Faltu Update: Wednesday 7th February 2024


Faltu Update: Wednesday 7th February 2024

Sid asking Amar to check the fuse box, what happened to the lights. Ayaan and Faltu come. They perform on Rangsaari… Tanu thinks Ayaan and Faltu always anger me, now they have to bear it. Everyone claps. Sid and Tanu also perform on Aa dekhe zara…. Faltu and Ayaan join them. Police comes home. Inspector asks for Ayaan. He says we have come to arrest you. Ayaan and everyone are shocked. Ayaan says police came to arrest me for entering office. Janardhan asks what did Ayaan do. Inspector says he has done financial fraud, we have a FIR against him. Faltu says he didn’t do anything, someone is framing him. Ayaan says yes, I didn’t do anything, Sid, Tanu and Kanika planned this, I got the news from the office, so this was their plan.

Sid says you are framing me to save yourself. Faltu says this was your plan to insult us, how much will you stoop, have some shame. Tanu asks why would we do this, we just got to know this, if Ayaan is innocent, then let the police investigate, we are ready to cooperate. She says Ayaan can’t do this, we know him, please let this matter go, we will support you in investigation later. Faltu says stop this drama, everyone is aware of your truth. Sumitra asks who dare you speak to Tanu like this. Faltu says I can test people better than you. She asks Savita and Dadi to know, Ayaan can’t do this, believe him.

She says Tanu had warned me yesterday itself, but I didn’t know she will fall so low, Ayaan didn’t do anything, she is taking revenge. Savita asks Kanika to stop all this, don’t punish the entire family. Faltu says Kanika and Tanu never regarded this family their own, else they would have not called the police and defamed them. Inspector says we have to take Ayaan with us. Janardhan stumbles. Ayaan holds him and asks him to be careful. He asks someone to get water. He says everything will be fine. Tanu says he is right, uncle. Ayaan says keep your fake concern to yourself, I hate to see your face today, why did you do this, you want to win over Faltu, Faltu has won over you, you have lost forever.

He says the entire family is with Faltu today, you will be all alone, you are scared of loneliness, right, you will just get loneliness and sorrow, you will be very lonely. Kanika says my Tanu will never stay alone, I will be with her always. Ayaan says this is happening because of you, you have shown this way to her. Sid holds Tanu.

Ayaan says people like you stay lonely in the end. Faltu says give me some time to prove his innocence. Inspector says get the proof in court, we have to arrest him. Ayaan gets arrested. Faltu says I will prove it, Ayaan is innocent and they all are wrong. Ayaan leaves. Faltu scolds Tanu. She says you can never love anyone, because you don’t know what is love, you have proved that Ayaan is not yours and will never be yours. Everyone goes. Kanika says sorry, but this party is over. The guests leave. Sumitra says Sid, you are nowhere in this fight, I think you won’t get Tanu. Sid says she will come to me, I will win. Inspector says we can’t give you VIP treatment.

Ayaan says its okay, my family will prove my innocence. He is put in the lockup cell. The cell mates ask him what did he do. Ayaan says no need to talk in my matter. The constable gets the food. He asks the men not to gossip. Ayaan thinks Faltu would be broken seeing this. Savita cries and says how would Ayaan stay in jail, he is grown up in lavish lifestyle. Dadi says Janardhan, get Ayaan home. Janardhan says I feel so helpless because of Kanika and Tanu. Faltu says calm down, what will we do if your health gets worse.