Faltu Update: Friday 2nd February 2024 – Faltu warns Tanisha


Faltu Update: Friday 2nd February 2024 – Faltu warns Tanisha

Sumitra blaming Faltu. Tanu acts innocent. She says trust me, I didn’t do this. Savita says let Amar speak, Ayaan is asking him. She asks Amar to say. Amar says Tanisha asked me for haldi box, I got it for her and then got the protein shake to Faltu. Tanu says you will blame me now. Sid says I trust you. Kanika asks where was that box. Amar says kitchen. She says Sumitra and Amar would have seen Tanu adding the medicine. Sumitra says I didn’t see it.

Kanika asks how can anyone blame Tanisha. Tanu says fine, call the police and let them investigate. Sid says enough, no one can blame my wife, end this. Dadi says we should call the police, we will find out the culprit. Tanu worries. Faltu says no need to call police, else family will lose the reputation. She says whoever did this shall know, such little things can’t stop me.

Ayaan says it was better than we stayed outside in tent. He goes and thanks the official for giving another chance to Faltu. He asks Faltu to focus on her health and focus on cricket. He says no use to tell you anything. She hugs him. He scolds her for worrying for everyone and not for herself. He says I got frustrated because of financial tensions. She says you can’t lose, we have to fight Tanu, Sid and Sumitra, they are standing against our family, everything will be fine soon. She sees Ayaan has fallen asleep. She makes him sleep. She goes and hears Tanu and Kanika planning.

Kanika says don’t say anything, someone can hear it. Sid comes and says we will drop you home, aunty. Tanu hugs him and says you are my best friend. He asks them to come. They leave. Faltu checks Tanu’s room and gets the medicine bottle. She says I will get this checked by doctor. Tanu comes. Faltu hides the bottle. Tanu says I knew you will come to check for the medicine bottle, I caught you red handed. Faltu says I caught you, I will tell everyone that you can stoop to this level.

Tanu threatens her and shows her powers. She says I will oust them from the house and they will struggle outside in the tent. She takes the medicine bottle from Faltu. Faltu scolds her. She says a real player wins the entire game. She asks Tanu to accept Sid and move on. She says the family will accept you if you change. She warns Tanu and goes. Its morning, Dadi feels unwell. Faltu asks what happened. Dadi says I have some pain in my arm. Faltu helps her. Dadi says you have done a magic. Janardhan comes. Dadi says you aren’t going to the office, is everything fine.

Faltu says I will make tea for you. Janardhan asks what do you know about my cup of tea, do you know our likes and dislikes, stop this drama. Faltu says I know everything, you take tea with three spoons of sugar and cookies. She gets tea for him. Tanu says Janardhan is getting good service from Faltu. She says you have to come in the meeting at office today. He says I m not needed there, I retired now. She says the meeting can’t happen without you, you have to come, please. He says okay.