Friday Update on Complicated Love 11th September 2020


Friday Update on Complicated Love 11th September 2020

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Everyone dance around the party. Kunal boasts about making Nandini smile in front of Mauli, Mauli calls him as her hero. Everyone share a drink in the party.
Rajdeep was also drinking in the house and says everyone must be happy, Mauli, Kunal and Nandini. But he can’t bear people living happy. He strike Nandini’s photo with arrows counting from 10 to 1. The first one strike right in the middle of Nandini’s forehead.

Makhija arrives at the party. Nandini was terrified watching him there.
Makhija greets the people while Nandini tries to hide herself. Rajdeep calls him asking if he reached the location. Makhija says he couldn’t reach the prey. Rajdeep was sure Nandini must be working as a maid, serving people around. He tells Makhija not to forget his strike and disgrace Nandini so much that she has to return to him. Makhija says Rajdeep was about to send Nandini to him. Rajdeep clarifies first he would receive the parcel and after little denting and painting it would reach him. Makhija wasn’t ready to wait for long. Makhija spots Nandini in the party who tried to hide her face.
Kunal stops Makhija and greets him. Makhija says he has come to him with an agenda to work together. Kunal takes Makhija to meet his wife, the party was organized for her.
Nandini was going into the room, Sweety stops her and introduces herself to Nandini. She appreciates Nandini’s efforts for decorations and goes to bring her husband Prem to meet her. Nandini walks away as soon as she gets a chance. Sweety comes with Prem but no one was there. Dida comes to take the couple to enjoy the party. Nandini hides herself behind the fridge and thinks the whole celebration would be spoilt if Makhija says something in the party. She decides to go into her room.

Makhija meets Mauli complementing her professionalism and shows a will to work with them. Kunal serves him with sweets. Makhija thinks about Nandini and inquires Mauli about the cook. Mauli boasts that her friend arranged all the party and event. Makhija shows a will to meet such an event planner, he is also organizing a party next week. Mauli was happy and goes inside looking for Nandini.

Nandini stood behind the door in her room. Mauli insists on her to come outside and enjoy the party. Nandini didn’t want to come but was forcefully taken to Mauli.
Outside, Makhija recognizes Nandini as Mrs. Nandini Thakkur. Kunal was cheerful if he knows Nandini? Makhija says he doesn’t want to know Nandini and wonders if Kunal knows women like her. He says this isn’t an event organizer, she came to him as well but not to present any food but to present herself. Mauli tells Makhija he must have a misunderstanding and turns to take Nandini inside. Makhija says he is a respectable man and lives in respectable society, he is ashamed Kunal and Mauli also present such women in their parties as organizers. Kunal says this is insult to his guests. Makhija blames Nandini for going in VIP parties so that her husband can get good deals. She is a pr*stitute of high society and nothing more. She invited him to her house for dinner as well.

Dida questions who this man is. Kunal tries to push Makhija out of the house.
Makhija asks them to inquire Nandini herself – Hotel President, room 228 at 8 pm. Did she come there as a good housewife. He asks Nandini if her husband didn’t send her to get money from him? He can show the CCTV of the hotel. Mauli confronts that she doesn’t need to ask her, she is her friend and she knows her well enough.
Makhija tells Kunal his respect is in his own hands, if such a girl lives in his house, his society will also be disgraced. The neighbors and party guests discuss why Kunal and Mauli even gave a space to such a girl in their house. They must have sent her the night her husband came and created all the drama out here. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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