Lost in Love Update: Tuesday 20th February 2024


Lost in Love Update: Tuesday 20th February 2024

Inspector asks Savi if she remembers Isha’s attacker’s face and his style of dressing. Ayush says he remembers. Inspector asks constable to take details from him. Savi gets a call from hospital that Isha’s condition is worsening and hence she should reach hospital soon. Savi informs inspector and reaches hospital. She breaks down seeing Isha’s condition, recalls her encouragement, and pleads to open her eyes and see her achievements; she has to clear the misunderstanding between her and Ishan and reconcile their differences. Isha shakes her fingers. Savi calls doctor and says she saw movement in her hand when she talked about Ishan. Doctor asks her to call Ishan. At police station, inspector asks Ishan if he is sure he informed everything. Ishan says he is. Sub-inspector calls inspector and informs that he caught a man who was enquiring about Isha.

Savi calls Ishan and requests him to reach hospital as Isha is responding with his name and doctor wants him there. Ishan disconnects call. Savi returns to Isha and notices Isha’s condition worsening and doctor rushing out to bring defibrillator. Ishan walks in. Savi requests him to call Isha as aayi/mother so that she can wake up and says she couldn’t do anything when her parents were martyred in front of her eyes, he can save his mother by calling her aayi. Ishan says Isha madam. Savi asks can’t he call her aayi and seeing monitors beeping calls doctor. Doctor rushes in and gives her defibrillator shocks. Monitor goes blank. Doctor pronounces Isha dead.

Savi breaks down shouting Isha’s name. Isha says it’s impossible. Savi tongue lashes him for not calling Isha as Aayi due to his super ego. Ishan sits keeping his hand on Isha’s hand. Monitor starts working again. Savi asks Ishan not to lift his hand and asks doctor to check Isha. Doctor says it’s a miracle that Isha is breathing again with her son’s touch. Savi hugs Isha and thanks Bappa.

Isha opens eyes. Savi says she thought they lost her, but when Ishan held her hand, she came back to life. She hugs Ishan and thanks him. Doctor asks nurse to inform inspector Jadhav that Isha is awake now. Surekha with Asmita walks in and asks Savi how is Isha. Savi says they had lost Isha, but Ishan’s touch got her back to life’ a son’s touch worked like a sanjeevani herb for a mother. Doctor says Savi is right, he gives credit to Ishan for saving Isha’s life. Surekha stands fuming. Isha raises her hand towards Ishan. Isha extends his hand, but Surekha stops him and asks Isha how is she. Doctor asks everyone to go out and meet Isha after she gives her statement. They all walk out.

Inspector walks in and asks Ishan if Isha is awake. Surekha says yes. Inspector says he has a good news for them, 2 people who attacked Isha are caught but didn’t inform a person’s name who hired them. He gets a call from constable that attackers revealed a person’s name who hired them. Mandar over phone laughs and tells someone that he took revenge from Isha. Police walks in and arrests him for attacking Isha. Inspector walks to Savi. Savi tells him that Isha is awake now. Doctor asks inspector not to stress Isha too much. Inspector walks to Isha and questions if she saw attacker’s faces.

Isha says their faces were covered. Inspector says she was attacked due to the report she prepared against Bhosale institute, so they thought Ishan got her attacked. Isha says Ishan can never attack her. Inspector asks if she knows Mandar from Latkar. She says yes and describes how her student eloped from her marriage and came to her as she didn’t want to marry Mandar’s alcoholic and womanizer son and how Mandar attacked her house and tried to suspend her from her job, but nothing happened. She says she doesn’t think anyone can go to this extent for a silly issue. Inspector says psychos can go to any extent and asks that student’s name. Isha thinks she can’t get Savi into trouble by revealing her name.