Faltu Update: Saturday 3rd February 2024


Faltu Update: Saturday 3rd February 2024

Ayaan showing the equipment list to buy for Faltu. He asks her to take rest. She asks him to go tomorrow. She says Tanisha has called dad to the office, but why, I find something is wrong, you will go with him, you know he feels defeated, I have a way. Savita asks Amar for the breakfast. Amar says Sumitra asked me to make this breakfast for Tanu and Sid first, she said she will talk to you, sorry. Sid and Tanu come. Janardhan says its okay, I will have food at the office. Tanu asks Janardhan didn’t he have food. Savita complains about Sumitra. She says this food is just made for you, no one else. Sid asks Tanu to come, they will go to office and have breakfast. They leave.

Dadi asks what’s happening. Janardhan says I m also going. Savita says don’t go without having breakfast. Faltu says I will make something for you. He says no need to show pity. He gets dizzy. Ayaan comes and holds him. He says I will drop you to the office, driver is on leave. Faltu smiles and recalls Ayaan paying the driver and giving him an off. Guard stops Ayaan. Ayaan asks didn’t you identify me. Guard says sorry, Kanika and Tanisha madam asked me not to allow you, sorry. Ayaan goes out and speaks to a staff guy. He asks what’s going on inside.

The guy says something big is going to happen, its all happening secretly, I read Janardhan took retirement, come back, I don’t like to work these days, everyone is in stress. Ayaan says don’t worry, dad has company’s ten percent, you never know what happens. Janardhan comes. Sid sees him and stands up. Tanu asks Janardhan to sit. She says Sid is handling your and Ayaan’s work, so he is sitting on this chair. Janardhan asks why did you call me here, I retired. Kanika says there is a small formality, you got retired, we decided to remove you from board of members, so we are removing you from this position. Janardhan is shocked. Kanika asks him to sign the papers.

Faltu calls Ayaan to know the matter. Savita asks did you talk to Ayaan. Faltu says no, he isn’t answering. Savita says Ayaan won’t be in the meeting, shall I call Tanu. Faltu says no. She goes. Amar says Savita didn’t take her medicines. Ayaan says I will go from this way, nobody should know I m here. The guy agrees. Ayaan sees Janardhan arguing with the board. Kanika says you took the loan and you have to surrender the 10 percent shares to pay it off. She asks the man to show the papers. She says you shouldn’t have any problem when you handed over the business to the kids.

Tanu asks him to just sign the papers and leave the business. He says this is not right, you didn’t think what I will do, my entire family is dependent on me for everything, what will I do, how will I face them. He cries. Ayaan gets angry and cries. The guy asks what happened Sid, is everything fine. Guard and staff asks Ayaan to come. Ayaan enters from the front door and barges into the conference room. He stops Janardhan from signing the papers. He says you aren’t alone, your son is still alive. Savita cries seeing Ayaan and Janardha’s pic. Faltu comes with the food and medicines.

She pacifies Savita. She asks her to have her medicines and take care. She worries. Sid and Tanu ask Ayaan who have allowed you to come inside. Ayaan shouts on them. Kanika says your dad took the funds, we aren’t cheating him. She asks the board members to excuse them for sometime. She says this has become a personal matter. She says Ayaan, we are asking him to pay the loans, we could have settled this matter legally.

Ayaan says fine then, we will settle this legally, dad won’t sign the papers, he will have his ten percent shares. He asks Janardhan not to worry. He says I won’t let anyone do injustice, they have to tackle me first, I will call my lawyer. Tanu says it’s a family matter, don’t involve the lawyer, why can’t you accept that we got business in our hands. Ayaan says their agenda is sure, Sid and Tanu got married to do this. Sid says enough, you married Faltu so this situation arose, don’t blame me. Ayaan says you will get the answers in court, I promise dad, I will make dad sit back on this chair.