Divya-Drishti April 2024 Teasers


Divya-Drishti April 2024 Teasers

Coming to an end this month on Divya Drishti April 2024 Teasers

Divya Drishti April  Teasers 2024

Monday 1 April 2024

Episode 100

Divya’s life is in peril when she executes a risky plan. After learning Lal Chakor’s real identity, a devastated Rakshit finds solace in Drishti’s arms.

Tuesday 2 April 2024

Episode 101

Rakshit turns violent after learning a shocking fact about Mahima. Later, Divya and Drishti make an unimaginable sacrifice for the family.

Wednesday 3 April 2024

Episode 102

During the Shanti puja, the Shergills witness some strange occurrences. Later, the family tricks Mahima and Pishachini while Rakshit learns a shocking fact.

Thursday 4 April 2024

Episode 103

Guruji attempts to rescue Drishti from Mahima’s deadly attack. Later, he puts forth a heartfelt request when the sisters find themselves in a magical realm.

Friday 5 April 2024

Episode 104

Guruji makes a stunning prediction while Mahima and Pishachini get into a heated argument. Later, the family share a tender moment as Drishti is blessed with twins!

Saturday 6 April 2024

Episode 105

In a shocking turn of events, Kaal Devta reveals his identity as he approaches Drishti’s twin babies. Later, Mahima tries to kill Rakshit with a magical sword.

Sunday 7 April 2024

Episode Finale  106

While the Shergills are shocked to learn Kaal Devta’s true identity, Pishachini fulfils her wish. Can Divya, Drishti win this last war?


Romi, Simran, Nisha and Ashish dies

Pisachini stands in front of the window. Sweeti says I would run before her. Lal Chakoor attacks her and she dies. Rakshit, Divya and Drishti grasp lal chakoor with their powers. They trap him in a net. Lal chakoor turns into a human. Rakshit is about to cut cloth from his face to see his face. Pisachini takes the dagger from him and gives it to Lal chakoor. Lal chakoor attacks Ojaswani and she dies. Everyone runs to her.

Pisachini says only last five are left. I should get my powers back. Everyone is upset. Romi wipes his tears. Rakshit says we have lost everyone. I feel helpless. We can’t give up. If I die, Romi. Thank you you for all that you have done. You are a great brother. You are my brother too. He hugs Romi. He says Divi, you know I always fight with you for Drishti’s attention. I hated it but now I gave up. This defeat is a win. Divya hugs him. Divya says go live your life, I would give you your privacy with Drishti. Rakshit says to Shekhar I am sorry. I couldn’t save you. And then I didn’t believe you. It wasn’t your fault. You are my brother. He hugs Shekhar. Rakshit holds Drishti’s hand and says you always fight with me and never listen to me. But I really love you. You never let our relationship. I am sorry I can’t save anyone. I wish I could save our baby. Romi says what? Divya says Drishti is pregnant. Romi says what? He hugs Drishti. Divya says she told me before everyone. Romi says this isn’t fair. They both hug Drishti. Drishti is in tears. She says I wish we could bring everyone back. They all hug.

Romi comes ot his kitchen. He looks for food for Drishti. Rakshit says what are doing? He says get food for Drishti. They hear the tune. Drishti sees the same trunk. Drishti says we can get out of this trunk. I saw darkness. Rakshit says we have to be careful. Divya says this trunk can take us out. I don’t know where but we can go out. Romi says you two should go first. Drishti says we won’t leave you here. They hear the tune. Lal chakoor comes. He says run, you can’t run from your death. The trunk enlarges. Lala chakoor attacks Shekhar. Romi says let me get Shekhar. Romi hits lal chakoor and says Shekhar run. Drishti says we won’t go until Shekhar and Romi come back. Rakshit attacks Lal chakoor. Drishti picks romi. Divya attacks Pisachini. They all run. Pisachini says I will kill you all. They all come to the trunk. Romi picks Drishti’s food. Lal chakoor attacks him. He can’t come. Lal chakoor grasps his leg. Drishti says give me your hand. Drishti holds his hand. He says leave my hand. I won’t let anything happen to your baby. He leaves his hand. Everyone goes inside the trunk. Romi closes the trunk. He sees Lal chakoor’s face and says you.. You are lal chakor?

Pooja is going on in a temple. They all appear there. Drishti and Divya hug. Drishti cries. Divya hugs Shekhar. the trunk gets small. Drishti picks it. Pandit ji says are you okay? Drishti says we. He says I am just telling you, you are safe. You will be taken where you want. He gives them parsad. Drishti cries taking Romi’s name.

Pisachini says shocked? So now you know who lal chakoor is. You helped them run from here. You become a hero right? Pisachini says you have two options, die or live with us and be our partner. Romi says I would die but not help you. Pisachini says so you want to die right? but there’s so much entertainment left. They surround Romi with winds. Romi floats. Romi says do whatever you want but I won’t give up. Lal chakoor says then die. He kills Romi. Pisachini says I want my eyes back. Lal chakoor shoves her. she gets her eyes back.

Rakshit says Lal chakoor killed everyone and we couldn’t even know who he is. Did you find anything in your mother’s book? drishti says did your mother tell you? She was Guru ji’s daughter. Rakshit says she didn’t know. Drishti says we can’t run likfe this. We have to face them.

Pisachini says they won’t sit silently. They will come back here. They see light and go out. Pisachini says it’s the same trunk. Lal chakoor says throw that Romi with other dead bodies. Rakshit says you won’t go. Shekhar says I would go too. Divya says no you won’t go. Divya says I will go, that’s final.

Pisachini moves the trunk. divya comes out of the trunk. She looks around for Romi. Pisachini is coming. Divya hides. Pisachini locks the trunk. Divya says how will go out if she has locked it. Drishti is worried for Divya. Drishti sees a vision of Divya falling from a building. Drishti says she is in trouble. She was falling and someone attacked her. Shekhar says we shouldn’t have let her go. Divya hides. She sees an oil bottle. She spills the liquid. Pisacini throws Romi in the same Romi. She says there were 9 dead bodies. Where is one? Why are they 8 now?

Divya hears lal chakoor’s wings. She hides. Pisachini says so one of them was alive? The cloth falls from their faces. Divya hides from Lal chakoor. She becomes smaller and goes inside a jar.

No one eats. Nisha says I don’t want to eat. Drishti says at least take tea. They hear the same tune. Sweeti says it’s the tune. Who will die now? Drishti says he said the person would be stuck and can’t come from there. Shekhar says everyone is here and safe. Rakshit says so someone else? Drishti says did he mean Pisacihini? They come to the basement. Pisachini screams and says who is it? Rakshit says so it’s not her. Rakshit says who is it then? Rakhshit says we can’t stay in this house. We have to get out of here. Romi and Shekhar bring the tools. Rakshit says I won’t stay here like a prisoner anymore. We will break the falls. And that Monty, he’s nowhere. My doubt on him is stronger now. Drishti says but these are magic walls. Rakshit says we have to break all the walls. For us, our family and our child to be.

Everyone picks the walls and start breaking the falls. Rakshit says to use your anger and fear to break these walls. Everyone starts breaking the walls. They keep forming again. Ojaswani breaks the entire wall but it forms again. Ojaswani says it went in vain. Rakshit keeps breaking. Sweeti says stop it. Shekhar breaks the wall and Monty falls from it. Everyone screams. He’s dead. He suffocated behind the wall. Divya reads 10 are left now. Sweeti says Monty, open your eyes. Rakshit says he is dead? So he isn’t lal chakoor. Piaschini screams bring my eyes back. They place Monty’s dead body next to Ash and Mahima’s. Ashish cries and says we shouldn’t have come here.

Sweeti says we didn’t want to come here. We were insisted. These people are responsible for it. You all accused him of being a murderer. He didn’t do any such thing. He lied. He used to hide from me while smoking and drinking. That’s why he wasn’t here. you all are responsible for is death. Drishti says we feel sorry but it isn’t our fault. Sweeti says leave me alone. Ojaswani says we can’t stay alone. Nisha says but staying together is getting people killed to. Drishti says please calm down. Ojaswani says I will bring everyone something to eat. Come with me Romi. Ojaswani brings food. Nisha says please eat. They’re all eating. Rakshit says please eat. This is canned food.

Pisachini trips and falls. She screams my eyes. Lal chakoor comes there. Pisachini says welcome. I beg you, please return my eyes. He shoves lights on her. Lal chakoor says if you try to help them you will die. Pisachini says why did I call the doctor? I only called so the doctor could confirm that Mahima is dead and you are super powerful. He says shut up. He lights up the area around her. Pisachini says this is enough.

Rakshit says to Drishti I know you don’t feel like eating. But please eat for our baby. He needs food. Divya says to Shekhar please eat. Simran sees something glowing on the table. She screams what is it. Sweeti says when will this end? Drishti reads the next clue, a victim of light and many will die. Ojaswani says I saw red color. It was lal chakoor. Drishti says who could it be? Pisachini comes there laughing in a red saree. She says wow, you’re having dinner? Are you scared to die? I am also hungry. Let me begin. She says such boring food Divya shoves her. Pisachini says stay in your limits. Nisha says I am leaving. Rakshit says no we all have to stay here. Pisachini says sit everyone. Pisachini says you’re locked in your own room. Divya shoves her and says stop it. She floats all the food. Divya and Drishti bring it down. Lights go off. Pisachini says I already see dark. Rakshit says don’t panic. I have the light. He takes the names of everyone. Pisachini says you took the attendance? No one did my roll call. Diya turns on the lights with her magic.

Nisha gets current. She screams. Ashish tries to save her but gets current as well. They both die. Piaschini laughs. The lights are falling on everyone. Simran runs. Light chases her. Rakshit shoves her in the water. Shekhar sees her drowning. The light hits her and she dies. Ojaswani screams no. Simran. Everyone sits down crying. Pisachini says wow that was fun. People are becoming burned woods. Drishti reads the next message. Seven are left. Next death in darkness. Pisachini says goodbye. Shekhar picks the woods. Ojaswani screams and says I tried to save my daughter but it fell on her. She died.

Divya says to Sweeti please drink water. She breaks it. Divya says I know you’re suffering but so are we all. She says look at your sister. So calm. Rakshit comes to Drishti and says what happened? She sees a vision. She says I only saw darkness and that lal chakoor is on anyone of us. Ojaswani says who is it? Am I lal chakoor? how can I kill my Simran? Divya says he must have hypnotized someone. Drishti says Sweeti, can I touch your head? She says yes. Drishti checks her and says no. Lal chakoor isn’t in you. Ojaswani says check me too. She checks Romi as well. They’re fine. Rakshit puts her hand on his head. He is fine. She checks Divya as well. He’s fine. Drishti touches Shekhar. She says you are who you say you are. The real son of this house, Shekhar. Shekhar says if it was this easy, we could do it before. Sweeti says who would check you? Romi says what are you saying? Divya says I hate your attitude. Sweeti leaves in anger. Divya says let her go. Rakshit says but we can’t leave anyone alone.

Sweeti says to Romi, I need your help. You want to know who lal chakoor is right? He says what? Lal chakoor comes to Pisacini. He says you promised you will kill both the girls in 24 hours. She says our plan is working. You will need me for the last attack. Pisachini says they’re very popular. They will find who you are. And you will need me.

Divya says to Shekhar, you have bruises. I want to tell you something. Rakshit says to Drishti everything would be fine. I have your favorite chocolate. You will feel better. He caresses her face. Rakshit says seeing Divya and Shekhar together is another ray of hope.
Divya says I always felt you were real Shekhar. Also, you are going to be uncle. Shekhar says what really? Romi comes there and says shut up. He says this girl has lost her mind. She said Drishti is lal chakoor and we should tie her. divya says I will tie you. Divya ties Sweeti and says who is planning all this?

Pisachini comes where dead bodies are. She dances. She laughs. Someone stops her. Her saree got stuck in Mahima’s feet. She sees her face. Divya and Shekhar come to pick the candles. Romi is there. Divya says let’s go light the candles. Rakshit and Drishti fell asleep on the table. Drishti sees Sweeti tied. She says who did this? She says your brother, sister and her husband. Divya says why did you leave her? Drishti says what if lal chakoor attacked her? Romi says now you know my sister can’t be lal chakoor. Ojaswani is scared. Pisachini comes there and says scared you all? come let’s enjoy it. Divya says get out of here. I will pull your tongue. Pisachini says oh wow I got scared. Pisachini says do whatever you want.