Lockdown Love Story Monday Update 4th April 2022


Lockdown Love Story Monday Update 4th April 2022

Dhruv getting itching. Nutan comes and asks him to go for a bath. She angrily cuts and burns the blanket. Milky says it was a costly thing. Nutan says whatever thing troubles my son, I will burn it to ashes. Sheetal asks Milky not to trouble Dhruv, else Nutan won’t leave her. Nutan says we will try to convince Dhruv and feed him the medicines. Sheetal says Milky should feed the medicine to Dhruv, it will be good. Nutan says fine. She goes. Milky says I have to do this work like a mother for Dhruv. Nutan asks Milky to feed the food to Dhruv. She asks Ankita to take care of Dhruv’s diet. She asks Milky to go, Dhruv would be hungry. She asks Ankita to make Alook gobi dish today. Dhruv refuses to have food. She gets angry and pinches him. He shouts.

She asks him to have food. He asks her to feed by her hands. She agrees. He bites her hand and runs away. Nutan asks how will we get fine, you have to learn to handle him. She goes. Milky says he has bitten my hand. Sheetal jokes. Dhruv goes out to play. Sonam meets him and asks what do you want to do today. He says I want to do rope jumping. Sonam asks the kids to play with them. The kids say you both aren’t kids, you are liar. Dhruv cries and says I also want clothes like a 5 year old, no one plays with me. He runs away. Sonam asks how shall I fulfill his demand.

He asks Nutan to get kids’ clothes for him. Nutan says we will go to market and get your clothes. She asks Sheetal and Milky to come. They come to a shop. Dhruv tries a kid’s shirt and it gets torn. He says I want strong one, its not of my size. He gets adamant and lies on the floor. Sonam comes there and sees them. She signs Dhruv to come. She takes Dhruv to another shop. She asks him to buy anything he wants. Sheetal says it is dangerous to get Dhruv out. They look for Dhruv. Sonam sees Nutan coming and hides. Nutan calls him out. Sonam stops him from responding to Nutan. She asks him to keep this a secret. Dhruv promises her. Nutan goes out to Sheetal. Sheetal says I didn’t fin him. Dhruv comes running to them. Nutan hugs him and cries. He asks will I get my clothes. Nutan says yes, but at this time, we should go home.

Sonam comes. Nutan asks her to stay away from them. Sonam says I just came here for my work. Dhruv wipes her tears and makes her laugh. Nutan asks Dhruv not to talk to Sonam. Milky says Sonam would be planning something.

Sonam makes some clothes for Dhruv. She asks the man to deliver the clothes to Dhruv. Dhruv tries the clothes. He loves it a lot. He poses in funny ways. Sneha shows this to Sonam on video call. Sonam laughs seeing his happiness.

Nutan asking Dhruv to wear new clothes from tomorrow. He happily goes. The man comes back and asks for money. He says she asked me to take money from you, she arranged the clothes. Sheetal smiles and recalls knowing Sonam’s move. She asks the man to tell Nutan that Sonam made the clothes for Dhruv. She bribes him. Milky smiles. Nutan pays the man. She calls Sonam. She scolds her for getting the clothes. She burns the clothes. Sonam asks her to stop. Dhruv comes and screams seeing the burning clothes. Nutan says it was not good, so I burnt it, come with me. Sonam says Dhruv, calm down, your parents will get new clothes for you. He cries. She sings a lullaby for him and cries.

Its morning, Shashi receives a parcel. Sneha checks it. Nutan asks did Sonam send clothes again. Shashi says no, Sneha told me that we get it online, so I had ordered it online. Nutan says good you told me, see Dhruv is happy. Dhruv thanks Shashi. Shashi goes and calls Sonam. He says thanks, you bought clothes at night and made new ones, you dropped the courier at the door, you are really good, you are Dhruv’s biggest well wisher, not even me, stay happy. Sonam makes Dhruv and her drawing. She prays. Sonam and Dhruv meet in the park. She says you look good. He asks why are your eyes red. She says I was busy working and didn’t sleep well, you look handsome. He cares for her.

She jokes. She takes Dhruv to the kids. The kid says you can also play with us. Sonam and Dhruv jump over the rope. They all play. The kids fall down. Dhruv says I won. The kid says you have hurt me, you are bad. The parents come and scold Dhruv. Sonam says Dhruv is mentally a 5 year old kid, he didn’t hurt them intentionally. The kids call Dhruv a cheater. Dhruv runs away to home. Sonam watches him on video call. Dhruv asks am I mad. Nutan says no, I will scold those people, don’t play with bad kids.

Nutan asks Dhruv to play with Dheeraj and Ankita. Nutan asks Pandit to tell any remedy, she can keep any fast or do puja. Pandit guides her. She says I can also keep a Nirjala fast for Dhruv. She calls Milky. She says you have to keep the fast with me, you are Dhruv’s wife. Milky makes a face. Sonam says Sneha, I will talk later. She goes to Subhadra and says don’t make lunch for me. Subhadra asks will this be right. Sonam says I will support Nutan in this. Dhruv plays with Dheeraj and Ankita. Sneha comes and asks Dhruv to come, they will do painting. Dheeraj and Ankita get tired of play. Dhruv puts the colours on Sneha and says no, I want to play, run now, we will play Chor police. They all run away. Dhruv asks them to stop. Milky eats food. Sheetal asks Milky to go and do some drama. Sonam and Dhruv connect on video call. She plays with him. He laughs. Milky and Sheetal come. Milky takes the phone from him.