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Lockdown Love Story Friday Update 18th March 2022

Sonam saying I promise, I will keep my word and get the proof, else I will leave. Raghav gets conscious. He fixes Sonam’s pic back on the wall. He says I didn’t get you, I will regret, it will take time but I will not lose. Sonam cries and says I came here with a dream of marriage, I wanted to give a new name to my relation and love, I wanted to marry Dhruv but what did this happen with me, my dreams broke, I got stained. Raghav gets the pendrive. He says it has the proof of our meeting, Sonam. He gets another laptop from the drawer. He checks the footage. He says now they will know about us, you will know that Raghav isn’t like Dhruv, Dhruv and his family will get insulted now. He edits the video to make a proof against Sonam. Sneha sees Sonam crying and goes. Shobha comes to Raghav and asks what’s these wounds, did you get beaten up.

Raghav says I m doing imp work, I m editing the video. He asks Shobha to apply the antiseptic cream. He says I will get much peace instead this pain, my pain has a medicine, their pain will not have any medicine. Shobha nods. Sneha takes Dhruv to show Sonam crying. Sneha says you have become a stone, I think you never loved Sonam, I feel bad seeing her cry, you decide soon, it will make your life easy. She goes. Dhruv recalls his moments with Sonam. He goes to her. He gets Raghav’s call and stops. He answers the call. Raghav says I m greeting you even on call, I want to inform you. Dhruv says I don’t want to hear anything from you. Raghav says I have sent a video to every family member, Sonam and I are in the lead roles, you will be happy, just see once and tell me. Everyone is shocked to see the video of Raghav and Sonam. Nutan asks what wrong thing did she go. Sheetal says I didn’t know she wants to romance anyone, be it the enemy. Dhruv is shocked to see the video. Raghav says you would be knowing what happened ahead, right. Dhruv gets angry. He shouts Sonam….

Sonam comes to them. Everyone stares at her. Raghav asks what if Sonam becomes your bahu. Shobha says it will be great if Shashi’s bahu becomes my bahu. Raghav says then get ready to welcome your bahu, I will prepare to get the bride. Sonam is shocked to see the video. She asks Dhruv to listen to her once. Dhruv folds hands and makes her away. He cries. She says no, its wrong. He gets Raghav’s call. He answers. He says now I understand why you loved Sonam, she is a fire, I understood how fun it is to feel that fire. Dhruv gets angry and says Raghav, I will come right there and bash you up. Raghav says your family’s present and future are in my hands, I will send this video to the entire city, everyone will have free entertainment. Shobha laughs. Raghav blackmails Dhruv. He says I didn’t send the video to anyone, if you want this video to stop, then oust Sonam from the house. He asks Dhruv to understand and agree to it, else…. He ends the call. Shashi asks what did he say. Dhruv says Sonam, leave the house. Sonam cries. Milky and Nutan smile.

Dhruv asking Sonam to leave. Sonam asks them to listen. Shashi says what’s there to see now, you know our terms with Raghav, still you went to meet him. Sonam says no, this video is fake, its edited, it has no truth, Raghav had a proof against Nutan, Sheetal, Milky and her mum, I went there to get proof. Nutan says you always blame us, you are a bad character girl, blame us that we took you to Raghav. Sonam says no, I went there on my own. Dhruv says you didn’t get the proof, so you slept with him. Everyone gets shocked. Sonam says you didn’t help me when I asked you, ask Bablu and Hulchul, they know the truth. He says if you don’t leave, this video will get viral, where will you take Hulchul and Bablu to explain, just go. She says yes, I m not at fault. He gets angry. He scolds her. He asks her to just go if she regards him her husband and this house as her Sasural. He cries. He says if you don’t go, I will call the police. Sheetal asks Shashi to make her leave. Sonam cries. Shashi says you met Raghav and did a wrong thing, I have always supported you, but not today, you have to leave, it will be better for this house. She asks how will I live with this blame.

Shashi says its better to live with this blame than getting the character defamed. Sonam says fine, I had stayed here on your faith, I will go when you don’t have faith on me. She goes and packs her bags. Nutan smiles.

Nutan recalls going to Raghav and meeting him. She asks why did you call me here to meet. He says we have a relation, why did you come to meet me. He plays the confession video. He asks her to join his hands. She asks her to save her, then she can help him. She says make this girl out of our house, then I will give you a right price, anything you ask for. Raghav asks how do I believe you. She says enemy’s enemy is friend, we have the same motive, you should believe me., you have the video, if I don’t keep my word, then leak this video, do you agree. He says yes. FB ends. Raghav says I have agreed to Nutan and got first than Dhruv, Dhruv always defeated me, now I will defeat him with Nutan’s help. Shobha laughs. Shashi asks Batasa to drop Sonam outside. He asks Sonam to go to Mumbai. Sonam cries and says I will decide what will be good for me, no need to drop me, I will go from here, but remember one thing Dhruv, you have given me 7 days to get proof and forced me to go in 3 days, its wrong, its not justice, you don’t care for this, our love has become a game, I lost, you won. Dhruv turns away. She says the game is over now. She cries and recalls Dhruv and her moments. She leaves.

Nutan asks Milky to shut the door. Milky shuts the door. They smile. Raghav says the game isn’t over, it begins now, it will be fun, Dhruv be ready. Dhruv sees Sonam leaving and cries. Sonam turns to see his window. He hides. Sonam calls Subhadra. She says sorry, I couldn’t clear the stain on my name. Subhadra says its fine, I m sorry, I told you to fight this battle, we may have decided wrong, win and lose don’t matter, come back home, I promise, I will never let you remember this. Sonam says I also want to come back. She gets kidnapped. She shouts. Subhadra hears her screams. Sonam’s phone drops. Subhadra asks what’s happening there… She worries.