Monday Update on My Identity 31st May 2021


Monday Update on My Identity 31st May 2021

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Shweta saying I have made Mishti sleep. Neela apologizes. Bebe says why are you sorry, its Shweta’s mistake. Shweta says yes I don’t like Juhi, she has created a trouble in Neil’s life. Juhi comes and asks what happened, I was waiting, no one came there. They all get shocked. Neil and Avni ask where were you. Juhi says airport, Neela you didn’t come to airport. Neela says what, I told you Ali will pick you, you were going with Mishti.

Juhi says yes, I got confused, I was scared. Neil asks why did you wish to go so soon. Juhi says I wanted to manage Mishti alone, your relation got affected. Avni asks who told you, did I make you feel this. Neil asks who fed this in your mind. Juhi says no, don’t say anything to Shweta, she said right, I had to go from here. Neela says Shweta didn’t force you, we suggested this to you.

Juhi says yes, you were helping me to settle in Canada, it was riight, you did this on Shweta’s saying, Shweta said Avni and Neil are together, they will have children and get busy, I have to manage Mishti. Shweta says yes, but…. Juhi says its not your mistake, how can I stay as burden. Avni says you are not burden on us. Bebe says Neela can’t do this, Shweta hates Juhi, she wanted to make her leave. Avni says no, she can’t… Bebe asks did you forget what Shweta did with you. Shweta asks Neil do you think I will do this. Bebe says Shweta did much with Neela too. Shweta says trust me Prakash ji. Prakash says Saas and bahu have normal fights, but this was about Mishti’s life, she has a relation with our Neil. Avni thinks my heart says Shweta can’t do this. Bebe tells about Avni’s allergy. Juhi recalls changing sindoor. Avni goes. Shweta says I need to talk to Neil. Neil says I have to talk to Juhi.

Gurumaa feeds sweets to Vidyut and reminds what she taught him in childhood, Machli jal ki rani hai…. you used to get happy getting fish out of water and seeing the fish restless on ground. He tells about Meher. She says Neil loves Avni, but Juhi believed us, now we will use her.

Shweta gets angry. Neela asks her to calm down. Shweta says Juhi played a big game, everyone is not believing us. Neela says Juhi is taking advantage of this, but my heart doesn’t feel she can do this, she had done this by fear. Shweta says this fear is also her drama, Avni I did this with you, I know Juhi did this intentionally. Neela says Avni, she is right, we were doing this to unite Juhi and Mishti. Ali says they are saying right. Avni says I know, Juhi misunderstood you, we will talk to Juhi and clear her doubts. Shweta thinks to bring Juhi’s truth out. Neil says you went to airport, did you not think Vidyut could see you, our life got complicated, we have danger on us, I have a wife, I love Avni a lot, I love Mishti too, Avni is shattered but she is doing what’s right, you are troubling her, why don’t you think once, atleast think for Mishti.

Juhi says I thought for Mishti. He says if Vidyut kidnapped you then. She recalls Vidyut. He says Avni risked her life for you, she lied to everyone to save you, she didn’t leave from my life after knowing about Mishti. Gurumaa says once I get free, I will explain you how to use Meher, when a woman loses love, she becomes Naagin, Juhi thinks she will take Avni’s place, I will explain this to Juhi. He says we will make Neil and Avni’s life ruined. She says Meher will become our puppet.

Juhi says I know you are afraid of losing Avni. Neil says fine, you can leave, but Mishti will stay here. Avni comes and asks what are you saying, Mishti needs both of you. She asks Juhi not to go without saying Neil. Juhi says sorry and goes. Neil says Avni, let her go, why shall I suffer always, even I have a life. Avni asks what happened. He hugs her and cries. He says I m feeling scared, if anything happens to our family, if I lose you… she says I m with you. Juhi hears them and thinks shall I tell Neil that Mishti is not his daughter, my one lie has troubled everyone.

Neil wakes up and sees Vidyut sitting with a knife in hand. He asks what are you doing here. Vidyut says relax ACP, I can understand your plan, marriage with one woman and child with another woman, so I thought to help you, I made Mishti away from you, and your wife too. He signs him to see Avni. Neil sees Avni’s wound bleeding ad gets shocked. He shouts Avni. He gets restless in sleep and takes her name. Avni gets up and wakes him up. She asks what happened. He asks are you fine. She hugs him. She gives him water.

Vidyut sees Neil’s pic and says I will come in your dream and ruin your sleep, your bad time begins. He tears Neil’s pic. Avni asks Neil did you see any bad dream. He says no. She says you are worried for us, look at me, what did I tell you, I will never leave you, we will protect Mishti. He says I don’t want to lose you. She says I m not Aisha, I m Neela, I will take care of Mishti. She says Neela paid a price for it. She says because dad didn’t love her, but we love each other, we won’t leave each other, even if you want, I will not leave you, you don’t need to get afraid. She kisses him. She asks him to sleep now. She holds his hand and looks at him. She thinks our relation won’t break, I won’t let this family break.

Vidyut telling Ballu that his mum will be free soon, then they will play with Neil and Avni. He sees Neil and Avni’s pic and says sleep well tonight, you won’t get such peaceful night again. Avni sees the rangolis made. She thanks Juhi. She says you both made beautiful rangolis out there, can you make rangoli in temple. She asks Mishti will you make rangoli with Juhi. Mishti asks now? Avni says yes, please, we are keeping belated Diwali for you. She tells Bebe that they will stay at home today. Neil says its a brilliant idea. Bebe says Diwali is over. Neil says why can’t we have belated diwali celebrations, we will celebrate and spend time together. Avni says we will play antakshari. Mishti asks what’s that, Sir didn’t let me sing songs and play games.

Neil says there is no Sir here, its just angel and superman, we will never stop you. Juhi looks on. Bebe says I will be in Mishti’s game. Juhi says I will make pakodas. Shweta says its my fast today. Bebe jokes on her and goes. Shweta thinks of tackling Juhi. Bebe goes to take Bp medicines. Juhi sees Neil and Avni. She goes to Mishti and asks shall we make rangoli. Mishti says I m feeling sleepy. Juhi asks her to sleep and sits by her side. She kisses her hand. She goes. Mishti opens eyes and sees Avni. She goes to Avni and asks shall I help you. Avni nods. Neil lifts her. They smile.

Juhi comes back and sees Mishti playing with Neil and Avni. She says Mishti you said you are feeling sleepy, you refused to make rangoli with me, you lied to me. Door bell rings. Ballu comes as postman. Juhi gets Vidyut’s message. She sees Ballu and tells Bebe that post is for her. Avni asks your post at this address? Juhi says yes, its my bank statement. She takes the envelop. Neil and Avni look on. Juhi goes.

Bebe stops Ballu and asks his name. He says Ramesh. She stops him and gives sweets, wishing happy diwali. He thanks her and leaves. Juhi goes to room and checks the envelop. She sees DNA report. Neil says I will see Juhi’s document. Vidyut calls Juhi and asks how did you like the gift, its for Mishti, every child should have father’s name. She asks why are you doing this. He says lying is sin, my mum taught this to me. Avni asks Mishti why did she lie to Mishti, lying is bad. Vidyut asks did you think you will burn the reports. Juhi quickly burns the papers. Neil comes there. He gets a call from DD. He leaves.

Juhi gets Vidyut’s call again. He asks did you burn reports, I have original papers, you have no choice, see you soon. She cries. Neil interrogates Gurumaa. She asks are you not tired of all this. He says I m collecting evidence against your son too. She says I have to tell you a lot, tell your wife that me and my son will never forgive her, we will punish her. Neil scolds her. Vidyut comes and asks him to talk with manners. Neil holds his collar. DD asks who has let Vidyut come here. Vidyut and Neil argue.

Neil tells Mishti that she is special, just like angel, its angel’s first diwali. Juhi goes to Shweta and apologizes. Shweta keeps her phone to record. Shweta asks Juhi to forget it. She says I m selfish, I wanted you to leave, but not this way, I also got tension because of this. Juhi says I was nervous, sorry. Shweta says you lied in front of everyone. Juhi says yes, but I didn’t wish to lie, I did mistake. Shweta says I can understand, you said so by fear, you were helpless, you came here like this, it means your heart has something. Juhi says no, I came back for Mishti.

Shweta says don’t cry, we will celebrate diwali. Juhi hugs her and thanks. Shweta sees her phone. She goes out with the cracker box, having her phone. Avni asks Neil for her gift. Neil says sorry, I didn’t know you will want a gift, my love is enough for you. Avni says I will arrest Neil if I don’t get a gift. Everyone smiles. Neil says oh, I m scared