Faltu Update: Wednesday 14th February 2024


Faltu Update: Wednesday 14th February 2024

Faltu serving the food. Tanu asks Sid to try the soup first. She feeds it to Sid. He says its nice. Tanu likes it and says you make good food, why did you choose to become bahu when you are still doing the cook’s work. Faltu says you got divorced to Ayaan but you are still here. Tanu asks did the work happen. Sid says yes. Kanika asks what work. Faltu adds some liquid in the kheer. Faltu gets the kheer and serves them. Kanika asks where are the family members. Faltu says family doesn’t want to be with him, have food soon, then I will see everyone.

They eat the kheer and like the taste. Faltu says I have added medicine, they won’t wake up at any cost, they will wake up in morning. Suhana and Kinshuk smile. Kanika says I m feeling sleep. Tanu and Sid ask her to sleep in the guest room. They have a talk. Sid says those men have reached the jail. She says it will be fun now. They fall asleep. Ayaan studies the law books. Constable praises him. Inspector scolds him and says all the thieves are same, let them spend time together. The men anger Ayaan deliberately. Faltu says Tanu and Sid are sleeping. Suhana says Kanika is also sleeping, Kinshuk is reaching her house now.

Kinshuk goes to Kanika’s house. He acts and fools the watchman. Kinshuk asks him to have food. The watchman calls another guard. Kinshuk gives the food parcel. He asks them to have two peg. The guards agree. Kinshuk says field clear. Faltu and Suhana come. She asks Suhana to do her work, and wishes all the best. Suhana and Faltu enter the house. They search for the evidence. The guard says I will go and check if everything is fine. Faltu asks Kinsuk to stop the guard. The men ask Ayaan what crime did he do, and why is he defending his case himself. Ayaan calls out the inspector and says they are misbehaving with me. Inspector warns them. Kinshuk says don’t go inside, you are stumbling, I will go and see. The guard says you are nice, you go and see. The guards fall asleep. Kinshuk sees the cameras off.

The men beat Ayaan. Ayaan fights them. The man says save us inspector, he will kill us. Inspector scolds Ayaan. Ayaan says they have raised hand first, you have sent them here to make them fight me, I can know your intentions. Inspector threatens him. Faltu sees the locker, and thinks where are the keys.