Dream Girl Tuesday Update 12th April 2022


Dream Girl Tuesday Update 12th April 2022

Ayesha rushing from the dark road being scared of the terrible beggar. Laxmi pacifies Samar and asks him to be an inspiration for everyone. He asks what about our dreams. She says she does not wish to come between his career and want to see his dream fulfilled. Samar hugs him and says she can never be a hurdle for him. Karan looks on. Samar says my dreams and career are nothing without you. Karan comes to them and asks what happened. Samar says I was just explaining her that.. Laxmi says nothing, we shall leave.

Its morning, Ayesha drives back to Mumbai. She calls an broker and asks for the flat on rent. He says its morning, people would be sleeping at this time. She says its highly unprofessional and ends call. She thinks what to do, as she can’t take the trunk home. She reaches home and thinks to take the trunk inside. The watchman helps her and she says it has costly items, and asks him to be careful.

Karan calls Manav and says he has an idea. Manav smiles and says its brilliant idea and asks him to come home soon. Karan says I m leaving. Ayesha says everyone would be sleeping and takes the trunk inside. Manav talks on phone and asks whats happening. She gets shocked. Sona talks to Manav. Ayesha hides the trunk and sends the watchman. Manav sees the watchman leaving from Ayesha’s room. He comes to Ayesha and she hides the trunk. He asks whats that and sees the trunk. She says its just a trunk, whats there to say, it has some items. He says he did not see her keeping items in such trunk. She says it was here, you don’t know.

He asks did she go Shimla to get this, it might not come in flight. She says you might have seen in news. He says yes, you think I m a fool. She says its my movie, its close to my heart, I can do anything to promote it. He says film is already superhit and no need to promote it in Shimla, where there is just a single screen, stop lying, I don’t trust you. She says she won’t explain him now. I feel bad to stay here and I will leave from here. She asks him why is he doing this. He says come in hall, I have a surprise for you. She says what will it be now.

Karan comes to Manav. Manav says Ayesha is back from Shimla, she did not let me know the reason. Karan says we can’t guess it and asks him to hear the story. Ayesha comes there and Karan says he missed her. Karan narrates a story of a bar girl, whose mum dies and the girl wants to stop other girls from getting in this business, then she reaches the roots of that business, she meets big people and then she uses the contacts to stop such business, then she earns money to give a good life to the girls, but her past does not leave her, the society people defame her, she proves herself. Manav says its very interesting story and asks Ayesha about it. Ayesha says its great script, I will do this movie, this will be hit. Manav and Karan look at her.

Karan says Laxmi will be doing this character, not you. Ayesha says shut up, I won’t permit her being creative director. She argues with Karan and speaks against Laxmi. Manav says he will permit Laxmi being CEO of navrang. He says Laxmi Mathur will do this film. You are already a star, I m sure Laxmi will become a superstar. He asks Karan to go ahead. Ayesha says fine, this movie will flop with Laxmi, she is unlucky, don’t come to take my help, I won’t be available. She goes to her room and says Laxmi ruined my life. She gets angry.

Manava telling Ayesha that there is no relation between them. Karan meets Laxmi at navrang and she says she is glad seeing his cabin. He says he can take his decisions himself and offers the movie to her. He says he wants to show her true face to the world, that she is innocent and nice, he wants to clear her image. She asks did he hear her and Samar yesterday. He says no, I just see you in this heroine character, I will shut this project if you refuse. She says you are a very good friend, you always trusted me, I lost, you still trust me. He says don’t say a word about my film’s heroine, as she never loses. He reminds her words.

She says this is a favor, she did not reciprocate his love. He says so what, I loved you. Samar come there and asks what happened. Laxmi says Karan wants me to do his next movie. Samar hugs Karan and says thanks, you proved me wrong, you did what I could not do for Laxmi. Ayesha says there is no one at home right now and drags the trunk out. She says she forgot the car keys and goes to see. Samar, Karan and Laxmi come home and are glad to start rehearsals. Samar says Karan has written Shakti’s script too, we will rehearse here, as Manav has taken family for outing. Karan narrates the scene. Ayesha sees them and stops. She gets worried. Samar says he will get some juices.

Karan and Samar drag the truth. Ayesha silently adds some tablets in the juices. Samar sits on the trunk. Laxmi starts the rehearsals. Karan drinks the juice. Laxmi keeps the glass. Samar compliments her. Laxmi jokes. They take a break and drink juices. Samar, Laxmi and Karan get dizzy. They jump over the trunk and Ayesha can’t see it anymore.

Laxmi goes in the lawn and dances. Karan stops her. Laxmi says she has to say something, and laughs. She asks why does he do so much for her always. Samar stops Ayesha and sits on the trunk. She asks him to get up. He refuses and says this is our scene property. She says its mine, leave it. He gets adamant. Karan says he has saved Laxmi. Laxmi asks why does he always save her. Karan says you are a nice girl, you are my good friend. She says you are lying, I want to hear the truth, you love me right. He says I love you, but as a friend. She says I love Samar, but I have found a nice girl for you. He says I don’t want. She says a nice girl will keep you happy, fine. He says no.

Samar asks whats in this. Ayesha says its my old belongings. She asks him to say whats his belongings if its his. Samar says give me keys if its yours. She says I don’t have. He takes the keys from her purse and opens the trunk. He unlocks the trunk and opens it. Samar and Ayesha get shocked.