Faltu Update: Friday 1st February 2024


Faltu Update: Friday 1st February 2024

The auction beginning. Shanaya asks what’s happening. Faltu says house is getting auctioned. Shanaya asks what, where will you all stay. Faltu says Govind has seen another house, your family will come and pick you, just have the breakfast. Shanaya worries and calls Daima. She asks for Ruhaan. Daima says he is in imp meeting, I m coming there to pick you, be ready. Janardhan cries and says we will lose this house today. Govind says we have to shift, I have given you advance payment, I want the house. Harsh says calm down, another broker also refused to find a house for us. Dadi asks them to load the things into the tempo. Faltu says we didn’t get the house. Ayaan comes and asks them to rush. He says I have no courage to see the auction, what happened. She says we have no house to go, the owner refused to give the house on rent. Shanaya calls Ruhaan. Daima comes to take her home. Shanaya refuses to go home. Daima insitsts her. Shanaya runs.

Dadi says we can’t go to Rijula’s house, she isn’t here. Harsh says we will take one week grace period from the new owner. Govind says yes, we can try. Ayaan says fine. Shanaya runs to them. Daima asks her to come home. Shanaya refuses. Faltu asks her to go home. Shanaya says I will ask Ruhaan to stop the auction. Ayaan says Faltu, please ask her to leave, we have many problems already. Faltu asks Shanaya to go home and talk to Ruhaan.

Shanaya agrees and leaves. Dadi says Faltu, don’t have terms with Shanaya. Ayaan says I have to talk to Ruhaan and ask him to handle his sister, we have no time and energy. Tanu says I decided to focus on my life, Sid and I will apologize to them. Kanika asks have you lost it. Sid says Tanu wants to give another chance to our relation, keep this chequebook, I don’t need this. Faltu and Kinshuk take care of Dadi. She pacifies Dadi. Sid says I will keep Tanu very happy and apologize to my family. Sumitra comes. Sid hugs her and asks when did you come back. She says when you were planning my destruction, I was in my Maayka to support you, you want to go back to that family, disgusting. She scolds him. Ayaan asks Faltu what happened to Dadi. She says I gave her medicines, she is okay. She worries. Ayaan asks her to keep courage. He hugs her. Sumitra asks Sid to stay away from family.

Sid says Tanu wants to stay with the family, she values a lot to me. Sumitra says of course, I know it, I can’t go back. Tanu asks her to please agree. Kanika says I m happy you want to focus on your life, stay with Sid. Tanu says we will buy a big house and gift to Janardhan, he will forgive me, just think of it. They come to the auction. Sid says we will discuss later. Everyone watches the auction. Shanaya throws things and asks for Ruhaan. Ruhaan comes and hugs her. He asks what happened. She asks where were you. He says I was in a meeting, my phone battery was dead, what happened. She says Faltu’s house is getting auctioned, do something. He asks what can I do. She says do some miracle, Faltu is doing many favors on me, please, she taught me to keep trying, please save their house. He hugs her.