Friday Update on Cost of love 30th April 2021


Friday Update on Cost of love 30th April 2021

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Ahaan and Pankti misleading Sinha by a black cat. Sinha and his men leave from there. Richa says Ahaan is not at peace even when Pankti is back. Vikram asks her to stop it. She says entire family is tensed. They argue. She says at least Ahaan and Pankti care for each other, they are better. Pankti holds Ahaan’s hand. Ahaan asks the ghosts not to scare them now. Pankti chants Hanuman chalisa lines and says why is there no chalisa to shoo off JD. Ahaan sees a grave and shows the graves of lovers. They have a cute argument. He holds her. Tu aashiqui….plays… She smiles. He gets close. She jokes on his stomach making sounds. She gives her biscuits. She asks him to take it if he can. He runs after her. They laugh. He asks her to have food first, he can’t have it before feeding her. She gets scared. He laughs and shows the cat.

They talk about themselves while talking about the lovers Patrick and Rose. She hugs him. He asks her to say if she wants to kiss, he will keep trying. She smiles. Aparna says keep my children away from problems, protect Ahaan and Pankti. She prays. JD comes downstairs and sees her. He asks about Ahaan. Sheetal comes and taunts JD. Its morning, Pankti wakes up and sees Ahaan gone. She looks for him worriedly. Ahaan comes with tea and asks what happened, did you get scared again. He gives her tea. He gets a call. Uday says you answered quickly, did you wake up soon. Ahaan says I slept in graveyard, I had to wake up early. Uday asks him to come to studio for recording. Ahaan says I can’t leave Pankti alone. Pankti tells Uday that Ahaan will come. Ahaan asks how will I go there, my clothes aren’t fine. She gives him money to buy clothes. They go for shopping.

Ahaan and Pankti pour water on each other. He changes in the car. He lets her go. Pankti changes in the car. She comes down the car. They sign each other. They come for the recording. Ahaan sees the same music director. The man asks did you come back, if you got famous, it doesn’t mean you learnt singing. Ahaan gets angry. Pankti stops him. The man says I have to make you sing on client’s saying. Pankti asks him to start recording. The man says I won’t let recording end easily. Ahaan sings Rootha mujhse khuda…. Pankti hears him. The man shouts cut, what’s this tone, start again. He troubles Ahaan.

Pankti smiles and signs Ahaan. Ahaan sings again. The man says go and do modelling, why are you singing, you don’t sing well. Pankti says you are asking him to sing in sharp tone, he is not singing any rap. The man asks will you teach me singing, you know it well, fine sing something and show. Pankti sings…. Ahaan gets surprised and recalls her song heard on radio. He smiles. The man says enough. She asks what happened. The man says I did a mistake, I asked you to sing. He insults her. Ahaan gets angry. Pankti says no, this can’t happen, I have learnt music from pandit Shiv, I can’t sing bad. The man asks am I wrong then. Ahaan removes the headphones and looks on.

the music director Adarsh insulting Pankti and Ahaan. Ahaan holds Pankti and smiles. He answers Adarsh for following someone and not using his music knowledge. He replies Adarsh and smiles. Adarsh asks them to get out. Ahaan says client signed deal with me, not with you, you can leave, I can’t, this song will be recorded if its in the tune which Pankti finds right. Ahaan and Pankti leave. Sinha comes to JD and says Pankti and Ahaan ran away. JD slaps and scolds him. He gets a call from Adarsh. Adarsh gives the news of Ahaan and Pankti coming for recording.

He says I insulted them and made them leave. JD says fine, I will talk later. Sinha says I can find them. JD says stop finding them, ceasefire, when a tiger steps back, it means he is going to take a long jump. Pankti and Ahaan come to music school and greet Guru ji. They pray. She says few people know Guru ji but swear of his talent, one who learns music here, no one dares to doubt on their talent. Ahaan says wow, you didn’t say since when you are learning. She sees her childhood pics and recalls her father getting her admitted in the music school.

Pankti plays the musical instrument. Guru ji says she knows music, I will make her my student. Her dad thanks Guru ji. FB ends. Pankti says I lost my dad and then music, mum pushed me in this hell, its strange life, I would have lost my identity if I didn’t leave your home. Ahaan jokes. JD comes to Anita and shocks her. He asks are you sleeping by ruining my sleep. She asks what are you saying.

She says I will get my daughters back and then they will be serving you all life. He asks will you get them back, who, Poorva from Monty, she is there right. She says Poorva went out of my hands, tell me how to control her. He says you know where is Poorva, you can’t do anything, but where is Pankti, you have no idea. He hurts her and asks where is Pankti.

She says I don’t know. He scolds her. He hurts her hand. She says I really don’t know, you get her back. He says your cage got weak and she is taking a high flight. She says don’t worry, I m very mean, I will cut her wings this time. He laughs and says you are really mean, but now its time to talk with love. She asks what do you mean. He takes a knife.

Ahaan sings tum mere ho….. Ahaan asks Pankti to sing something. He says you have sung this song on radio right. She says yes, but how do you know. She sings the song. Pal do pal….plays….. JD says I will cut your wings, so that Pankti gets helpless to come here, she has tolerated much pain, she doesn’t feel pain, maybe she feels pain by hearing her mum’s scream. He cuts her wrist. She gets hurt.