Azaan says how dare you? Razia slaps Noor and says you think of Shayra as your enemy, but there is a humbleness even in enmity. She says you have crossed all limits.

Azaan says sympathy was left in our friendship, but today even it is gone. He says Shayra might have lost her life too. Noor tries to apologize to Shayra. Azaan asks her not to take Shayra’s name from her mouth and says this man wanted to kill Shayra, I heard from my mouth. Noor asks them to believe her. Azaan says nobody will believe you and asks her to get lost. Noor asks Inspector to arrest her and says she wants to surrender. Azaan asks Inspector to take her from there. Razia asks her to think what she has burnt in her revenge fire. Noor says sorry and says I just wanted to scare her. She says sorry to Shayra. Shayra cries. Noor is taken by the Police.

Mashuqa applies ointment to Dilruba. Shayra comes there and says let her do it. Mashuqa says she will do. Shayra thanks him for saving her life, says she was not having any relation before coming here, but now she got a brother. Dilruba gets happy and rests his head on her shoulder. Shayra asks him to call her Baji. Dilruba says don’t know why Noor don’t get any intelligence. Shayra looks on worried for Noor.

Azaan asks Razia if she is thinking about Noor who has done so much bad. Razia says she is Noor’s badi ammi also and can’t see her going to jail. Azaan says Noor shall get the punishment. Shayra asks if you are doing right. Azaan says she deserved this. Shayra says Noor was your childhood friend, Police arrested her infront of you and you didn’t do anything. She says what we will answer to Yasmeen khala. Azaan says can’t you find a difference between childishness and crime. Shayra says if we don’t stop her now then she will walk on the wrong path all her life.

Surayya thinks why Noor haven’t taken our name. Asgar says she has done mad and says we shall eat mangoes rather than counting the seeds. Surayya says seeds will be costly than mangoes. She says if she opens her open then…Khalid hears and goes from there. Asgar says you did right to get proofs against her. Shayra asks Azaan to give her one last chance. Azaan says he will not give. Shayra asks him to give last chance to her. Azaan says why you are so good. Shayra says even Noor is good and says if we support her then all the bitterness will end from her life. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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