Lost in Love Update: Friday 8th March 2024


Lost in Love Update: Friday 8th March 2024

Kiran introduces himself to Yashwant, Ishan, and Nishikant as Savi’s brother-in-law and reminds them that he had visited them during Savi’s admission. Ishan recalls the event and says he can’t forget that drama, why did he come now. Kiran accuses Savi of being characterless who roams around the night with boys. Nishikant says his personal issue with Savi is none of their business. Kiran says Isha encourages Savi in her wrongdoings. Ishan says they know that, but what Savi does outside the college is none of their business. Yashwant says they shall listen to Kiran. Kiran accuses Savi of trying to s*xually abuse him when he was alone at home and requests them not to give hostel room to such a characterless girl. Ishan asks what is the proof of his allegation. Kiran says he is not accusing baselessly. Yashwant asks if he can say same in front of committee members. Kiran says yes. Ishan and Yashwant decide not to give hostel room to Savi.

Nishikant tells Yashwant that Kiran’s allegations must be baseless. Yashwant says they shall think about their benefit and use Kiran in their favor. Nishi asks what is in an envelope. Yashwant grins and leaves. Savi enters cabin and asks Ishan where is Yashwant as she needs his signature on hostel admission form. Ishan says he has gone out, she can come tomorrow. Savi says she needs college admission. Ishan says they will not give admission to a liar and hypocrite. Savi says he shall keep his personal opinion to himself and follow college’s book of rules. Ishan refuses to listen to her and continues his argument.

Shikha and Asmita enjoy tea at Shantanu and Isha’s house and say they are having tea prepared by someone else for the first time as they spend most of their time in kitchen. Door bell rings and they panic hearing Yashwant’s voice. Shikha hides behind a sofa. Isha hides them in a room and asks them not to come out until she says. Shantanu opens door and lets Yashwant in. He says he doesn’t want any argument. Yashwant says he is not here for argument, he came here to inform that Ishan has gone into depression after Shantanu left home. Isha asks what happened ot Ishan. Yashwant shouts Ishan’s condition is worse and its Shantanu’s duty to do something for his son.

Savi confronts Ishan again while he is busy in a meeting and shows him college’s book of rules on screen. Ishan recalls Reva showing pics on screen. Savi says according to rules, committee members can’t reject a candidate based on personal opinion and have to facilitate his/her smooth stay at their hostel. Ishan says she didn’t see the last rule that approval is at the sole discretion of committee, so he will make sure that she doesn’t get hostel accommodation at any cost. Savi says if he is challenging her, she will accept it and make sure she gets accommodation.