Friday Update on True Love 17 January 2020

Friday Update on True Love 17 January 2020

Nirbhay enters the storeroom. Meethi is still looking for the lamp and coughs because of the dust. Akash is walking towards the storeroom. Nirbhay closes the door from inside. Akash is still on his way while Nirbhay is shown approaching Meethi. A storm is lurking outside.

Meethi hears a knock on the door. She turns and calls out who is there. She doesn’t get any response and thinks of coming back with Vishnu only. It is too scary inside. While outside, Akash tries to open the door. He thinks bhabhi only said Meethi is here then why is it not opening.

Meethi reaches for the door but Nirbhay holds her back by the neck. She shouts leave me. Akash hears her cries and tries opening the door. She pushes Nirbhay back once but he holds her firmly again. He is about to hurt her when Akash breaks open the door. Meethi gets her hand slashed.

Akash is about to hit the guy when he sees Nirbhay’s face in the lightning’s light and stops himself shocked. Nirbhay pushes him back and flees. Akash rushes to Meethi’s aid. She shouts at him to leave her. He calms her down and asks her not to be scared as he is with her.
She shows her hand to him. He immediately ties his hanky on her arm while she cries scared / in pain. She says…he wanted to kill me. Akash tries to reassure her that he is here and hugs her. He helps her in getting up.

Maiyya comes asking what the commotion was for. What happened to Meethi? Gomti and Mama are taken aback to see Meethi alive.
Akash says (with blank expressions) someone tried to harm her. Meethi says no someone tried to kill me. Maiyya asks who dared to hurt my daughter-in-law.

Gomti suggests it might be some thief. There was a storm outside plus light wasn’t there too. She might have misunderstood. Maiyya says what would have happened to his son if something would have happened to you?
Mama asks Vishnu to take Meethi to their room. Pavitra go and get the first aid box for her. She nods and turns to leave but finds blood spots on the floor. She tells everyone to look there and they do so.

Mama says it must be that thief’s. They can follow the blood trail to see if he is still hiding here. Everyone follows him and the trail leads them to Mami’s room.
Meethi says mami’s room. They all enter to find mami standing holding the knife in her hand.
Agarth says you tried to kill Meethi? She keeps moving her head in a no all scared. Maiyya says do something bhaiya. Today she tried to hurt our daughter-in-law tomorrow she would hurt someone else. It was a mistake to bring her back from the mental hospital. What could we do….you cant see her hurt. Everyone listen carefully, you all should make sure that she doesn’t go out anywhere.
Agarth takes the knife from her hand.
Meethi says no it wasn’t mami. (conch shell is heard in the background….Akash looks up in surprise). It was a man. Maiyya says what do you mean? Here she is standing with a knife in her hand and you are saying it was someone else? You think a thief came and left the knife here?
Meethi replies she doesn’t know all that but she is sure that it wasn’t mami. It was someone big, someone strong how do I tell you. You all aren’t ready to believe me.
Maiyya tries to reason out you saw in the dark? Lets ask Vishnu…you tell son was it a man or a woman? Akash is taken aback and says I don’t know as it was dark. I couldn’t fathom properly. Meethi is surprised. He says looking at mami it seems maybe it was her only.
Maiyya says she is tired take her to her room. Kajri take the first aid box to their room. Akash leaves with Meethi.

Maiyya asks everyone where her brave son is. He emerges from behind and says here!
She says you have done a great job. You did it without asking me? Plus, you got her entangled in the blood so much that she couldn’t differentiate who it really was. Now she will keeping thinking who and why but wont be able to find any answer.
Mama gives him the knife back and tells Kadambari….from today, you will stay locked in the storeroom in the basement. I don’t want anymore tension because of you. Saying so, he takes her away.

Thakur House:

Jogi is unable to sleep. He has flashback of Meethi’s wedding. How Mukku was telling them that he isn’t Vishnu but a fraud. Jogi had questioned her about the same. Raghuvendra had told him that Meehti hasn’t gone to Switzerland. He isn’t Vishnu but a criminal. The police inspector too had dispatched him to work on the IP address to trace Meethi. Jogi gets up all restaless and sips water.

Jogi gets Rathore’s call. He shares that he apologizes for disturbing him at this hour. They have traced the IP address. It is from somewhere in Uttar Pradesh. Jogi is shocked and says Meethi is in Uttar Pradesh? But how?
Rathore states that lets hope everything is fine. Till they trace the computer whether it was at a cafe or at someone’s home till then they cant say anything. He is leaving for Lucknow and it will take some 4-5 hours more to reach there. Jogi tells he would accompany him as well. Iccha’s asthi visarjan cannot happen until Meethi comes back. Rathore agrees.

Aatishgarh Haveli:

Meethi is in pain as Akash is trying to first aid her hand. Akash looks down. Meethi sees him all sad and asks where is he lost? Akash dismisses it saying nothing the cut is deep so he will go to Maiyya and get medicine for her. He goes out while Meethi looks at her wound.

Pavitra mocks Meethi….it wasn’t a woman it was a strong built man only. All laugh at it. Agarth says now she would know what it is to be scared. Maiyya agrees that now she would be scared of her own shadow.
Nirbhay says for one instant he thought to slit her throat only but chota (Akash) came in between. Just then Akash enters. Nirbhay asks him if he got hurt. That time he was high on killing someone why did you come between us. You ruined the game.
Akash replies that’s it bhaiya. You are forgetting that SHE IS MY WIFE. Maiyya looks at him keenly while everyone else is a little take aback.

Akash asks him what you were trying to do. Why were you after her life? What is this Maiyya? We had decided something else but here he is trying to kill MY wife.
Maiyya gets up and asks since when did she become his wife? Has he lost his mind?
Akash changes his words. I dint mean that but I dint knew that bhaiya will do something like this. I thought it was either a thief or Sankrant so….
She says Nirbhay decided on his own and did it. She insulted my brother a lot. What else could we do? She spoke a lot. We were only scaring her not trying to kill her. No one else will kill her. She asks everyone who will kill my enemy’s daughter? All look at Akash. She turns and points out to him – YOU! Akash is shocked.
She continues to say….you are my blood. You will take revenge for your father’s murder. You will kill Meethi….but not now….at the right time.

Maiyya saying no one else will kill her. She asks everyone who will kill my enemy’s daughter? All look at Akash. She turns and points out to him – YOU! Akash is shocked.
She continues to say….you are my blood. You will take revenge for your father’s murder. You will kill Meethi….but not now….at the right time. Akash turns to leave and is looking all lost and shocked.
Kajri comes and stands outside the window of the room to listen to their convo.
Nirbhay asks him who told you that Meethi is in the storeroom upstairs. Kajri is tensed and waits for his answer. Akash replies he heard Meethi shouting that’s why he rushed upstairs. Nirhay nods, Akash leaves all lost and Kajri smiles. She too leaves from there.

Akash enters his room and looks at Meethi struggling to nurse her own wound. He is pained to her so. He tells her that the medicine wasn’t there in Maiyya’s room the herbal medicine he has put will heal the wound fast. He lies down on his side of the bed while Meethi looks on.
He thinks from day one I knew I would have to kill Meethi one day. But why is my hand shivering today to hear it from Maiyya. Why am I thinking about her?
Meethi asks him if he is sleeping. A tear escapes his eye and he gets up after wiping it with his finger.
She asks him to help her in tying the bandage on the wound. She is trying but is unable to. When your hand will touch my wound the injury will quickly fade away. She smiles up to him while he is pained for her.
Meethi asks if she can tell him one thing. I know you were an orphan and mama and Maiyya took care of you since your childhood. I will never forget what they have done for you. I can even give my life for them. Akash looks taken aback and recalls Maiyya’s words of revenge and killing Meethi. CONTINUE READING FROM NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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