Friday Update on Lockdown Love Story 25th February 2022


Friday Update on Lockdown Love Story 25th February 2022

Nutan walks to Subhadra and asks her to inform her about her family’s wedding rituals so that she doesn’t feel they are not left out. Subhadra tensed asks why is she saying this, they will do whatever rituals Nutan says. Nutan says tomorrow there is Dhruv and Sonam’s haldi ritual and mother should grind haldi. Subhadra and everyone get happy hearing that. In another room, Dheeraj appoints pandit for online pooja and asks Ankita if she deleted her photoshoot pics as amma wanted him to check. She gives him mobile. He says one pic is left. She nervously says she would have forgotten to delete it by mistake. He says she is looking good in it, so she can keep it but not forward it to anyone. Ankita gets happy.

At night, Sonam senses someone in her room and gets afraid thinking a thief barged in. Dhruv shuts her mouth and says its him. Tanu half asleep asks what happened. Sonam says she is going to get water and walks away with Dhruv. Tanu sensing what is happening asks her not to create issue like last time. They go on terrace. Dhruv says soon they will have their own room and privacy. Their romantic chat and discussion starts. Sonam gets nervous and repeats Dhruv’s words that he has to control himself for 4 days till they get their own room and privacy. Dhruv walks away smiling at her.

Next morning, rituals start. Both families complement each other. Nutan asks Subhadra if she is ready for Matkor ritual. Subhadra asks what is it. Nutan explains it in detail. Bua laughs. Shasikant suggests to start rituals on terrace. Nutan feels lack of wedding entertainment. Sonam with others dance. Dhruv gets happy seeing her dance. Bua thinks let Sonam dance and enjoy, she will not marry Dhruv though.

Nutan asking Sneha to fill the soil to do the rasam. Pratap thinks I can’t see them ruining my daughter’s life. Nutan asks Amber to come and complete the rasam. Amber sits with Subhadra. Pratap recalls Subhadra’s dust allergy. He thinks I have to stop this marriage at any cost. Subhadra tolerates the dust. Pandit asks them to keep the soil down and start the haldi rituals. Pratap goes downstairs. He sees Subhadra struggling to put the soil in the pot. He says its such a costly saree and you have put soil in it, I will clean it.

Nutan asks what are you doing, this soil is precious, it will make first stove of your daughter, Subhadra is doing it with devotion. Pratap says your saree is of 2000rs, you won’t care for it. Nutan and Pratap argue. Subhadra coughs. Dhruv and Sonak come and look on. Dhruv asks him to come, mahurat is passing. Pandit asks Sheetal not to worry, he will chant a mantra and everything will get fine. Subhadra feels unwell. She gets dizzy. Everyone gets worried. Sonam asks Amber to get the inhaler. Pratap has the inhaler in his pocket. He thinks sorry, you all didn’t leave any option for me to stop this marriage. Pandit asks them to hurry up. Sonam says my mom is unwell and you are saying about mahurat.

Nutan says sit for the haldi, I will see her. Sheetal says she needs her pump. Dhruv asks his brother to call Gupta ji. Sonam says we should take mom to the hospital, she is unwell. Pandit says mahurat is passing. Sonam says this allergy can kill her, its not a regular allergy. Dhruv gets kada for Subhadra. Pratap says she needs oxygen and you are feeding her kada, stop all this. Pandit says just 10mins left. Sonam angrily goes to hit the laptop. Dhruv stops her. He asks pandit to sit quiet. Nutan says Sonam insulted the pandit.

Sonam asks what shall I do now, mom isn’t fine, I m taking her to hospital, mom is imp for me. Pratap thinks problem will be solved if mahurat passes. Dhruv gets the inhaler and asks Subhadra to take it. Sheetal sees Pratap hiding an inhaler. Subhadra gets fine and hugs Sonam. She says Dhruv gave me a new life. His friend says Dhruv has sent me to Gupta to get his inhaler, he got this idea. Dhruv says I can get Sanjeevani herb for mummy ji if needed. Sonam says I m sorry. She cries and hugs him. Dhruv asks her to not cry. He asks Subhadra to stay fine.

Sonam apologizes to pandit and asks how much time is left. Pandit says just few mins. Sonam and Dhruv rush and sit for haldi. They get haldi applied. A girl Milky is seen. She argues with the inspector. She says Dhruv has taken my dad’s inhaler, I m going to get it, else my dad will get unwell, I will come soon. Sheetal says Dheeraj’s haldi was fun, I was thinking if any woman came home singing, it would be good. Milky sings and comes home. Dhruv asks her to show her face, not create the mystery more. Milky removes the mask and smiles. Everyone smiles. Batasa says she is Shweta aka Milky, our neighbor, Dhruv’s childhood friend. Dhruv says Amma and Bua were talking about you. Milky says you didn’t invite me, you used to play with me in childhood, you changed. Sonam smiles. Dhruv introduces Sonam.