Monday Update on Anupama 25th July 2022


Monday Update on Anupama 25th July 2022

Vanraj asks Anupama how can she be okay with Samar and Nandini’s relationship. Anupama says just like she was okay with his and Kavya’s relationship; when he can love someone being a married man with 3 children, why don’t her son have a right to love someone; when she and whole family accepted his and Kavya’s love, why can’t he accept Samar’s love; Nandini is a mature and understandable girl and she likes her from the beginning. He says whatever she says, he has problem with Nandini, so Samar has to separate from her. She asks why should he, Samar loves Nandini and not Kavya’s niece. He shouts nobody can change the truth that Nandini is Kavya’s niece, so his decision will not change. She says even her decision will not change, her son’s first love will not be incomplete. He angrily walks away followed by his Toshu and Kinjal. Samar apologizes Anu and says he was just proposing Nandini and nothing else, Mr. Shah insulted Nandini even without her mistake, don’t know what she must be feeling. Anu consoles him.

Nandini cries thinking why her love story gets always incomplete and why there is sorrow in her life always; everything spoilt as soon as she proposed Samar. She reminisces Vanraj’s yelling and thinks she cannot take this pain and suffering.

Kavya hopes security must have handled stalker by now and goes to order food . Vanraj returns to his room fuming that why Samar got only Nandini to romance; why mother and son are hell bent to complicate things; everything was settling down with great difficult, but they want to spoil it; Samar is a kid and a fool, but how can Anu be a fool; its waste to explain Samar, he needs to speak to Nandini. Nandini packs her bag to leave home and sees someone coming.

Toshu vents out his anger on clothes. Kinjal asks him reason for his anger. He, being a true copy of Vanraj and his puppet, yells that he is angry on Kinjal for helping Samar plan his romantic date at home. Kinjal says devar and bhabhi are like friends and its her duty to help Samar and she reminds how once he got angry on Anu when she entered his room when he was romancing Kinjal. He shouts stop talking like mummy. She shouts to stop talking like papa. He says its so complicated, how can be papa and son’s girlfriends be aunt and niece. She asks if a middle aged married man has permission to love in this house but not a young boy. He shouts don’t act smart as already there is a drama in this house and he doesn’t want anymore drama. She says they both made a big drama by eloping and marrying. He shouts papa, Baa, and Bapuji will not accept Nandini. Kinjal says when they accepted Rakhi Dave’s daughter, why will they not accept Kavya’s niece.

He says he doesn’t want all relationships to be complicated in this household and only one can be handled. She says then he should ask papa to forget Kavya and let Samar and Nandini be together. He says its waste to talk to her. She says it was okay when he loved and wrong when his brother is doing same, he should think what Nandini must be feeling, she must be very embarrassed seeing parents watching her private moments and Vanraj shouted on her above that; papa should have spoken to his son and supported him. He says he can’t control mummy, so she should not support Samar and Nandini from hereon. She asks if he thinks he can control her, he should have pet a parrot if he wanted to listen his own words, she is an independent girl and her opinions and thinking would always be different from him; she is Samar’s bhabhi and will support him at any cost. He says her most important relationship in this house is with him and she is fighting with him for others. She says she can tell this even to him, she is not against any one and is with Samar as he is right.

Anu with Samar walks to Nandini’s house and asks why she was going away bending her head without informing anyone, says head bends when they make a sin and not love. Nandini says she cannot see Samar and Anu in trouble, people are questioning her character, uncle doesn’t like her and doesn’t even want to take her name. Anu says she should answer them bravely, she is the best girl in the world, her uncle doesn’t like her as he doesn’t know her and when he will know, he will like her. Nandini apologizes for the drama happened because of her and Samar. Anu says they shouldn’t be as they never hid their love from her and love cannot be wrong, its world’s most strong relationship. Nandini says she knows how important she is to them. Anu asks Samar and her both if they love each other, then they shouldn’t worry as the mother is with them. She apologizes Nandini for whatever happened today.

Nandini asks not to. Anu says one who think love as wrong, they should understand that Kanhaji’s name is always taken with Radhaji, they didn’t have any relationship between them, even then their name is linked together forever as they love each other; love takes them directly to Kanhaji, it is a feeling which takes them to Vrindavan, but few people think love is against their culture and don’t know that love is their culture; they shouldn’t feel that they did wrong, but they should understand that they cannot love without family and they shouldn’t make a mistake which Kinjal and Toshu did; love is a life-long commitment and they need strong shoulders to fulfill it; love cannot be hindrance but an inspiration to move ahead in life. She asks not to worry about Vanraj as she will handle him, but they shouldn’t take any wrong decision in a hurry. They promise her.

She asks not to lose hope as their mother is always with them; her love is left incomplete, but she will not let their love go incomplete. She tells Samar that she will wait for him outside and if Nandini sheds a single tear, he should pull her ears. Nandini emotionally hugs Anu, Anu leaves. Samar and Nandini hug each other next, she says she was afraid, he says even he was afraid, but mummy will handle everything. He promises to be with her always, she also promise and asks him to go home or else Vanraj will get angry on Anu. Anu waits outside house.

Vanraj searching his mobile walks down to living room and seeing door open asks Kinjal to close it. Samar leaves Nandini’s house throwing flying kisses on her. He and Anu reach home. Vanraj standing at door says good he came down to pick up his phone or else he wouldn’t have known that this house’s doors are open till late night. He walks in saying they will discuss about it in the morning. Samar gets tensed. Anu says today’s night is long and tomorrow’s day will be tough, but he need not worry as Kanhaji is with them.

Kavya hears doorbell and opens door thinking food came so fast. Stalker disguised as delivery boy holds her hand. She shouts how dare he is to hold her hand. He says just like her husband and boss, his office is in her office building and he knows about her affair with boss, now she doesn’t have husband or boss at her home and must be feeling lonely, so he came to give her a company. She warns that she will call police. He forcefully enters and closes door.

Kinjal takes food for Samar. He says he doesn’t have mood to have food. She says she already forced Nandini to finish food via video call and now she will feed him from her hand. She feed him food and asks how did he propose Nandini. He explains it in detail. She says how cute. He continue explaining. Anu notices that and thinks nobody can be a good friend than bhabhi and her Samar is very lucky to get Kinjal as bhabhi. She reminisces Vanraj’s words and prays god to help her.

Vanraj returns to his room and thinks of informing Kavya that he returned from a trip. He then thinks she must have slept by now, he doesn’t have energy to answer her questions, let everyone do what they want and he will do what he things right, he will not let Kavya and Nandini’s matter get complicated as he cannot afford any complications anymore. Stalker forcefully enters Kavya’s apartment. Kavya pleads for help. Stalker increases TV volume and walks towards her lustfully. In the morning, Anu serves tea to Vanraj. Vanraj sees his phone off and dials Kavya’s number via landline. Someone speaks and asks if he is knows Kavya. He asks where is Kavya and runs away tensed. Anu hearing him asks what happened to Kavya. Toshu asks why did papa left in urgency. Anu rushes behind Vanraj, sits in his car and asks what happened. They reach Kavya’s apartment floor and see neighbors peeping in. They walk into Kavya’s apartment and see all stuff shattered around and Kavya sitting in a dilapidated state senselessly, indicating she was molested. Anu drapes shawl over her torn dress and asks what happened, but Kavya sits senselessly. Vanraj asks Kavya what happened to her and asks if she is fine.

Kinjal asks Samar to call mummy and find out what happened to Kavya. Samar sees Anu’s phone nearby. Toshu switches on Vanraj’s phone and sees Kavya’s messages to call her as she feels weird about a man/neighbor/stalker who looks shady, etc. Kinjal asks what happened. Toshu says there are Kavya’s messages on papa’s phone, he read one message accidentally. Samar asks what is written in messages. Kinjal asks is there any problem. Toshu says he thinks so as Kavya was in problem when she messaged, he has a weird feeling that someone forced Kavya. Kinjal calls Kavya. Baa, Bapuji, and Mamaji hear their conversation.

Vanraj shakes Kavya and asks what happened. She vigorously cries hugging him tightly. He asks who harmed her. She continues crying and says a man was troubling her since many days and yesterday he forcefully entered her house, told as she is since she is available for everyone, she called Vanraj and messaged him, man tried to molest her. Vanraj stands shocked. Anu says she is not responsible for someone’s thinking. Kavya says she tried to resist and threw things on him, that moment was so painful and unable to handle it she fell unconscious and woke up in the morning.

Kinjal tells family that Kayva must have messaged papa, but his phone was witched off. Samar says she should have called them, he will call Nandini. Toshu shouts no need for that. Vanraj and Anu bring Kavya home. Baa seeing her condition asks to take her to guest room and call doctor. Samar says if nandini sees. Kinjal asks not to inform her anything now. Bapuji asks if Anirudh did this. Toshu says it was someone else. Vanraj and Anu take Kavya to guest house. Vanraj nurses her wound. Anu says she is completely safe here and offers her water. Vanraj says they will visit doctor and then police station and get that man rigorously punished. Anu goes to check on doctor. Vanraj apologizes Kavya and says this wouldn’t have happened if he was with her. She says she will feel same insecurity after going from here, he cannot understand how difficult it is for a single man to stay alone.

He says he will accompany her to her house. She says she gave that house to Anirudh in exchange of divorce, she didn’t realize then how important it is for single woman to have a shelter. She hugs Vanraj and continues crying. Anu thanks god for warding off a big problem. Samar asks Kinjal if he should inform Nandini about Kavya as Kavya is Nandini’s aunt. Kinjal agrees. Toshu yells that he knew they are up to something, asks Samar if he is not ashamed to think of Nandini after yesterday’s incident. Samar warns not to misbehave with Kinjal and to stop creating a scene. Toshu shouts he is creating a scene by thinking of bringing Nandini here. Samar says he is bringing Nandini for Kavya, he is supporting Mr. Shah bringing his girlfriend home because Kavya needs help and support. Samar asks if he will bring Nandini also. Samar says he will as Kavya needs support, so he will go and bring Nandini. Toshu yells that he just needs an excuse to meet Nandini, so he should silently sit at home and not bring Nandini home. Samar asks Kinjal what is wrong with Toshu, he is concerned for Kavya. Kinjal says even she is.

Vanraj asks Kavya why didn’t he inform her after taking such a big decision. She says he had gone to his grandma’s home leaving his phone at home, she gave her home to Anirudh as she wants to be with Vanraj, she is afraid thinking where will she go now alone, she is scared to be alone, so he should marry her so that nobody should think her available and try to molest her. Vanraj says she is brave and strong. She says she cannot fight daily and let men misbehave and molest her. He asks her to calm down. She continues that she is tired of listening to people’s taunts, their relationship is illegal until he gives name to it, she wants to stay with him in his house as she doesn’t have any place to stay now, he can shift with her to another house if not, etc. Baa looking at Kavya’s footsteps and reminiscing previous incident thinks last time when she entered, her house’s peace was lost, if even this time she is acting to ruin her house. Anu hears her thoughts.

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