Friday Update on Complicated Love 5th March 2021


Friday Update on Complicated Love 5th March 2021

Pari comes at the door, she calls Mishti to open the door but was worried as she doesn’t reply. Radhika asks Pari to let Mishti alone for some time. Veer comes inside. Pari asks if Mishti is fine. Veer says she is only terrified, she was silent all the way in the car and needs time to let things sink in. Pari hugs Veer and cries. She apologizes Veer as she was much concerned, what if someone said something to Mishti. She thanks Veer for bringing Mishti home. Veer says they should actually thank Rohan, he saved Mishti. Veer gets a call from his mother, and confirms to her that Mishti is fine. His mother asks him when he would return. Veer now goes to Mishti. Radhika calls Pari to her.
Veer knocks at Mishti’s room door. Mishti replies what. Veer asks if she is fine. Mishti replies yes she is fine. Veer takes a leave from the family and turns to go outside. Sukhmani also takes a leave from Radhika and offers any help if needed.

Rohan reaches home in his car. Veer walks out and clutches Rohan’s collar. He forbids Rohan to speak a single word, else he might do any harm. He feels ashamed of even calling Rohan a friend, he was alone in the world and was given brotherly love from him, and even his parents treated Rohan like their own child. But Rohan wanted to win Mishti’s love instead. Rohan tries to explain but Veer didn’t want to speak to him. Rohan hears a car horn and realizes he had only been day-dreaming. He reverse his car and drives out of the apartments. Arnav watches Rohan and tries to stop him. There, Pari continuously tries Rohan’s call and wish he is fine. She was upset by the tension.

Ansh and Tani were studying together. Ansh writes a sorry card to Tani, she throws it back towards him. He holds his ears and requests her to forgive now.

Pari was upset that the network couldn’t connect to Rohan. Radhika says it’s not a problem with Rohan’s phone that it goes out of coverage. Mishti wish Rohan is fine. There was a door bell, Pari hopefully opens the door but it was Arnav. Arnav says Rohan came over. He drove away from the society. Both Pari and Mishti at once asks ‘how long ago?’ Arnav replies right away. Mishti thinks to herself why you left Rohan, I won’t find peace till you have returned. She was done with oiling of her hair. Arnav asks Sukhmani to go home, he needs to speak to her. Pari asks him to speak here, they are all here. Sukhmani tells Radhika she is tired now, and takes Arnav and Tani. Tani says she would be back sometime later. Ansh also requests Arnav to let them study, a lot of course is yet left. Arnav tells Ansh to drop her home.

At home, Sukhmani serves food for Arnav. Arnav tells Sukhmani he met Vivek downstairs, and said he had spotted Tani in the night club. Sukhmani thinks if she tells Arnav she didn’t know, he would kill Tani today. Sukhmani says Tani said she was going with her friends. Arnav complains Bua never left him go to night clubs till he was eighteen, and Tani is only sixteen. Sukhmani says he is over reacting, her class-fellows all went there. It’s good she went by informing them. Arnav was worried that it’s not Tani’s age to do all this. She assures Arnav she won’t give any permissions to Tani again.

Mishti walks to the balcony restlessly awaiting Rohan. She calls on Rohan’s number. Rohan stood beside his car on a road side. He thinks about Mishti, and their encounters together. He hears his phone bell ringing and brings it from the car but doesn’t respond. Mishti tries again, wondering if he wouldn’t pick up her call. Rohan thinks about Veer and his stand for him, his trust and confidence. Rohan thinks I am sorry, I can’t answer. Whatever happened between them is a betrayal to his friend, he can’t be guilty in front of his friend. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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