Friday Update on This is love July 27

Friday Update on This is love

July 27 Episode

Dadi doing Adi’s aarti. He touches her feet. She blesses him and asks him to follow her rules, no entry in Aaliya’s room. Adi says sure, I will obey all rules. Raman gives blank cheque to Mani asking him to take money for Adi’s expenses, I don’t want to keep anything as loan or favour. Dadi says very good principles. Raman leaves. Ishita asks Adi to remember whatever she taught him and wishes him all the best. Adi hugs her. Shagun thinks I will see how Adi survives here, I m sure Dadi will reject her. Adi keeps his clothes in cupboard. Mani comes there and says I came to clear one thing, I m allowing this because of Dadi, it does not mean you break your limits, my eyes will be on you. Adi says don’t worry, I won’t give you chance to complain. Mani goes.
Adi hopes Dadi gets impressed soon.

Dadi serves food to Adi and says if you don’t eat well, your Dadi will complain to me, I have to go temple tomorrow, you will take me, I have to do puja for my mum, be ready at 7am, this is your first test, have bath and prepare aarti plate. Adi says yes. He sees Aaliya and goes. Aaliya hopes Adi gets up early morning. Shagun thinks to see how Adi passes the test.

Simmi asks Amma how can Shagun do this, she took my name and gave phone to Ananya, that’s why Ananya told that I gave phone as gift, I will not leave Shagun. Amma says we can’t do anything of Shagun, but try to trust Ananya, if you make her away, she will go much away, don’t do this, you become her friend, allow her to use your phone. Amma explains her to understand Ananya. Simmi says yes, I will try this, I won’t become strict mom. Amma asks her to start it then.

Simmi calls Ananya and says I came on walk with Amma, I have to give medicine to mum, you give medicine to Nani. Ananya says fine and gets glad. Amma says see its so easy. Ananya goes. Ishita waits for Adi’s call and thinks how is Adi, I hope he did not get any difficult task. She is stitching button to Raman’s shirt and tells Raman. She waits for Adi’s message and is irritated by junk messages. She gets a call and scolds the man. She asks do people take loan at this time and ends call. Raman asks her not to worry. Her focus is on phone. Raman sees her and holds his head. She stitches the wrong button.

Raman offers help. She says no, its over. She gives his shirt. He sees the wrong button and says I will not wear this, you have stitched green button. She says no, I had peach button, sorry. He says calm down, why are you hyper, whats the problem. She says Adi, Dadi can give tough task. Raman says Adi did not go for war. She says its not easy to impress her, if he makes one mistake, Dadi will reject him. He says I wish he does many mistakes. She asks what did you say. Adi calls Ishita and says Dadi asked me to wake up at 4am to take her to temple. Ishita says Tamilians, I will keep alarm and wake you up at 3am. Shagun hears Adi. Adi asks will I wake up. Ishita says I used to wake up at 3am before, I will ring you. Shagun gives milk to Adi. Adi sets alarm. Shagun thinks I have added sleeping medicine in milk, Adi deserves better girl than Aaliya, Adi won’t wake up now, Ishita do anything now, I m doing this for Adi’s betterment.

Simmi apologizes to Ananya and asks her to keep phone, but in limits. Ananya hugs her. Adi does not wake up by alarm. Ishita wakes up and asks who kept 3am alarm. Raman asks her to sleep. She gets up and says Adi…. She rushes to call Adi. Adi does not answer. She recalls she left her car and says I will go by cab to wake up Adi. Dadi does puja, and Shagun gets disturbed in her sleep. She gets irritated. She sees time and says its 3.15, Adi can wake up by this sound, my plan will flop. She goes to check. She sees Ishita’s missed calls on Adi’s phone and says whatever you do Ishita, Adi will not wake up, as he is in deep sleep, Adi can’t impress Dadi now. She leaves. Ishita is not able to take cab and thinks how to wake up Adi. She thinks and says there is no other option.

Ishita goes to Raman and says he is sleeping. She wakes him up. He says I thought its Katrina Kaif. She says we have to wake up Adi, else he will fail. He asks are you mad, go and sleep. She says we have to go, Adi has to take Dadi to temple, I don’t have my car and license. He asks will I drop you, go and sleep. She says fine, I will try someone’s automatic car for the first time. He says wait, I m coming. He goes to freshen up.

Raman and Ishita reach Mani’s house. Raman says next time, I won’t drop you, you have irritated me. She asks him to come. He asks how will you go to Adi, will you ring bell. She says no, I can’t ring bell. She shouts Kukkad koo. Pihu asks Shagun whats that. Raman and Ishita argue. He asks her to come down. She asks him to shout. He says fine and tries. Shagun sees them and says they both won’t change Adi won’t get up.

Shagun seeing Dadi doing puja. She says Dadi is ready, good, Adi is….. Dadi goes to wake up Adi. Ishita says why is Adi not getting up, Dadi is angry. Raman asks on whom. Ishita says on you. Adi gets dressed in south Indian clothes and opens the door. Ishita sees Adi and smiles. Dadi blesses Adi. Ishita tells Raman that Adi is looking handsome. Raman asks her to be careful and come down. Ishita gets down and says congrats.

Raman asks her to come. Adi says I will make puja plate ready. Dadi says its enough you woke up, its ready. Adi says fine, I will get it from temple. He removes slippers and gets the puja plate. Aaliya comes and asks shall I come along. Dadi asks her to come. They leave. Shagun says how did Adi wake up so soon, I have given him strong sleeping
pill. Adi sees Raman’s car there and thinks Papa’s car, if Dadi sees, it will be problem. He opens the door and asks Dadi to sit in front seat. He asks Aaliya to message Ishi Maa everything is fine, she would be worried. They leave. Raman says we got saved, Adi looked handsome like me in traditional clothes.

Ishita smiles and says how did Adi wake up. Aaliya messages her that she had kept alarms and had doubt that Adi won’t get up, so she has woke him up. FB shows Aaliya going to wake up Adi. Adi does not wake up. She gets a bucket of water and says sorry Adi, but I have to do this. She pours water on Adi and he wakes up. She laughs. He says oh no, I had to go to temple with Dadi, you are playing water water. She says I was waking you up. He says I will see you later, is this way to wake a sleeping person. She smiles. FB ends. Ishita laughs reading the message. Raman asks is she satisfied now. Ishita says yes.

Dadi tells Adi that he passed the first test, but second test will be tough, we have to go in that temple. Adi and Aaliya see the temple at the top. He thinks I have to climb so many stairs in morning. He says I m ready, tell me what to do. Dadi says you have to lift and take there. Adi and Aaliya smile. Adi says I m ready and goes to lift Aaliya. Dadi says not Aaliya, lift me, I m old and have knee pain. Adi smiles. Aaliya signs him. Dadi asks him to hurry now, and don’t make me fall. He says trust me, nothing will happen. He lifts Dadi and takes her. He climbs the temple stairs and stops in between. His foot get aching.

Ishita calls Adi and says Adi did not tell me what happened in temple, I will message him. Raman looks on and says Ishita won’t change. He asks Neelu to get juice and goes to take his phone. Ishita says I will make juice. Neelu gives juice to Raman. He drinks and spits, asking what did you make Neelu. Ishita asks why, I made it, what is the problem. He says you added salt instead sugar. She says sorry, Neelu you make juice now. Raman says leave it, I will be alive on air and water. Mihir calls him and asks him to get Ishita, Singhal reached. Raman says Ishita is not suitable to come. He asks Ishita to come, leave about Adi and Aaliya. They leave.

Adi finally makes it to the temple and gets tired. Dadi asks you okay. Adi smiles seeing Aaliya. Aaliya says I will get water for you. He says no, I can’t have anything before puja, I will drink water later. Dadi smiles. She tells pandit to do puja for her mum’s birthday, this is my granddaughter and he is my son, he will do puja. Adi gets glad and does puja. Dadi tells Adi that she came in this temple inside after many years, she could not come by her knee pain reason, Adi did all this and made me visit Devi Maa, you proved me wrong, I thought you could not do this, wait here, I will get Prasad. She asks Adi not to worry, I can get down stairs on own. She takes her phone and goes. Aaliya tells Adi that he impressed Adi well. Adi says lifting you would be easier, but I m glad seeing Dadi happy, I could not inform Ishimaa, what to do, I did not get my phone. She says Dadi took her phone. He says fine, we will go home and inform. They smile.

Simmi looks for some new gadgets. Ananya asks for whom are you seeing this. Simmi says for Pihu, tell me what to buy for Pihu, you know her choice. The man says this videogame is expensive, its worth 40000rs. Ananya asks why to gift her, its not her birthday. Simmi says even Pihu gifted you, Shagun gifted you and took my name as you would not accept gift, tell me what to buy for Pihu, next time if anyone gifts you, ask me once. She asks the man can she pay in instalments. Mrs. Bhalla asks Ananya to come for school. Simmi thinks how will Ananya take this matter, I told her everything as a friend.

Shagun is at Pihu’s school and says don’t cancel appointment I have come to pick my daughter. Ananya sees Shagun and says shall I ask Shagun why did she lie, she gave me phone to chat with Pihu, I have to tell Pihu that mumma bought gift for her. Shagun asks Pihu to come fast. Ananya asks Pihu to listen. Shagun says not now, and takes Pihu. Mrs. Bhalla and Amma ask Ananya to talk to Pihu tomorrow. Shagun tells Pihu that she has meeting with designer. Pihu says I m hungry. Shagun says we will pick something on the way. She asks Pihu to come. The lady asks Shagun to come fast, you can’t take your daughter, she will stain the clothes. Shagun asks Pihu to play games in her phone and goes to meet designer.

Raman and Ishita are on the way. Ishita asks him to drop him at Mani’s place, Adi and Aaliya did ot call me, I will come by cab. She shouts call came and Raman gets shaken. She says what, you passed in second test, I m proud of you. Raman stops the car and asks her to get down the car. Ishita tells Adi that she will talk to him later. She asks Raman where did he get her. Raman says its RTA office, get licence and your car back, leave me, you have troubled me saying about Adi and Aaliya. She says I m worried for them, I m their mom. Shagun’s car is towed and got there. The traffic constables talk why did they tow the car when girl is inside. Ishita tells Raman that its like Shagun’s car, the girl… Raman says Pihu and they rush to see. They see Pihu sleeping inside the car and knock the door. Pihu wakes up and says Papa…. Raman asks her to open the lock. Pihu unlocks the door and comes out. Raman hugs her. She smiles. Ishita holds her. Pihu gets angry and scolds her. She says I want to go to my mumma. The constable asks what is happening. Pihu says send me to my mumma please. He asks her to come along. Ishita looks at Raman.